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Grande Vegas Casino – Let’s See what’s New!

There is always a lot of ground to cover at Slots Play Casinos. In addition to reviewing more online casinos and games we like from time to time to check-in at one of the casinos we have previously reviewed and recommended to see what’s going on there. Today we will peek in on Grande Vegas Casino.

A Spectacular Inter-Face

When you google, you reach the website, which is not the actual casino. All of the information you need is here on the website. One of the great things about Grande Vegas Casino is that the website is so easy to read!

The fonts are big enough that older gamers can easily read the lines, the contrast between the letters and the background is so clear that it adds to the reading ease for all gamers. There is a little extra space between the lines, also to make it easier to read. Finally, the lines of print are short. We know that many gamers leave a casino website if the lines are so long that that alone makes reading difficult.

All of these elements point to a user-friendly casino, one that puts gamers, their comfort, and making everything easy to understand first and foremost.

You Can Play for Free

There are so many games at Grande Vegas Casino that many gamers try them all over time. This is one of the biggest advantages to playing at an online casino as opposed to playing at any brick and mortar casino. At a brick and mortar casino, you have to change your seat to play a different game.

A lot of gamers at these casinos never play more than a small handful of games even over the course of a long weekend in which they spend many hours on the casino floor. At an online casino, you can play every game without giving up your place at the previous game.

A strong online casino can handle as many gamers on a single game as choose to play that game!

Since there are so many games, gamers will not be familiar with all of them. So, another aspect of top online casinos that you won’t find at any brick and mortar casinos is that you can play any game for free!

At Grande Vegas Casino and at all top echelon online casinos, you can play every game for free. You can even play for free if you are not yet registered to play at the casino. On the website, all you have to do is click on “Play Now” and you can play every game without signing up!

All the Information a Gamer Could Need

The website home page has all the information any gamer might want to learn. At the top left are six category icons for:

  1. Promotions
  2. Games
  3. Tournaments
  4. VIP Club
  5. Banking
  6. Support

These categories are right there at the top of the web page because they are clearly the most important aspects of online casino gaming for most gamers. Still, we encourage everyone to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you will see the News, Articles, and Blog sections as well as many other important areas of concern including Instant Play, Responsible Gaming, and more.

Let’s Click on Games First

When we click on “Games”, we find six categories. We urge everyone to open each section because some casinos list some games differently than others do. For example, Grande Vegas Casino lists roulette and craps as specialty games even though other casinos might categorize than as table games.

The fact is that roulette and craps are very popular at land-based casinos but less so at online casinos. Players like being able to make a lot of noise around the roulette and craps tables at brick-and-mortar casinos! Still, Grande Vegas Casino offers craps and two versions of roulette developed by Real Time Gaming who we will speak about shortly.

Just for reference, we always prefer European roulette over American roulette because the return to player rate in European roulette is quite a bit higher than in American roulette.

Real Time Gaming Supplies All of the Games at Grande Vegas Casino

One of the great aspects of online gaming is that you can play the best games from the best game providers. Especially if you use Instant Play, you can even go from one online casino to another to play games from several game providers.

This is much harder to do at a brick and mortar casino since the distance between casinos might be far in a place like Las Vegas and who wants to walk hundreds of yards in the blistering Las Vegas sun? In addition, many land-based casinos are stand-alone casinos. They may be on Native American land or simply the only casino for many miles around.

Certainly not walking distance to the next casino!

Real time Gaming is renowned for the great graphics in all of their games, the unique ways the wild symbol acts in their large catalog of slots, and, possibly most important of all, their ability to come out with at least one new slot every month!

Slots lovers look forward to seeing and playing the next month’s new slot as soon as it comes out. This puts some pressure on Real Time Gaming to do something grand every month. They come through in grand style every month!

Sometimes the aspect of the new slot that draws gamers’ attention is the new category they pursue. Sometimes it’s the characters ad symbols.  Sometimes it’s the wild and scatter symbols. Grande Vegas Casino has a New Games section because gamers love to play the new games so the casino makes all of the latest games easily accessible!

Grande Vegas Multi-hand Video Poker

Video poker has the highest return to player rate of any game. As long as you stay within your gaming budget, video poker gives gamers a great chance to win during a gaming session.

Always remember to play the maximum on every hand so you can win the extra payout for a Royal Flush. It is also very important to play with the best strategy. In every game, the rules are somewhat different. For instance, deuces are wild in Deuces Wild! So, the strategy for Deuces Wild will be different than the strategy for Jacks or Better.

Video poker strategy is easily available online so use the correct strategy card and win at video poker! If you can afford the starting bet, we recommend playing multi-hand video poker because there is little as much fun as watching the wins register in mufti-hand video poker!

Get in on the Slots Tournaments Action

Grande Vegas Casino always has about 15 slots tournaments either in progress or starting soon. The entry fee may be $2 (or slightly more) or even $0! Slots tournaments have become extraordinarily popular especially during coronavirus time since so many people have a lot of time on their hands.

You won’t win much at these tournaments even if you win but you will certainly have a lot of fun playing especially if the Governor of your state has closed all gyms, pubs, and restaurants!

Slots Play Casinos Recommends Grande Vegas Casino

We would like to reiterate our recommendation of Grande Vegas Casino as an online casino with a wide range of gaming to offer, safe and secure banking, top-level customer service, and a casino that provides a great online casino experience every time!

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