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How to Best Enjoy Your Gaming at Miami Club Casino

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we review many different online casinos. Our reviews are quite thorough but there is always more to say! So, in this article, we will look a little more closely at Miami Club Casino and talk about some under the radar aspects of the casino we like.

Miami Club Casino Promotions

There are three different types of promotions Miami Club Casino runs.

The first type of promotion the casino offers is for deposit bonuses. You can get a deposit bonus every day! These bonuses are, in effect, free money with which you can play the casino’s many games! Here is a quick bonus table you can use as a quick reference for the bonuses Miami Club Casino offers.

  1. The Reload Bonus. You can get a special deposit bonus whenever you start playing for the day.
  2. Daily Deposit Bonus. This is similar to the Reload Bonus but the casino offers it throughout the day.
  3. The Rebate Bonus is a bonus that some players choose instead of taking a deposit bonus.

The second type of promotion is tournaments. Most of the tournaments have a $5 buy-in fee and a rebuy fee of, again, $5. You can have a world of fun playing in these tournaments for such a small fee!

Some tournaments are freerolls. That means that the buy in fee is a big, fat zero! The prize pool in these tournaments is also very low, only in the hundreds of dollars. So, playing in a freeroll tournament at the casino is the epitome of playing slots for fun – also good!

The third type of promotion the casino offers are comp points. These are sometimes called loyalty points but the idea is the same at all online casinos that offer them: you play games and earn comp points on every bet and when the number of points reaches a certain level, you can exchange them for casino credits.

Why Does Slots Play Casinos Like Bonuses and Promotions at Online Casinos

Gamers at online casinos can play every day. There is no rush to play for hours on end. The opposite is the case at land based casinos where players come for a couple or three days. There players do feel the need to play on even after they are hungry or tired.

While land based casinos do have some promotions that, on paper, are similar to the promotions at online casinos, there is a fundamental difference. Online casino promotions can last a month while it is very difficult for a land based casino to do the same. That’s why land based casino promotions are more in the free alcohol and free food realm while online promotions are more in keeping with the convenience online casinos provide.

Miami Club Casino Slots

This casino has a gauge that lets gamers know what level of variance or volatility there is in any of its slots. This gives gamers a very important piece of information before they put real money down on a slot!

What is Variance?

This term refers to the frequency of wins in general on spins in that slot and the general size of those wins. A slot that is in the high variance range might have the same long term return to player rate as a slot with low variance but the former slot will have fewer wins for more money while the latter slot will have more wins for less money.

Many gamers with limited budgets prefer playing slots with low variance. Progressive slots are almost always high variance slots.

To see the variance in any slots at Miami Club Casino, simply put the cursor on the slot icon and a gauge appears. Most of the slots at the casino are medium variance slots while some have high variance and some have low variance.

In addition to telling gamers up front what the variance level for the slot is, they also tell you up front how many paylines there are. This also tells players that playing this slot will incur a bet of x dollars. Players who need slots with fewer paylines can browse the page with all of the slots in order to find slots to their liking.

Video Poker

This game has the highest return to player rate of any casino game these days! Miami Club Casino has many variations of video poker in single player, multi-player, and mega-player options. Many video poker players love to play a lot of hands since, when they get a good starting hand, they will be able to watch the wins pile up!

Land based casinos have gone to video poker terminals that pay 8 units for a full house and 5 for a flush. These are called 8-5 video poker terminals. You can find 9-6 video poker at Miami Club Casino and the difference between these two pay scales is the difference between being able to end a session in the winner’s column or not!

The reason that video poker has the highest return to player rate is because it is basically a card game that the casino plays with one deck of cards. Computers have analyzed millions of hands and we now know what the best play is on all hands.

You play only against the house and there is no bluffing. The dealer doesn’t make any decisions. You can always decide not to take new cards but you would do that only if you were dealt a straight, a flush, four of a kind, or a full house.


The casino also offers several variations of blackjack. Here, players have to decide whether to hit or stand and whether to double down or split if the option and strategy lean in that direction.

Blackjack also has a high return to player rate for the same reason as in video poker: computers have analyzed millions of hands and you can download blackjack strategy cards that show you exactly how to play every possible hand.

Unusual Games

Under this category we will put roulette which we admit is a lot less popular online. Be sure to play European Roulette since the house edge in that variation is half the house edge in American Roulette.

This category also has Caribbean Stud Poker, Red Dog, and Tri Card Poker. The latter game is fast becoming very popular. It is fast-paced and many gamers find it very exciting. The version at Miami Club has excellent graphics as do all of the games at the casino.

It is odd to us that the casino has a category for blackjack but files many blackjack versions under Table Games, what we are calling unusual games.

Enjoy Your Time at Miami Club Casino

This is one of many casinos we have reviewed and that we recommend to gamers. The casino is very easy to navigate, they offer excellent banking services, a very attentive customer service staff, the best graphics available online, and a wide assortment of games and promotions.

We encourage y’all to check out Miami Club Casino today!

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