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Get in on the Fun at Ozwin Casino!

Slots Play Casinos is happy to be able to recommend Ozwin Online Casino especially for gamers in Australia and New Zealand. Keep in mind that if you live clear across the globe from Australia and New Zealand, you are also welcome to join Ozwin Casino!

For gamers who are not all that familiar with the way Australians refer to themselves, Aussie is the nickname for Australian and Oz is a nickname for Australia!

In the famed series of books about the Land of Oz, this term referred to a mystical and mythical land. Well, Aussies certainly feel that way about Australia!

As we said, even if you are from a land up over, Ozwin Casino is a great place to rest your hat!

What Makes Ozwin Casino Unique?

Let’s start with the Welcome Package. You can get up to $4000 in bonuses with the Ozwin Casino Welcome Package. Actually, this enormous amount of bonus money is a lot for any online casino but Ozwin goes gamers one better! The huge bonus comes as a 400% bonanza. That means that with a deposit of only $1000, gamers get an extra $4000 to play with!

You would think that this would be the full extent of the Welcome Package at Ozwin Casino, but you would be wrong! In addition to the 400% bonus for up to $4000, the casino gives new gamers 100 free spins.

What Kinds of Games Does Ozwin Casino Carry?

Since the casino caters so much to Aussies, you would expect a lot of the games to be slots or pokies as Aussies call them. Aussies call slots pokies because they called the original slot machines poker machines and that segued into pokies!

In Australia, they do a few things differently than in the rest of the world. Aussies have their very own brand of football which they call footie!

Aussies call the vast desert expanse of the giant island continent, The Outback for no apparent reason.

The most famous song that hails from Australia has been called the unofficial Australian national anthem: Waltzing Matilda. The most fascinating aspect of Waltzing Matilda is that, while most non-Aussie English speakers and lots of people from all over the world, recognize the song, most non-Aussies don’t understand any of the words except for “the” and “a”!

There are many animals that are native to Australia such as the kangaroo, dingos, wallabies, wombats, koalas, and crocodiles.

What other Games Does Ozwin Casino Offer?

In addition to a couple of hundred pokies, Ozwin Casino offers a full slate of casino games including video poker, many table games such as roulette and blackjack, baccarat, craps, Caribbean poker variations, and many more!

Gamers love the specialty games especially Fish Catch, Banana Tree, and Banana Jones. Banana Jones is every gamer’s friend! He takes you on a quest for the crystal banana through a jungle of vines and snakes! When you reach the castle where the crystal banana is presently located, you can choose a treasure chest with oodles and oodles of gold and other baubles!

While you are counting your largesse, ol’ Banana will be taking the crystal banana to a museum where it truly belongs!

Does Ozwin Casino Have Any other Unique Features?

Indeed, it does! Gamers have six player levels each with a slightly better set of benefits.

  1. It all begins at the Tourist Level with 25% cashback and bonuses.
  2. The next level is the Pathfinder with 30% cashback and somewhat bigger bonuses.
  3. By now you are ready for the truly Australian adventure and the next level is called Adventure with higher bonuses and a 35% cashback.
  4. As a reward for becoming an adventurer, Ozwin will make you an Expert gamer. This level has two high dally bonuses and a 40% cashback programme.
  5. Once you have become an expert, you are ready for the VIP treatment. The Hero level gives you a 45% cashback, two huge daily bonuses, and a personal VIP host!
  6. Your VIP host will encourage you to prepare for the Ultimate Legend level where your cashback reaches 50% and you are offered two absolutely enormous bonuses every day!

Ozwin Casino Calls to You

So, take our advice and visit Ozwin Casino! You will be thrilled by the great humour they use at every chance. They offer promotions every day!

The customer service office at Ozwin Casino is always ready to assist you in any way they can.

Slots Play Casinos is happy to have added Ozwin Casino to the list of online casinos we recommend. Keep in mind that there are thousands of online casinos so, even though our list of recommended casinos continues to grow, there are many casinos that we have not yet deemed ready for the Slots Play Casinos stamp of approval.

It is a great tribute to the people at Ozwin Casino that their casino is now on our list!

Happy gaming to all of our Aussie friends, our friends from neighboring New Zealand, and everyone from all parts who have seen fit to join the Ozwin family today!

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