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Good Reasons to Stay Away from Land-Based Casinos Right Now

We need to remember that the huge pandemic scare really only began in earnest in the middle of February. By now, the curve is flattening as they say and people are chomping at the bit to get on with their regular lives. This includes going back to land based casinos.

We at SPC would like to express our opinion that it would be better to stay away from land based casinos for the time being and to play at great online casinos such as Intertops Classic among many others. Every land based casino can reasonably be called a slots casino and as you will see playing slots at such casinos will change dramatically in the near future.

As a result, it will continue to be much fairer to use the term slots casino to refer to online casinos that offer hundreds of slots in a format that allows gamers to play all of the games without changing their seats.

So, let’s get on with the best reasons to stay away from land-based casinos for the time being.

Social Distancing

One of the biggest draws that land based casinos have always had is the camaraderie created by total strangers whooping and hollering at the craps or roulette tables. It was social mingling that begat the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

We live in a world that has changed dramatically in just about ten months. So, when land based casinos do open, we will find that casinos will impose social distancing to as great a degree as the casino is able. This will negatively affect everything that is attractive about land based casinos. No more hugging after a big win at roulette. No more filling the blackjack table so that the card counters can get a good look at a lot of cards on every hand.

No more close encounters with the person at the next slot. Some slot machines and video poker machines will be put off-limits in order to effectively enforce social distancing.

Even the sports betting rooms at those land based casinos that are allowed to have them will have limits as to the number of sports bettors who will be allowed in the same room at any given time.

Online casinos have been a haven for erstwhile land based casino gamers all during the lockdowns. At least in terms of social distancing, online casinos will continue to be a haven for gamers who are not yet prepared to spend so much money getting to a land based casino that is not nearly as much fun as it used to be.

Will Land Based Casinos Reduce the Built-in Return to Player Rates?

If land based casinos are forced to allow a reduced number of gamers just to step into the casino, and since land based casinos have enormous fixed costs, the combination of fewer gamers with the steady costs of operation might compel some land based casinos to reduce the return to player rates in slots.

They can’t do it in blackjack, in craps, or in roulette since these are games played with real cards, real dice, and real wheels and roulette balls. Similarly, land based casinos can’t reduce the return to player rate in video poker which is based on the luck of the draw combined with the skill of choosing correctly which cards to hold.

The only game at the casino in which it would be feasible to lower the return to player rate would be slots. It would involve adjusting the random number generator in such a way as to create a lower winning rate for gamblers.

Can We Be Sure that a Land Based Casino Will Still be Open a Few Months Hence?

Many gamblers book flights and hotel rooms well in advance in order to take advantage of great deals they can get by booking so far in advance. What will happen to their money if the casino closes before the gamblers have had the chance to enjoy themselves there?

Many hotels don’t take money in advance so that money would not be lost but some do take money in advance. Will casino hotels or local motels be able to stay in business if they don’t take money in advance?

What about Airline Tickets?

Airline tickets are paid in advance. What will happen if the flights are cancelled or if the destination is no longer desired because the casino is closed?

In short, uncertainty about the future of the land-based casino business plus uncertainty about tourism, travel, and airlines combine to have us urge all gamers to take it easy just yet regarding a big return to land based casinos.

Will Services Stay at Pre-Corona Levels at Land Based Casinos and Hotels?

If the casino can let in a smaller number of gamblers than before, will it have an effect on service staff in the casino, in the hotel, in the restaurants and pubs, and generally in the entire enterprise that we generically call the casino?

It seems obvious to us that at least for the time being land based casinos will try to get by with a bare bones staff. This will inevitably mean reduced services for customers. Will the reduced service be a felt imposition or just a minor blip on an otherwise great experience?

Everyone is different in this regard. If the room you get has a foul smell and you can’t get anyone to help you switch to a different room, will that bother you? If you want more towels and they are slow in coming, will that bother you? If the buffet has a lot less to offer in terms of food variety, will that bother you?

Your answer might determine whether you go all-in on a return to land based casinos or if you take a wait-and-see attitude!

Will it Still be Possible to Take Day Trips from the Casino?

This is a great unknown as well. Will tour buses be half full or even less occupied?  How will that affect the price of a day tour? Will the destination still be open? Will the tour buses even be operating?

At this point, the entire idea of day trips, from the costs of the tours, to the availability of tourist attractions, to the availability of restaurants along the way are all unknown. If you are the type of land based casino customer who also likes to take a day trip from the casino, you might be better off just waiting another few months or longer to see how this all plays out.

Casino Gaming and the Coronavirus

Many land based casino gamers have moved over to online casinos such as Intertops Classic since the pandemic hit hard. At this time, we at Slots Play Casinos feel that most gamers would be better served staying at the online casino that has caught their fancy and should adopt a wait-and-see attitude to their eventual return to land based casino gambling.

In the meantime, Intertops Classic is a great casino online with hundreds of games, a sportsbook, tournaments, and a lot more to offer gamers.

So, stay healthy and enjoy online gaming for now and even after the land based casinos return to partial operation.

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