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How to Choose the Best Online Blackjack?

The most popular online casino game is slots but online blackjack and video poker are not far behind. We here at Slots Play Casinos would like to encourage gamers to play blackjack and video poker as well as slots even though online blackjack and video poker are less graphically attractive than slots!

Online Blackjack Has an Attractive Return to Player Rate

It depends on the blackjack variation you want to play and the unique rules the online casino has for that specific blackjack game. At its best, the return to player rate in blackjack can be 99.5%! It is obvious that this return to player rate means that blackjack players can play for an hour or more and, with just a very small amount of luck, will end up on the winning side!

And even if the player loses this time, the loss won’t be more than a few tens of dollars unless he or she is a high roller!

There are Two Keys to Online Blackjack Success

The first is using the best strategy on every hand. Learning the best strategy for every variation you play will take a little time but it is time very well spent!  Using top strategy means that you know exactly what decision to make on every card not just on every hand!

Strategy Requires Concentration and Awareness

In this sense, blackjack is a bit like driving!

Strategy involves being closely aware of the dealer’s up card and the statistical relationship between your point count and that exact card. Since the player goes first in blackjack, the player will lose immediately if he or she goes over 21 points. So, a lot of players stand with 2 or more points at all times!

This is not the best strategy!  For example, if you have 12 points and the dealer is showing a seven or better card, it is statistically in your interest to take a card even though you might get a ten point card and lose at once.

Statistically, you will win more by hitting in that situation than by standing!

Find the Most Amenable Blackjack

The second key to successful online blackjack is to take advantage of the massive convenience of online blackjack! At a land-based casino, you might be at a standalone casino where there might be only one blackjack option.

Some standalone casinos offer only 6-5 for a blackjack. This makes it almost impossible for the player to win! So, you have to find a blackjack game that pays 3-2 for a blackjack.

Fortunately, all of the casinos we have reviewed offer 3-2 for a blackjack!

In a city with many casinos such as Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you might have to walk from casino to casino to find the best blackjack table. While walking is good exercise, gamers prefer staying in one place and walking in the heat or rain may be out of the question.

Online blackjack solves this problem!

Choosing the Best Online Blackjack

The wonders of Instant Play and of unlimited free play make it infinitely easier to choose the best casino for blackjack online. Instant Play works directly on your browser. Gamers can go from one online casino to another at will and never have to download an entire casino to their already strapped motherboard!

Unlimited free play is ubiquitous at the better online casinos even as it is unheard of at land-based casinos! So, gamers can play at no cost whatsoever while they are looking for the best online blackjack for them!

Online Blackjack Graphics

Every one of the casinos we have reviewed has improved the online blackjack game face and gameplay. Exciting graphics and rules that are friendly to players are the two main elements in choosing an online blackjack site.

Some online blackjack games play too fast for some players. There is always an option to play a slightly slower game. The extra speed makes it hard to impossible for a player to add up the point counts. No one believes that the computer software is actually making addition mistakes but gamers like to do the simple arithmetic themselves if they can find a game that is slow enough—by a mere second—for them.

Here is another example of the value of Instant Play and unlimited free play!

Online Blackjack Rules to Avoid

Unfortunately, there are some rules for blackjack that are really bad for players as they lower the return to player rate. None of our reviewed casinos have any of these rules but some online casinos do so look for the player-unfriendly rules and avoid them like the corona virus!

  1. Pays only 6-5 for blackjack.
  2. Allows the hand to push if the player does not have 21 and the dealer gets 22 points.
  3. Casino-friendly rules for splitting and doubling down.
  4. Avoid games where the minimum bet is too high for your bankroll.
  5. Some online blackjack games may not be too fast but the cards are a bit too small for your comfort. Avoid these games.

Always Play with a Strategy Card

There are many variations of blackjack. Because of rules differences, each variation of blackjack has its own unique best strategy. There are strategy cards available online at many sources and we strongly recommend that you print a strategy card for any blackjack variation you want to play.

Some gamers learn the strategy card by heart for the variation they are playing. If you are one of these lucky gamers, you can play blackjack without a strategy card. Most gamers will benefit by several percentage points on the return to player rate when they use the strategy card!

Our Conclusion is that You Can’t Go Wrong Playing Blackjack at One of Our Recommended Casinos

One of the reasons we review so many casinos is to give gamers the option of playing at a number of recommended casinos. While it is true that most gamers come to Slots Play Casinos to read about slots, we also factor in the other games a casino offers before we give it our final thumbs up.

As far as blackjack is concerned, here are four of our reviewed online casinos that stand out from the pack for excellent blackjack:

  1. Lincoln Casino offers six variations of blackjack including single deck blackjack with a $2 minimum bet. High rollers will also enjoy the $200 maximum bet!
  2. Miami Club Casino also offers six blackjack variations including a single deck game from the famed WGS games provider.
  3. Red Stag Casino also features blackjack from WGS.
  4. Liberty Slots Casino is an unsung online casino with six great blackjack options.

Come to Slots Play Casinos often for the lowdown on all manners of online games including slots, to be sure, and also including the wide range of online casino games!

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