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How to Put Gaming into Your Online Casino Play

There are many ironies involved in casino gaming.  One silly one is that many people google “slot capital” when they mean Slots Capital Casino!  So, we will talk a little about Slots Capital Casino all the while thinking about the big and very important difference between gambling and gaming.  As you may have inferred, Slots Play Casinos is all on the side of gaming versus gambling.

Gambling is Embedded in Human DNA

Gambling is a very ancient practice.  People have been known to gamble about anything at all.  The Chicago Cubs fans who used to populate the bleacher seats at Wrigley Field when a seat there cost 60 cents, would gamble on the next pitch, the next batter, or anything at all.  How long will it take for a beer vendor to get here?

In 2007, two economists were debating the future of the American economy.  One, Peter Schiff, said that the mortgage crisis, which had not yet become a crisis, would severely damage the US economy.

The other, Arthur Laffer, was a Nobel Prize laureate in economics.  He said that the US economy was in great shape.  To make the debate exciting they bet $1 to be paid when it could be determined who was right.

Peter Schiff was right.  The point is that even at $1, gambling is an inherent part of the human psyche and nature.

Online Casinos Encourage Responsible Gambling

When a player gambles responsibly, he or she changes the nature of the activity from gambling to gaming.  Land-based casinos usually have players for a long weekend.  Thus, while they say that they are emporiums of gaming, they are really pushing gambling.

How Do We Know That Land-based Casinos Push Gambling?

  1. They offer free alcohol and when a player takes one drink, the cocktail waitress or waiter keeps a keen eye on her or him and quickly offers another drink when the first is finished.
  2. They offer free meals at the buffet where players will eat to excess and come back to the casino floor too drowsy from the energy required to digest all that food.  The drowsiness leads to mistakes that benefit the casino.
  3. Most land-based casinos do not have clocks on the wall or windows.  Players easily lose track of time and end up gambling when they should be gaming.
  4. Many land-based casinos also run a hotel.  To get to the front desk of the hotel, players have to walk through the casino!

What does All of This Mean?

Even one drink of alcohol will affect a player’s cognitive skill.  This leads to mistakes that reward the casino many times the cost of the drink.

We have already explained how the drowsiness from a big meal and the effect of playing for too long benefit the casino.  Many players will stop to put all of their small change in a slot on their way to the hotel’s front desk.

What Does Slots Capital Say about Responsible Gambling?

At the bottom of the casino’s landing page, is a link to “Responsible Gambling”.  In the first sentence, Slots Capital Casino changes the tone. “We want to ensure that you always enjoy your experience at Slots Capital Casino and we actively promote responsible gaming.”

There are two very important points in this one sentence, the first in the casino’s section on playing responsibly.

First, Slots Capital wants all players to enjoy their experience at the casino, and second, they quickly change gambling to gaming.  The message is that the more a player enjoys his or her experience at Slots Capital, the more the activity becomes gaming and, the more a player gambles, the less he or she enjoys the experience!

Gaming Should be a Form of Entertainment

This word appears in the third sentence!  Now, everyone agrees that the overall experience at many land-based casinos is entertaining.  The online casino message and the deeper meaning of Slots Capital’s talk about playing responsibly is that at a land-based casino, the entertainment is apart from the gambling while at an online casino such as Slots Capital, the entertainment is the gaming itself!

How Can Gambling Be Entertaining?

Slots capital helps gamers with the following points:

  1. Slots Capital encourages gamers to set a budget for gaming.  We add that the budget should be in both time and money.
  2. Setting a budget means deciding formally how much his particular entertainment is worth to you.
  3. Almost all entertainments cost money and responsible people very often make a decision as to whether a specific entertainment is worth the cost.
  4. It’s vitally important to stay in control.  In poker, there is a term, tilt, that describes a poker player who loses control emotionally and psychologically after a bad beat.
  5. Never throw good money after bad.  If the session was fun, then any money lost was the cost of entertainment.  The moment a player feels that the gaming has reverted to gambling, Slots Capital urges the player to stop playing.
  6. We can add that if a player does feel the casino activity is more gambling than gaming, they should exclude themselves from casino play in any form.

What is the Benefit of a Budget?

Responsible people budget for all expenses.  These include many forms of entertainment but also covers everyday costs such as electricity, mortgage or rent, new clothes, coffee, and a myriad of other costs that we consciously or unconsciously budget for.

It is so much easier to budget for fun and entertaining gaming at a good online casino such as Slots Capital.  The ready availability of an online casino every day if the gamer desires or once a week or once a month are all more frequent “excursions” to a casino than the once a year trips many land-based casino players make.

Time not only involves the frequency with which a gamer plays, it also involves the length of time the gamer plays per average session.  Here online casino gaming has it all over land-based casino gaming.

Slots Play Casinos Salutes Slots Capital Casino

We reviewed Slots Capital a few years ago and were quite impressed.  The casino has a 1950’s retro theme featuring Lotty who looks so fifties you wouldn’t believe that she is only 30 years old!

Slots Capital carries games from several game providers.  This gives the casino the pick of the bets slots these developers have in their libraries.  Slots Capital carries many table games some of which we ever heard of before we reviewed the casino.  Here we are talking about Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

All in all, Slots Capital offers great fun and entertainment in a very wide range of casino games.

Slots Play Casinos is dedicated to bringing you up to date information on casinos, games, and promotions.

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