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How Does the Random Number Generator Affect Online Casino Games?

Here at Slots Play Casinos we try to explain as many aspects of online casino gaming as we can.  The Random Number Generator may be the single most important element in online casino play.  It affects every game!

We will try to refer to the excellent gaming available at Everygame Casino Classic while we talk about online casino gaming and the RNG.

We also have to point out that at land-based casinos, the RNG is also the key element that controls all games that players do not play live.  These games are mainly slots and video poker.  All, or shall we say almost all, other games at land-based casinos are played live and, therefore do not use the Random Number Generator.

How Does Everygame Casino Classic Use the Random Number Generator?

Everygame Casino has over 300 games on offer. Every game is digital so the casino needs an absolutely trustworthy method to determine whether the dealer or casino won a game or whether the player won the game.

This determination is made by the RNG in every game!

How Does the Random Number Generator Affect Gamers’ Actions?

This answer is long but not long-winded.  Here are some of the ways the RNG affects gamers’ actions.

  1. Gamers should understand that the RNG has no memory nor does it obey the laws of probability.
  2. The existence of the RNG means that online gamers at excellent casinos like Everygame Casino learn to play the casinos’ games as a happy form of entertainment.
  3. The RNG teaches gamers to avoid using all betting systems.
  4. The RNG and the software for each game work in unison to create an outcome for each game.
  5. Since the RNG has no mind of its own, gamers cannot trick it in any way.
  6. The RNG is actually a kind of perpetual motion machine that stops a specified amount of time after you click on spin or deal.

The RNG Has No Memory

The odds in any casino game stay the same for every spin or hand.  This means that if a given number has not come up in roulette for 35 spins, the fact that the RNG has no memory means that the number might not come up for 35 more spins or even more!

A gamer who “plays the odds” and puts a wild sum of money on the number “when it is due” will usually lose all of his or her money!  The Random Number Generator does not “know” that the number has not come up for 35 spins in a row!  In fact, the RNG generator is just software.  It never knows anything that can help a casino gamer.

Given all this, gamers are well advised to hold onto their money even when a number hasn’t come up in a long time.

The wise gamer respects the total ignorance of the RNG and plays accordingly.

Since the RNG Has No Memory, Gamers MUST Play for the Fun of the Competition

Gamers don’t compete against the house.  They compete because whenever you put real money down on the outcome of a game, you   are engaging in a competition.

Competitions can be hard-bitten.  Just ask any fan of Tottenham!  Or competitions can be friendly, fun, and entertaining.  If someone cries after a game of Apples to Apples, they are in serious need of a fun injection!

If you stay well within your financial means and play for frequent short sessions and play the full range of Everygame Casino Classic’s games, you will certainly feel the fun and be entertained at the same time.

Betting Systems are the Biggest NoNo in a Casino

The most famous betting system is the Martingale.  It was devised to be used in even money bets.  Now, there really aren’t any purely even money bets in a casino since the roulette table also has 0 (and 00 in the American version which gamers should avoid) so betting on odds or red or first 18 numbers is not really betting on an even money bet.

Still, players who try to win with the Martingale System refer to its value in even money bets.  We will now demonstrate why the system actually has no value!

First, the good news:

  1. You make an “even money” $10 bet in roulette.
  2. Then you double the bet and you win!  You win $20 minus the $10 you previously lost so you have a profit of $10.
  3. Many players envision wealth in playing this system.

What is the Bad News?

The bad news is devastating!

It is all based on the fact that the RNG has no memory.  Here is what happens after a frequent five spin losing streak:

  1. You bet $10 and lose.
  2. You bet $20 and lose.
  3. You bet $40 and lose.
  4. You bet $80 and lose.
  5. You bet $160 and lose.

Actually, the system leads in this example to an untenable bet after the second loss but we went to five straight losses, a common occurrence, to show just how devastating the Martingale System is.

Now you have to bet $320.  How much will you win if you win the next spin?

You have already bet and lost $310.  So, you will win $10 for a $320 bet!  These odds are just horrendous!  Never use a betting system while playing at any casino!

The Random Number Generator Helps Gamers Get a 99.5% Return to Player in Blackjack and Video Poker

This huge return to player rate is based on using the best strategy on every hand, never betting on a hunch, and betting the maximum in video poker so you are qualified to win the big payout for a Royal Flush.

The RNG helps gamers achieve this payout rate because the RNG is entirely random.  While there is no guarantee that if you split aces in blackjack, you will get 21 points on both cards, there is a very strong probability that you will.  This is nothing like putting a huge bet on a single number in roulette because the number is “due”.

The RNG has to choose cards to go with your hand and the dealer’s hand.

The same applies to video poker, where the RNG has to choose cards and cannot be programmed to choose cards to the casino’s liking.

Land-based Casinos Sometimes Pay Less to Earn More

Since the RTP in blackjack and video poker is so close to 100%, many land-based casinos, which have enormous operating costs and need all the profit they can get, have simply reduced the payouts in these two card games.

In blackjack, many casinos now pay only 6-5 for a blackjack.  Everygame Casino Classic pays 3-2 for a blackjack, as it should.  In video poker, many land-based casinos now pay only 8-5 or even 7-5 for a full house and a flush.  Everygame Casino always pays 9-6 for these hands, as it should.

SPC Renews our Recommendation of Everygame Casino Classic

Everygame offers over 300 games.  The list of promotions is long and, after the Welcome Package, many of the deposit bonuses are accompanied by free spins!

As a casino gaming watchdog, Slots Play Casinos is always ready to give gamers the best information about casino gaming.


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