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How to Find the New Winner’s Table?

Slots Play Casinos is a work in progress! Although we readily admit that we are a relative newcomer in the niche market of news and information sites for online casino gaming, we are also a fast growing new site! One of the most recent additions to our home page, which, in itself, is full of information and many links to a huge amount of further information, is our Winner’s Table area!

Who are All Those People Winning Big Prizes?

Every gamer wonders about who wins big cash prizes at online casinos. At land-based casinos flashing lights go off and whistles blow when someone scores a big win. When you play online, you don’t know what’s happening next door or on the next continent! So, we have added a winner’s table to show you who won, how much they won, which game they were playing, and at which casino they were playing when they won. And if you feel luck follows luck, click on the name of the casino in the table, and whoosh… you’re there – going after your own win!

Why So Much Information?

We are in a niche within the large online gaming market which is in the even greater casino market encompassing the online and land based casinos. We feel that it is our obligation to our readers to give them as much information as we can about many aspects of online and to some extent land based casino gaming.

Some Wins are Giant

If we decided to report only on the million dollar progressive jackpot wins, the Winner’s Table would be a lot less prominent on our home page! So, we decided to report on all of the substantial, albeit not life changing wins, on many casinos that we like and recommend.

Let’s take a look at the Winner’s table on the day we are writing this article.

From $60,000

The table scrolls down from about the $60,000 mark to about $1000. There are a couple of things to note about this range of prize wins. First, $60,000 is quite a lot of money and can actually be life changing while $1000 is a lot more modest but it will fund a very nice vacation to a place where you won’t feel compelled to go into the casino to have a “good time”.

We feel that even a thousand dollars won is quite honorable and deserves to be noted. This also fits in perfectly with our gaming philosophy which is that gaming should always be fun first and foremost! The wins take care of themselves and, as long as you are gaming responsibly and having a good time, your gaming is worthwhile even without your name in lights on our Winner’s Table.

Will My Name be in Lights?

Well, not exactly but it always feels good to see your name on the board as a big winner. We don’t publish anyone’s real name, of course. We publish a name and an initial and this is your choice of name and initial.

The Wide Range of Games

Some players win a big jackpot playing slots, some win playing video poker, and some win playing other games. Whenever you see a clean $4000 or $8000 win, you know that the player hit a Royal Flush in video poker.

How to Win a Big Jackpot

At this point we should point out that in slots there are two different kinds of jackpots. The one most gamers know about is the progressive jackpot which can get up into the seven figure range. These jackpots are sponsored by the game providers that have worldwide reach and can take a few pennies from every bet and build up a huge jackpot.

The other type is the random jackpot in a regular slots game. These do not get up into the seven figure range but the wins can be quite nice in their own right. For a random jackpot, you don’t have to bet the maximum on the winning payline but for the progressive jackpots you do. That makes progressive jackpots quite volatile in terms of the frequency of wins but a lot of gamers like to play them anyway! Just remember to always bet the max on every payline!

The same is true in video poker: you have to bet the maximum to win the jackpot for getting a Royal Flush. However, video poker games are all basically the same in terms of their volatility. Furthermore, the return to player rate in video poker is very close to 100% based on correct play.

The Casinos Where Players Won Big

We offer casino reviews of a very large number of casinos. We also have reviews of some fifty slots and counting. We also devotes some time to talking about game providers.

There are by now thousands of online casinos. There are hundreds of game providers. As a work in progress, we intend upon adding as many casinos as we can over time. In fact, we have recently added reviews of PlayCroco Casino and Juicy Stakes Casino. These join the long and growing list of casinos we have reviewed and will review going forward.

The Challenge of Reporting on Casino Gaming

We are trying to specialize in online gaming but we feel that we also have to report on land based gaming as well. We cover land based casinos in various countries and continents. As time permits, we will expand our coverage of the world of land based casinos always still emphasizing online casino gaming.

Come Back to Slots Play Casinos Often

We invite you and urge you to come back to our site often since we are always trying to add new material and, aside from that challenge, we know that there is already so much information on or site that no one can read it all in one sitting!

Finally, we salute all of the winners on our new Winner’s Table! The list changes almost every day so come back and see who won tomorrow, what game they were playing at the time, which casino provided the platform for the lucky win, and last but certainly not least, how much they won!

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