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How Can Gamers Find the Best Blackjack Online?

Finding the best blackjack online is not a simple task.  Although you might want to find the best blackjack online, you also have to consider land-based casino blackjack. While Slots Play Casinos does recommend online blackjack over land-based blackjack, we are fully aware of the fact that land-based blackjack has its loyal devotees.

There are differences between online blackjack games and blackjack at land-based acinus. One very big difference is that blackjack tables at land-based casinos take up a lot of space and the return to the casino per square foot is much less than the return per square foot of slots terminals. So, land-based casinos prefer to have one or two blackjack tables and many slots terminals.

Online Casinos Offer a Huge Variety of Blackjack Options

As a result of the space limitations at land-based casinos, online blackjack casinos can offer a much wider range of exciting blackjack games. This great variety alone would be sufficient to convince blackjack players to play online blackjack.

The Return to Player at an Online Blackjack Casino

If a blackjack player uses the statistically best strategy on all hands, even though some moves seem very counter-intuitive, the return to player rate would be about 99.5%.

The same would be the case at land-based casinos if they followed the traditional pay rates for a blackjack. Increasingly, however, because of high operating costs, which went up during the Covid 19 crisis and have continued since casinos reopened, many land-based casinos now pay 6-5 for a blackjack while online casinos, which never closed during the pandemic and have much lower operating costs, pay 3-2 for a blackjack.

6-5 Blackjack Increases the House Edge

This might seem like a small difference but it is actually one of the top reasons to play blackjack online.

Players who play online in free play mode don’t really care if the payout for a blackjack is 3-2 or 6-5 but players who play blackjack for real money want the highest pay scale for a blackjack. The 6-5 payout for a blackjack increases the house’s edge significantly which is why the readers here at Slots Play Casinos trust our casino reviews.

All of our recommended casinos pay 3-2 for a blackjack!

Slots Play Casino Reviews

When we review online casinos, we look at many things. The list is quite extensive; it includes:

  1. Customer service
  2. Deposit options
  3. Safety and security
  4. Promotions
  5. Number and variety of games offered
  6. much more!

Under the rubric of number and variety of games comes blackjack. Let’s take a look at a few of the casinos we have reviewed and see the variety of blackjack games offered there.

Many of the Casinos we Have Reviewed Use SpinLogic as their Game Provider

SpinLogic is one of the most prominent game providers. It features several varieties of blackjack. Some of our recommended casinos carry all or most of the SpinLogic blackjack variations, while others carry four of them.

Every casino we recommend has some unique quality, be it top promotions, a big Welcome Package, many slots, the three Caribbean Poker games, a variety of casual games, or an online magazine. The point here is that with the ready availability of Instant Play, gamers can join a number of online casinos and derive the benefit of a broad range of gaming options.

Ripper Casino Shines

Ripper Casino came online only in 2021. Still, it has taken the online casino market by storm. Not the least way Ripper Casino has done so is in its wide selection of online blackjack games. Ripper uses three game providers, Rival, Booming Games, and Arrow’s Edge. All together Ripper offers ten variations of blackjack.

Such a large variety of one game means that many will have exactly the same rules and the differences will all be in the graphics and animation. This gives gamers great variety in game play as they can move from game to game within a single casino even as they can also move between casinos via Instant Play.

How Gamers Can Find the Best Online Blackjack

This is a simple matter of trial and error. Online casinos take the error out of the equation by offering unlimited free play! That means that a gamer need only play as many varieties of blackjack as he or she desires and the “best” blackjack online will reveal itself over time.

Strategy is Vitally Important in Blackjack

At land-based casinos, all blackjack games are real money blackjack games. A gamer may want to play at a $2 blackjack table but the casino he or she is in has only a $5 minimum table. This is a problem that online casinos easily solve by offering a wide range of betting options for their blackjack games.

Strategy in Blackjack Can Seen Counter-intuitive

One of the most common mistakes neophyte blackjack players make is to stand with 12 or more points on all hands. In fact, the best strategy is to hit with 12 or 13 points if the dealer is showing 7 to ace.

Sometimes a player cannot hope to win a hand and the best strategy option is to surrender. This option is usually not offered at land-based casinos but is offered at many online blackjack games.

Be Wary of Intimidating Blackjack Players

You will find no intimidating online blackjack players but these types of blackjack players are common at land-based casinos. They are the ones who blame players who are using the best strategy on every hand and therefore hit with 12 or more points often. The intimidators never hit with 12 or more points and lose at almost every blackjack session.

Some players who always stand with 12 or more points will simply chide the strategic players for causing them to lose. The intimidators will go beyond chiding.

Graphics and Animation

The graphics will include the color scheme, the blackjack table itself, and the cards. The cards alone can be quite varied from game provider to game provider. This parameter includes the size of the cards, the fonts, the numbers, and the depictions of the king, queen, and jack.

Animation is how the cards are dealt and removed from the board after a hand. It includes how the chips get placed on the board as a bet. It also includes how they are removed when the player loses and how chips are given to the player when he or she wins. Animation is seen as a major determinant of happy blackjack gaming online.

The Best Blackjack Online is Very Subjective

Let’s review the many parameters that go into determining what is the ephemeral “best” blackjack online. Playing online blackjack is usually the province of gamers who like the games of skill. However, even people who love games of chance can enjoy playing online blackjack since they don’t have to play it exclusively in any gaming session.

Keep in mind that blackjack is just one of several hundred casino games that a top-level online casino will offer. Since gaming sessions at online casinos tend to be much shorter than sessions at a land-based casino, online casino gamers can play several games for fun and play entirely different games online the next time they play at an online casino.

And in the End…

Here is a concluding list of factors that make online blackjack good, better, and best:

  1. Does the game offer surrender?
  2. Does the game offer every option for doubling down and splitting cards?
  3. Does the online casino have several blackjack games on offer?
  4. Does the game make playing it easy for people who are visually impaired?
  5. Does the casino offer really good deposit bonus promotions?
  6. Does the casino add comp points on good terms for blackjack play?

Slots Play Casinos at Your Beck and Call

We are proud to add much new information on a weekly basis to all manner of online casino gaming.


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