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How to Play Blackjack for Real Money Online

Blackjack is one of the most popular games of skill for gamers at both online casinos and at land-based casinos. There is a very big difference between blackjack at a land-based casino and the same game at an online casino: at a blackjack real money online casino, gamers can play in the casino’s free play mode which at the better online casinos is unlimited.

In contrast, if you sit down at a blackjack table at a land-based casino, you are expected to play for real money. So, gamers at online casinos ask how they can learn to play online blackjack for real money.

Slots Play Casinos is setting out to help you enjoy and win the most when you play real money blackjack.

Casino Games of Skill and Casino Games of Chance

All games of chance at a casino are 100% games of chance while the games of skill require gamers to use their learned skill and then chance takes over! There is some skill involved in “letting chance take over”: a gamer has to be emotionally and mentally ready for the vicissitudes of chance to give them a loss when a win seemed so certain.

There are Several Different Online Blackjack Games

This is an important fact since a gamer has to learn the best strategy in order to play online blackjack well for every variation of the game. When you consider that in one variation the gamer sees both of the dealer’s cards, it becomes clear that learning the skill side is a lot more important than accepting the chance element in blackjack.

There are Also Simple Game Play Advantages to Online Blackjack

Most top online casinos allow gamers to play blackjack online for as little as $2 per hand while a player might find that at a given land-based casino, the smallest bet accepted might be $5. Most land-based casinos don’t offer surrender although they all offer insurance which statisticians tell us is a poor bet to take.

At a land-based casino, a gamer is likely to play at a table with players who do not know the best strategy for blackjack and therefore will blame the player who does know the best strategy for “costing” them wins on their hands.

For example, when a blackjack player has 12 points, he or she has to decide to take another card and possibly bust or to stand. If the dealer is showing a four, five, or six then the best strategy when a player has 12 points is to stand since the dealer has to hit with 14, 15, and 16 points. but if the dealer is showing a seven or better, the best strategy is to take another card even though the player sitting to your left will berate you for having done so if the next card would have given them a win and because of your action they lose the hand.

Online Blackjack Is a Sobering Game

Possibly the biggest drawback to blackjack at a land-based casino as opposed to blackjack at an online blackjack casino is that when you play blackjack online, you can much more easily control your intake of alcoholic beverages while at a land-based casino, you will be offered many free alcoholic drinks.

Now Let’s Talk about How to Play Blackjack Online

The single most important point in blackjack is that the player always plays first and, if he or she goes over 21 points, they lose automatically even if the dealer ultimately busts with more points than the gamers who lost automatically had.

This is a not infrequent occurrence at land-based casinos whore there are usually several players at the table and the dealer often busts with more points than one or more losing players had.

Blackjack Games Offer High Return to Player Rates

With the best strategy, blackjack, along with video poker, offers a return to player rate of about 99.5% which clearly shows that learning the basic strategy for blackjack is a must. Players who play by hunch lose a lot more money than do players who learn and use the best strategy.

The House Has an Edge and the Rules Often Favor the Players

If the rules were simply that the player wins with a higher hand than the dealer and that ties are a push, blackjack would be much more in the favor of the house than it actually is. Here are some of the rules that make blackjack so much better for players than, say, slots.

  1. Players receive a 3-2 payout for a blackjack.
  2. Players are allowed to split matching cards. Some online blackjack casinos allow players to split again and a third time if they get more matching cards.
  3. Players can double down. When a player has a good point count, usually 10 or 11 points, doubling down means that they double their bet and receive one card.
  4. The player can stand on any point count but the house has to hit with 16 or fewer points.
  5. Some blackjack casinos allow surrender which is a major boon to players who use it only when they have a very poor hand compared to what the dealer is showing.

Lessons Real Money Blackjack Players Should Take from These Rules

In short, playing for real money demands that players learn the rules perfectly and use the best strategy on every hand. Players should never drink alcohol while playing real money blackjack since even a small amount of alcohol will affect one’s cognitive ability. Players should play only when they are well-rested, not hungry or full from eating a heavy meal, feel perfectly well, and so on.

Real Money Gaming Requires an Appreciation of Real Money

Online blackjack players have the opportunity to set time and money limits on their gaming. Since we are talking here about real money blackjack, we should look more closely at the benefits of setting money limits on gaming.

Gamers Have to Decide on the Most Suitable Bankroll for Them

Let’s say that we are playing blackjack with the best strategy for the variation we are playing and the return to player rate is 99.5%. If we set a money limit of $100, we can expect to get back $99.50 by the end of the session.

On the other hand, if our budget for the session is $1000, we would expect to get back $950 by the end of the session. A lot of gamers are fine with a $50 loss in blackjack since they know that they will win the money back in a future session where their luck runs better than 100%!

In order to determine if a gamer can actually afford to have a $1000 bankroll, they have to be able to sustain a higher loss rate such as 2%. They also have to be able to play with the statistically correct strategy and not fall into the trap of the Gambler’s Fallacy which states simply that some outcome in a gaming setting is “due” to occur.

Choosing a Bankroll is One of the Most Important Aspects of Real Money Gaming

In short, while all real money games involve risk, real money blackjack has less risk than other casino games. The single most important element for gamers to abide by at all times is to learn and use the best strategy on every hand.

Slots Play Casinos Helps Gamers Reduce Risk in All Games

We dedicate a lot of time and effort to bringing as many insights as we can to the attention of our readers in order to help gamers mitigate risk. Just as following the best strategy is a required practice in blackjack for real money, we feel that following Slots Play Casinos is an excellent strategy for gaming in general.


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