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Get our Exclusive Free Chips and Similar Bonuses

The free chip bonus is one of the many popular bonuses online casino gamers can get! Here at Slots Play Casinos, we have worked out with a large number of casinos to offer our readers a large number of exclusive free chip, free spin, and free money bonuses.

Land-based Casinos Can Offer Free Chips, Too

While it is impractical for land-based casinos to offer the kind of deposit bonuses that online casinos routinely offer gamers, land-based casinos can offer free chips and free spins.

Deposit bonuses come with a wagering requirement which is usually about 30x the bonus. Online gamers have the time and flexibility to complete the wagering requirement over time while players at land-based casinos do not have that amount of time. Therefore, it is not practical for land-based casinos to offer big deposit bonuses and it is impractical for players at land-based casinos to look for such bonuses at a land-based casino.

What is an Online Casino Free Chip Bonus?

All of the gaming at an online casino is done digitally. So a free chip bonus at an online casino looks exactly like a no deposit bonus! At a land-based casino, the casino may actually give players a handful of chips! These chips represent real money when the player uses them at the craps, roulette, or blackjack tables.

However, players cannot redeem or cash in these chips. If a player wins a bet they made with a free chip, he or she is paid in regular casino chips which can be redeemed. The free chips look different and cannot be cashed in.

Are There Any Real Differences between a No Deposit Bonus and a Free Chip Bonus?

There might be!

The key element here is exactly how the casino defines its no deposit bonuses and its free chips bonus. For example, a free chip bonus may allow a gamer to play any game the casino offers. The same may be true of a no deposit bonus. In some cases, the bonus restricts gamers to a limited number of games.

There might be a maximum amount the player can withdraw after playing with a free chip or no deposit bonus. This of course precludes winning a huge jackpot with the free chip or no deposit bonus.

As we said, there might be a difference between these two kinds of free money bonuses. It all depends on the terms and conditions the casino prints as an explanation of the bonus offers.

Slots Play Casinos Values Readable Terms and Conditions

One of the things we look for in an online casino when we review it pending our recommendation of that casino to gamers is whether the casino’s terms and conditions are easy to read and understand.

Who Reads the Terms and Conditions?

We agree that very few gamers read them!

But it is important to us that the casino show the respect their gamers or potential gamers deserve to write readable terms and conditions!

So, any differences there might be at any given online casino between a no deposit bonus and a free chip bonus will be delineated in the casino’s terms and conditions. We urge all gamers to read the T and C which we know will take some time and patience. The end result will be knowing all of the casino’s rules and gaming with confidence!

How Can I Find Free Chip Offers at Slots Play Casinos?

Here we will take you through the offers step by step.

Before we do so, we have to introduce a third “free” offer that many online casinos offer and that they offer through SPC. This is the free spins offer. Free spins differ from free chips and no deposit bonuses in that the free spins are almost always restricted to a single slot game! There might also be a maximum withdrawal for winnings from free spins.

All told, the three “free” bonuses offered at online casinos maximize the fun gamers have at these casinos!

Go to the Slots Play Casinos Homepage

This is where it all starts – on our homepage, the gate to our site. By the way, we have recently redone the homepage to make it easier to read and scroll through. In the middle of the page, above the fold (as it were) is a display of free offers.

Find a Bonus Type

At the left is a drop-down menu for filtering by bonus type. There are six entries there:

  1. No deposit bonus
  2. Free chip
  3. Free spins
  4. Match bonus
  5. First deposit bonus
  6. Welcome Package

So, let’s say that free chips are your bonus of choice. Simply choose Free Chip in the dropdown and you will see ALL of the free chip offers currently offered by our recommended casinos. What could be simpler?

Find a Recommended Online Casino

Slots Play Casinos has worked out offers with our recommended casinos in each of the bonus categories. To see what the offers are for any one casino that we recommend, use the drop-down menu to the right. When you look at the many promotions we offer, there may be many for one casino and fewer for another.

That is totally okay since you can access our exclusive free money and free spins offers for every casino we recommend simply by playing on Instant Play! What all this means is that Slots Play Casinos is a great site for both up-to-date news and information but also great exclusive bonus offers!

Benefits of Free Spins

As good as free chips and free money are, there are unique benefits to the free spins promotions even though there is usually a maximum withdrawal amount for winnings made with free spins.

Free spins are exactly that: free spins. That means that it is impossible to lose when you use a casino’s free spins! It also means that you will be able to sample many slots from several game providers for free!

Online Casinos Offer One More Thing for Free

We have spoken about this before: online casinos give gamers FREE TIME! By this we mean that gamers can access one or more online casinos, play as many games as they wish to play, go easily from game to game and from game category to game category, and then the gamers can finish the session and DO SOMETHING ELSE!

It is very hard to do something else when a player is at a land-based casino since they came to the casino to play casino games! When you play at an online casino, you play and then you might get together with friends or family. You might play and then return to the book you have been reading.

You get the idea: online gaming allows gamers to do many things in their own time!

Slots Play Casinos Provides Information and Excellent Bonus Deals

Here is where SPC comes in. We have many pages of useful information. The free chip page is one of the hundreds of pages that gamers can peruse at their leisure each of which has very pertinent and up-to-date information.


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