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How do Online Casinos Promote Themselves?

We like to revisit the casinos that we recommend and extol all of their many virtues. Playcroco is a top-notch casino that never disappoints us when we take another look at it! We like all of the casino’s promotions including the no deposit bonuses. We try to remind our readers to always use the Playcroco no deposit bonus codes and the codes for all bonuses from all of the casinos we recommend.

Slots Play Casinos Also Supports Land-based Casino Gaming

We do prefer online casino gaming! But we realize that land-based casinos have a lot to offer some gamers. Here we will use the no deposit bonus codes we referenced above as a segue for a more in-depth discussion about casino promotions, with some emphasis on Playcroco Casino’s many promotions.

We sometimes say that land-based casinos don’t have the ability to offer the same kinds of promotions that online casinos can. That is true. But it doesn’t mean that land-based casinos cannot offer any promotions at all!

Let’s take a closer look at casino promotions.

Online Casinos Offer Deposit Bonuses

Every online casino has a different set of deposit bonuses. These bonus offers start with the Welcome Packages online casinos can offer. Unlike what has become common at online casinos, land-based casinos cannot offer a Welcome Package set of bonuses worth many thousands of dollars.

Land-based Casinos Have Limitations that Online Casinos Don’t Have

The biggest disadvantage a land-based casino has is that players come for as little as a few hours to as long as a weekend. In other words, a land-based casino will see many gamers cut they don’t come back to the casaba on a day to day basis and sometimes not for many months!

Gamers can and do come back to online casinos on a day-to-day basis. It is also very common for a gaming session at an online casino to last less than one hour. No one travels to a land-based casino just to play for one hour!

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Land-based Casino?

Another major limitation that land-based casinos have is that online casinos don’t have is very high operating costs. Anyone who has ever been to a land-based casino—we realize that the coronavirus pandemic has caused many players to bypass a trip to a land-based casino for two and a half years— and has also played at an online casino such as Playcroco Casino understands immediately that land-based casinos rely on human activity more than they rely on computerized and digital software!

Online casinos overwhelmingly rely on software to perform the tasks people perform at land-based casinos.

High Costs Equal Lower Winning Margins

Higher operating costs inevitably translate into a lower return to player rates. Slots are the most popular games at casinos, both land-based and online. At a land-based casino, the Random Number Generator can be calibrated to return a lot less money to players generally.

If Online Casinos Have so Many Advantages…

If, as we say, that online casinos have so many advantages over land-based casinos and can therefore offer many more bonuses and free spins, why would anyone travel to a land-based casino?

The simple answer is that the major promotion a land=based casino has is… itself!

How Do Casinos Actively Engage Players?

Being able to actively engage players is the number one goal of all casinos. It is also the number one goal of most companies. Advertising is designed as much to get people to try out a product as it is to simply engage people.

We see this in business all the time. A company will hire a songwriter to write a jingle that people will then sing at many different occasions. A cola drink will be more popular if it has a catchy jingle.

Online casinos can actively engage players through email. Many online casinos make special offers to players through email. This is often the way VIPs learn about new bonus and free spin offers developed exclusively for high rollers.

Land-based Casinos Engage Players Differently

Land-based casinos may have a database of players’ email addresses but making offers this way can’t be successful if the player isn’t planning a trip to the casino. So, land-based casinos offer themselves as a promotion of sorts!

We cannot under-estimate the importance of a land-based casino extolling the excitement of gaming at a land-based casino! This is what attracts many if not most players to land-based casinos.

Here is the single most important proviso we can offer to gamers thinking about taking a long weekend at a land-based casinos: If you can set out a time and money budget like you do for gaming at Playcroco or any other worthwhile online casino, then a trip to a land-based casino can be a lot of fun!

You have to see the casino itself as the main attraction since the land-based casino cannot possibly compete with Playcroco for daily promotions of deposit and no deposit bonuses and free spins.

Attracting New Players

Land-based casinos advertise as a way of looking for new players. Their advertisements are all about the excitement of coming to the casino. Online casinos also advertise but a large number of new gamers come to online casinos through word of mouth. People tell friends, family, and colleagues about a great bonus or free spins promotion they accepted at Playcroco or other online casinos.

What is there to do at a Land-based Casino Beside Playing?

Here we have a perfect confluence of the excitement of a land-based casino, the many bonuses offered by online casinos such as Playcroco, the need to have time and money limits even on a long weekend at a land-based casino, and the idea we have long espoused of taking real vacations!

Wherever you go to visit a land-based casino, we suggest taking a day or a half-day trip to an attractive site near the casino.

If you are driving, we urge you to stay off of the long, boring super-highways and travel the more country roads that lead you into small towns. Just as a land-based casino is itself the main attraction to gamers, so are small towns themselves the main attraction to city folk just passing through.

As a road trip, just passing through many small towns should include stopping to stretch your legs, take a walk in a scenic part of town, buy soft drinks at a local grocery, or enjoy a meal at a local restaurant.

Slots Play Casinos Understands the Pleasures of Casino Gaming

We see the benefits of both land-based and online casino gaming. We also hope that our readers will be careful when they travel to a land-based casino. We are very positive about the idea of real vacations and road trips.

We are also very positive about the idea of bringing you great ideas and information about casino gaming.


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