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How to Fully Understand Casino Gaming

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And then… useful to all our readers, we would like to take this happy moment to go over some of the main points we have made in the past that help gamers fully understand the nature of both online and land based casino gaming.

Some Players Get Very Lucky

There is a big difference between the return to player rate in blackjack or video poker and in slots. Let’s say that the return to player rate for any one slot is 97%. It means that overall, counting the millions of players who play this slot, about 97% of all money wagered will end up in the hands of players.
However, the number of players who win big in slots is quite small. Slots players have a very simple way to skew the scale so that they have a better than average chance to finish a gaming session in the black: play low variance slots.

What are Low Variance Slots?

There are roughly three categories of sots in terms of the number of winning spins they give and the average size of the wins. Low variance slots give gamers a lot of small wins; high variance slots give gamers a few relatively big wins; and medium variance slots are in the middle.
Gamers who play almost all high variance slots have to get very lucky to finish in the black. Some of these players win big jackpots. That is the big attraction of high variance slots but they do make it hard on an average player’s bankroll.
Playing low variance slots is the best way to extend your bankroll. The theoretical and the real return to player are closest to each other in low variance slots.

Why Do Gamers Play Slots?

There is the element of winning a gigantic progressive jackpot. For us, the best reason to play modern video slots is because they have so many different themes that slots are actually a very good way to expand one’s imagination.

Games and Imagination

Expanding our imagination is a benefit of game playing. Expanding our imagination can be achieved in many ways other than in game play such as reading, walking in a nature park, bird watching, learning to sketch or draw, listening to great music, and many more. Even learning to cook and to best use seasonings—herbs and spices—expands our imagination.

What are the Benefits of Having a Vibrant Imagination?

Problem solving is as much about imagination as it is about actually performing experiments. Thomas Edison famously said that genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. We might disagree respectfully with the great inventor. Let’s say that problem solving is a lot more than 1% imagination.
No less an authority than Robert Pirsig, the author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, placed imagination at the very highest level in the complex process of problem solving. Without a well-developed imagination, we would have no way to even begin to find a solution to problems!


A well-developed imagination means that we see insightfully where others do not. This is no minor skill; it is a great confidence booster. Imaginative people come off well in interviews and in many other areas that have the potential to help them achieve their greatest potential.

Imagination Makes Us, and Others Interesting

Imagination is not the same as being like Sheldon Cooper—a walking encyclopedia. Imagination helps us remember interesting stories; it helps us find interest in what other people are saying; it makes us better conversationalists; and it makes us willing and wanting to learn more.
Slots are developed in so many categories that a curious and imaginative gamer may find himself or herself motivated to learn more about the Incas, the deep seas, the history of piñatas, and a hundred other subjects.

Imagination May Help Ward off Old Age

An active mind is a lot less susceptible to the ravages of old age. This is not yet scientifically proven but there is some evidence that it is so.

The Random Number Generator Requires Faith in Technology

We rely on technologies the workings of which the vast majority of us do not understand. The same is true—that we rely on technology that we don’t understand— of online casino gaming. It also applies to all terminals at land based casinos.
The random number generator is the software that determines the next card, every spin of the roulette wheel, every roll of the dice, and every spin in slots. Without absolute faith in the fairness of the random number generator, no one would play any casino games that depend on its accuracy and fairness.
Just as the nature of modern society relies on faith in technology, so does casino gaming in large measure. Every game at an online casino is run by the RNG and most games at land based casinos are run by the RNG too.
The very existence of the RNG makes all betting systems fundamentally flawed. This is not to say that strategy is flawed; the opposite is true of strategy. Here is the big difference. Betting systems purport to help you win back money that you have lost while correct strategy makes it possible to win money that has been wagered and is now contested.

The Essential Value of Strategy is to Make Gaming Almost Risk Free

Strategy in blackjack and video poker make the true return to player rate very close to 100%. The house retains an edge but if you play correctly and you know the rules of the variation you are playing, you can come very close to an even bet with the house over time. This means that you can end many gaming sessions with a small win and you will end a few sessions with a small loss.
The value, then, of playing these games with the best computer generated strategy is to reduce the risk to close to zero. What is left is the enjoyment of playing! Thus, the nature of playing the games of skill is that if you play well you will have a great time and if you play incorrectly, you will lose almost every time!<

The Nature of Online Gaming is Freedom and Flexibility

We talk often about the advantages of online gaming versus land based casino gaming. The big difference is that at an online casino, every game is at your beck and call. All you have to do is click on the game and it is there for you. At land based casinos, it is a lot less simple; there you have to move physically to play a different game.
In political terms, online gaming is for the freedom loving gamer while land based casino gaming is for players who are willing to stay put for a very long time and are unwilling to spread their wings, so to speak!

Discover the Essential Value of Online Gaming

Slots Play Casinos invites you to join one or more than one of the many casinos we have already reviewed. More casinos reviews are on the way. Slots Play Casinos hopes that you make us your go to source for information about all things casino!

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