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Online Gamers vs Real Casino Gamers

Sloto Cash Casino has gotten a lot of new players in the last two months as the land-based casinos those players used to go to were closed by the coronavirus. Now we at Slots Play Casinos would like to bring to everyone’s attention that even after the land-based casinos reopen, there are good reasons to stay at SlotoCash Casino or at any of the other excellent slots casinos we feature here.

Are Land-based Casino Players Really Different than Online Casino Players?

The answer to that question is that it depends! It depends on how often a player goes to a land-based casino, how often they play at an online casino, the type of casino player they are, and lots of other considerations. Let’s take a look at just a few points to consider.

What is the Biggest Draw of a Land-Based Casino?

In the not so distant past, there were only land based casinos and these casinos were congregated in the United States in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Gamblers who wanted a casino had few choices. Today, there are many land-based casinos and thousands of online casinos so it is fair to ask what draws players to land based casinos?

Going on Vacation

One draw of land based casinos is that they are a well-known destination for people who are looking for a long weekend getaway. This is certainly a legitimate desire: to clear one’s mind of everyday concerns and have a good time from say Thursday night until Sunday night.

There is, however, a big difference between going to a land based casino for a long weekend and going to a National Park, New York City, the New England countryside or for a weekend of minor league baseball in Midwestern small towns!

People who play almost exclusively at online casinos may be a bit more discerning about their long weekends. As such, they expand their horizons whenever they get away from it all for even two days of a weekend. People who choose repeatedly to go to a land-based casino have other needs that only a land based casino can offer.

Camaraderie with Strangers

There is a phenomenon that plays out pretty much only at land based casinos. Around the roulette table and the craps table, people become fast friends as they whoop it up very loudly for themselves and for others to win.

Just as quickly as these people become fast friends, they go their own way when the gaming ends, because they get tired, hungry, or just want to move on.

People who go hiking and spend the night in outdoor shelters may also become fast friends with other hikers but there is a much different quality to these “friendships”. Sure, they will end a soon as they began the next day but during the evening as everyone is resting, eating, and possibly drinking a bit they actually talk to each other.

One of the big attractions of staying at people’s homes while on vacation is the chance to meet strangers and to have interesting conversations with them. This is something that rarely happens at land based casinos. It doesn’t happen at online casinos either for the most part but the gaming at online casinos is a much different experience.

Online casino gaming is a pastime, one among many while land-based casino gambling is an end in itself.

Bells and Whistles

Land based casinos are gaudy edifices with extremely bright lights, a theme that runs through the entire casino and hotel complex, and the noises of people playing casino games, especially slots. A lot of players go to land based casinos to immerse themselves in this “atmosphere”.

Many also know that the atmosphere at a land based casino is totally manufactured; there is nothing genuinely real; about it. In this way, a land based casino differs from a restaurant with a motif and specific décor.

The restaurant might have a nautical theme but everyone knows that they aren’t on a ship. A decorative theme at a restaurant is just decoration. The atmosphere at a land based casino is contrived to create an illusion of friendship that doesn’t exist in real life.

People who play at an online casino don’t need an artificial atmosphere to enjoy a little gaming. As we said above, online casino gaming is a pastime, one of many that online gamers have.

Many people, have hobbies, even people who play at land based casinos. If bird watching is your hobby, why would you travel to a land based casino only to spend as much time watching birds as playing the casino games? There are so many excellent places to watch birds! Why do it as an afterthought to a gambling excursion?

Free Alcohol

Every land based casino has someone who has had a little too much to drink and is wandering the casino floor with no purpose in mind or gambling and losing. In fact, at most land based casinos, there are quite a few people gambling who are too much under the influence to be making good decisions. The casino encourages these people to sit down at a slots terminal or at any other game and to “enjoy” playing.

People under the influence of even one drink make more gambling mistakes than people who are completely sober. We always encourage our readers to wait until after playing to have a drink. Land based casinos have waitresses and waiters roaming the floor looking for players who they can bring a “free drink” to.

These drinks are far from free! The difference is that land based casino gamblers “pay” for the drinks in poor judgment, incorrect strategy, and simply playing too long! People who play at SlotoCash or at any other online casino, should set financial and time budgets.

The idea for gamers at an online casino is that the gaming is one pf many thing they will do, have to do, or want to do. It is a lot easier to set reasonable time and money budgets when you play at an online casino.

People Watching

This is a time honored practice. We watch other people at the beach, at the park, while waiting in line to check out at the supermarket and at many other places. As long as the people watching does not become gawking, it’s totally innocent.

Land based casinos tend to draw out the gawker in a lot of people. That can make some people, especially women, feel very uncomfortable. Land based casinos are by now sensitive enough to know when to show a gawker the door but gawking is still a prominent feature of land based casino life.

Relaxing with Your Significant Other

This is possibly the most fun aspect of online gaming at SlotoCash and other online casinos. You can curl up on the sofa with your partner and enjoy a little gaming. Online casinos have many different slots with widely varied themes that you can access without leaving the sofa!

This is not how gambling is done at land based casinos!

The Rise of Online Casinos

There is a significant difference between land based casino gamblers and online casino gamers. This does not mean that online gamers never go to a land based casino. It means that they are happy with the gaming experience they receive at their favorite online casino where they choose where, when and how much.

In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, we might see many erstwhile land based casino gamblers stay with SlotoCash and the other online casinos that have provided them with the gaming entertainment they used to get from land based casinos.

Experience is a wonderful teacher in many pursuits including casino gaming! SlotoCash Casino welcomes all gamers and offers an amazing Welcome Package that can reach as high as $7777! Try the casino out today!

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