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Free Spins Bonuses Keep Slots Gaming Exciting

Based on the feedback from gamers, we here at Slots Play Casinos understand that the free spins bonus is one of the many hallmarks of a great online casino.  Online casinos have a lot more flexibility than land-based casinos do and therefore can offer many free spins bonuses while land-based casinos are hard pressed to offer even one such bonus!

We have to point out here that a free spins bonus may be part of a promotion or it might be an essential element of a slots game itself!

Why Do Online Casinos Have So Much Flexibility?

In a word, walls!

Land-based casinos have walls.  As big as a land-based casino may be, it is never big enough to fit in everything a gamer might want to play and experience.

Online casinos do not have walls.  This gives online casinos the ability to welcome many thousands of gamers to play at the casino at the same time.  Most of these gamers play with some kind of bonus of which the free spins bonus is one.

How Can Online Casinos Accommodate So Many Gamers?

The amazing thing about cyberspace and digital technology is that they appear to be unlimited.  Online casinos can carry hundreds of slots while land-based casinos carry fewer since they need as many terminals as they can fit in for the most popular slots.

In addition, land-based casinos are limited by their walls as we said above.  The upshot is that land-based casinos cannot offer bonuses that online casinos routinely offer.

A gamer at a land-based casino may be there for a long weekend.  The more recently built stand alone land-based casinos usually get players for several hours.  The players then drive home and these stand-alone casinos often close at midnight or thereabouts.

Online casinos never close.

The Importance of Bonuses

In business, a bonus might be called a sale.  It might be called belonging to the club.  Whatever a retail store calls it, it is a bonus.  Online casinos offer deposit and no deposit bonuses.  The free spins bonuses in promotions usually accompany a large deposit bonus offer.

Online casinos welcome so many gamers every day around the clock that they can afford to offer these bonuses.  In fact, a well-monetized online casino has to offer great deposit bonuses and free spins bonuses because the competition requires that they do so.

Online Casino Bonuses Rock

The first bonus gamers take at an online casino is the Welcome Package of bonuses.  At one time, the Welcome Bonus was a single deposit bonus.  These days, most good online casinos, such as the 30 or so online casinos we recommend, have several deposit bonuses as part of the Welcome Package.

The Welcome Packages at many online casinos nowadays is for several thousand dollars in bonuses.  In addition, the bonus rates have gone up as well.  Many bonuses have a bonus rate in the 150% range.

Jackpot Capital, a casino we recommend, has a promotion these days in which that offer a 225% bonus.  This promotion is called Glamma’s Adventures and it is just about the best promotion going now!

Free Spins Bonuses Accompany Promotions

Many online casinos have a New Game promotion with free spins.  Many have a Game of the Month promotion with free spins.  Gamers love free spins because they give them the chance to get lucky at no cost and win a big jackpot.

Individual online casinos any have any kind of promotion that includes free spins.  A common alternative promotion would be for the casino’s fifth or tenth or twentieth anniversary.  This kind of promotion attracts new and old gamers from all over because the casinos pull out all of the stops to celebrate the anniversary.

Slots Game Play Usually Includes Free Spins

Now we segue to the free spins that are a permanent feature of modern slots.  The old-fashioned mechanical slots did not have free spins or bonus rounds.  Modern slots do!

The free spins bonus rounds are among the most popular reason gamers love to play slots.

These free spins bonus rounds can offer many other ways for gamers to achieve large wins.  The free spins are the conduit for extra ways to win!

What Extra Ways are There for Gamers to Win in the Free Spins Bonus Rounds?

A common way to win is with a multiplier.  Many slots do not have a multiplier in the regular game but may have one in the bonus round.  Slots that do have a multiplier in the regular game normally have a higher multiplier the bonus round.

In some slots, gamers have to choose between more free spins for a lower multiplier or fewer free spins for a higher multiplier.

There is not yet any agreement on which way is better for the gamer.  Sometimes, the bonus round has several variations on the free spins versus multiplier question.  This makes the free spins bonus rounds more exciting.  A gamer may choose one combination of free spins and multiplier one time and a different combination the next time.

Wild Symbols Make the Free Spins Bonus Round Sing

A lot of gamers have a few favorite slots.  On reason that these slots are so popular is the way the wild symbol acts in the bonus round.  Wilds can stack, stick, travel, expand, and explode!  The free spins become alive when gamers win big prizes with the help of a wild wild.

Slots Play Casinos Talks Slots, Bonuses, and Free Spins

Among the many guides and articles here at Slots Play Casinos are many guides to slots, free spin bonuses, and articles that cover the gamut of all things casino, primarily online casinos.

We review casinos.  As of this writing we have reviewed and recommended over 30 great online casinos.  We explain how playing at an online casino allows gamers to play for relatively short sessions as often as they wish rather than cramming many hours of gaming in one long weekend at a land-based casino.

As we go along, we continually find that the number of subjects we can write about is seemingly never-ending.  So, to learn a lot about casinos, especially online casinos, and about the many games these casinos offer, we suggest that you…


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