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How to Help Intertops Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary as a Top Online Casino

It is with great pride and thankfulness to all of the gamers who have made Intertops Casino Red a leading online casino for so long, that Slots Play Casinos announces the grand celebration of Intertops Casino’s 25th anniversary!

Yes, 25 years have passed since Intertops “opened their doors” as the first virtual casino. Intertops Casino started a trend that is growing apace. Year after year more casinos come online, more game providers ply their trade, more gamers discover the many benefits and advantages of online casino gaming, and even land-based casinos have had to adjust to the challenges Intertops and all other online casinos present.

What Was Online Gaming Like Way Back When?

Back in 1996, no one knew for sure that a casino online would attract enough gamers to be a viable business. A few thousand online casinos later we all know that online gaming not only is viable but it has called into question the viability of land-based casino gaming!

In 1996, there was only one game provider for online casinos. Today there are a couple of hundred. These game providers have taken the old casino favorites such as slots, roulette, craps, and blackjack and created a veritable revolution in gaming.

No one back then knew just how big cyberspace was. In fact, the term cyberspace had not yet been invented! Today we know that cyberspace is at least as vast as the Universe itself! That means that online casinos have a lot more room for games than brick-and-mortar casinos have.

Room for a Million Gamers at the Same Time

The result is that gamers at Intertops Casino Red can all play the same game at the same time. No waiting has become a byword of the online casino gaming experience. Because online casinos can keep every game available to gamers, we can introduce a new game every month!

Promotions Galore

When Intertops started out, they also did not know how they would promote the casino. Today they offer bonuses every day to all of their gamers! Most of the bonuses the casino offers are deposit bonuses. In honor of their 25th anniversary, Intertops is offering an amazing bonus of 250%!

More on that bonus coming up a bit later in this happy article.

Intertops Casino now offers so many promotions that gamers often play mostly with the casino’s own money!

The Magic of Bonuses

At the start of their journey, Intertops really had no idea that they would be able to offer so many bonuses. In addition to the deposit bonuses, Intertops also offers no deposit bonuses. The most famous no deposit bonus is the maraschino cherry atop the casino’s giant Welcome Package of bonuses for new players.

The only thing players need to do to get a bonus is either to make a deposit or simply to ask for the no deposit bonus. The deposit bonuses and the no deposit bonuses are accessed using either the Intertops Casino bonus codes or the Intertops Casino no deposit bonus codes.

Why Does Intertops Use Bonus Codes?

Intertops Red has so many gamers already happily spinning, card-sharping, rouletting, baccarating, and Banana Jonesing to name just a few of the more than 300 games they have on offer.

Intertops learned early on that they needed to ask gamers to fulfill a wagering requirement for bonuses before they could withdraw winnings. This led the people at Intertops to see one of the major advantages online casinos such as Intertops Casino have over land-based casinos: namely, that Intertops Casino Red gamers can fulfill their wagering requirement at their own pace while a land-based casino with a similar requirement would expect the gamer to fulfill it in a short weekend stay.

The bonus codes help the casino keep track of the thousands of bonuses of all types they give their satisfied gamers.

Short Sessions

This led Intertops to another bold insight into online gaming. Since the casino is available on a 24/7 basis, they have no incentive to get players to play for hours at a time. They in fact encourage gamers to play for relatively short periods of time. The reason is that a gamer can play for 15-30 minutes every day if he or she wishes to!

Land-based players tend to play for hours on end!

Intertops Casino gamers tend to play for a little while and then get involved in a different activity. The casino is there whenever you want it and your extra-curricular activities are also there whenever you want them!

How Does Intertops Convey Gaming Wisdom to Gamers?

Here is another development that no one saw coming in 1996! Intertops now publishes several articles every week in the articles section that you can find at the bottom of the home page. The articles are designed to make gamers better at gaming and also better in every possible way.

For instance, the casino urges gamers to set budgets in time and money for gaming. This allows them—you—the ability to use your free time and extra spending money on a million (possibly less-LOL) other important, interesting, necessary, and fulfilling activities.

Intertops encourages gamers to develop hobbies. They encourage gamers to get out into Nature. Las Vegas is still the international hub of land-based casinos but we don’t see Las Vegas casinos encouraging players there to leave the casino for a day trip to the surrounding Nature.

Of which there is an abundance!

What is the Single Most Significant Development at Intertops Casino in the Last 25 Years?

This is a very good question but one that we may not be able to answer.  We really have to point to two concurrent awesome developments in online gaming. These two developments actually both go hand in hand and are also independent.

They are, namely, the awesome improvements in gaming technology over the years and the advent of accessible and attractive mobile gaming!

A Technological Boom

The internet itself was still in its infancy in 1996! The graphics for online gaming were good for desktop casinos. Still, we all knew that there was a long way to go before online gaming could be said to have come into its own.

Intertops Casino really had to wait for the technological supply to catch up with their and their gamers’ collective demand. The technology companies have come through in amazing fashion over the years.

Slots have so much better graphics and animation than they had in 1986!

The technological revolution has made slots, video poker, Caribbean Poker, blackjack, roulette, and all other games a lot more fun to play!

Slots are starting to become 3-D. This was a one-time innovation just a few years ago but now most new slots have some kind of 3-D element. For example, the expanding wild feature in so many slots works because of 3-D technology.

Why is Mobile Such an Important Development?

Young gamers do not remember the giant clunky mobile phones that came to the market a couple of decades ago. Those phones were okay as far as they went, which was to make and receive phone calls, but they were far from “smart”.

Today’s phones are veritable geniuses in comparison!

Intertops Casino and gamers have reaped the mutual benefit of the smartphone revolution. Today, mobile gaming is the overwhelming favorite way to play casino games! There is really nothing to compare with curling up on the sofa to play!

In addition, playing on a big modern mobile screen while curled up on the sofa entwined romantically with your significant other beats playing together at a desktop computer!

Even some land-based casinos have started to offer a mobile platform for their players so they can play after they leave the casino floor and repair to the hotel room.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary in Grand Style

Intertops Casino is pulling out all the stops with their 25th anniversary promotion. It comes in four parts.

  • The first part is a 100% bonus for up to $500! That means that for a $500 deposit, you will get a $500 bonus and you will have $1000 to play with! Use bonus code: 1SB25TH
  • The second part of the promotion is a 125% bonus up to $1000! Use bonus code: 2SB25TH
  • Next, get a 150% bonus up to $1000! Use bonus code: 3SB25TH
  • And finally, get a $50 bonus absolutely free, no deposit necessary! Use bonus code: 4SB25TH

All in all, that adds up to $2500 in match bonuses + $50 FREE.

AND… this promotion is going on until Dec 31, 2021 – that’s right! All year!!

Welcome to Intertops Casino

Every new gamer at Intertops can enjoy all or part of the Welcome Package. This is a series of four deposit bonuses and is culminated by a $55 no deposit bonus.

The five bonuses taken together add up to $5555! What a way to get started gaming at Intertops Casino, the first online casino! Looking back over the past 25 years, we can say that Intertops Casino had an auspicious start as a newfangled idea in casino gaming.  Similarly, new gamers can use up to $5555 of the casino’s money that they distribute in big bonuses of 125% and 150%, to have an auspicious start gaming at Intertops!

Intertops accepts players from all over the world, but for those of you from Australia, if you’d prefer something with a more down-home flavor check out some of our Aussie casinos, like PlayCroco, Ozwin, and Fair Go – and have a fair go of it!

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