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Innovative Technology Allows Land Based Roulette for Online Players

As many advantages as there are to playing casino online games, such as convenience, more games, no waiting, higher return to player rates and so on, there is one aspect of online casino gaming that casinos have tried to replicate but have been unable to thus far. That is recreating the atmosphere on the floor of a real land based casino.

Old Hat New Hat

Many online casinos have instituted a Live Casino section. There is also new technology that makes the Live Casino from an online platform more real than it has ever been. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that it’s not like the real thing.

So, the breaking news coming from Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget, that they have developed technology that will allow online players to compete with players who are actually on the casino floor. This has always been the ultimate goal of the online Live Casino but until now almost all online Live Casinos have taken place in a studio.

Players could interact with the dealers or croupiers but there was still lacking the feeling of being at a land based casino.

Starting with Roulette

The Atlantic City Golden Nugget is starting the new adventure with a dedicated roulette table. The game will be called Live Casino Floor Roulette. The new game was introduced at the online casino GoldenNuggetCasino.com. So, the feed originates from the Golden Nugget’s online casino and brings the players directly to the parent Golden Nugget land based casino floor.

The Golden Nugget is happy to be introducing this technological breakthrough. It gives much-needed exposure to both the land based casino and the online casino under the Golden Nugget brand. Players on the floor will be shown that the casino’s online section is worth playing at when they are not at the Atlantic City casino. Online gamers will see that the land based casino is an excellent place to play when they are in Atlantic City.


For the casino, it’s a win-win situation. It’s also hoped that players will similarly see it as a win-win situation for them. Few casino gamers play only online or only at land based casinos; they play at both. Online players have long clamored for more realistic Live Casino action from the convenience and comfort of their homes. The casino hopes that this venture will satisfy this felt need of so many online players.

Land Based Yet No Waiting

The roulette table and action are streamed in real time to participating players online. The big difference between this venture and all those that came before from all other online casinos is that this roulette table sits on the casino floor and everyone on the floor who plays there knows that the action is being live streamed to thousands of computers and mobile devices around the state.

Live Casino Floor Roulette will be available to anyone in New Jersey on a 24/7 basis. It marries the best aspects of real land based casino gaming – the wonderful atmosphere of live gaming – with the best aspects of online gaming which are that there is never any waiting to play. The Golden Nugget was virtually ecstatic in its statement to the media: “For the first time in the US, patrons on the casino floor, on a computer on a smartphone can play simultaneously on the same roulette table, 24/7.”

An Entire Industry Turns its Eye to Atlantic City

The entire gaming industry in Atlantic City is hoping this venture succeeds and that they will also be able to develop the live streaming technology to do the same at their casinos. In the last decade, five Atlantic City casinos have closed. Online revenues have increased at the Marina District Golden Nugget. Today, that casino is still the only one licensed to offer online gaming in New Jersey.

Throughout the state and across the US generally online gaming revenues are increasing on a year to year basis by more than 10% while many land based concerns struggle to increase revenues at al. That does not mean that land based casinos are going out of business; far from it. It does mean, however, that online gaming poses a profound challenge to land based casino operators.

This merger of sorts, between land based casino gaming with online casino gaming may be the way both gaming sectors see revenues increasing in substantial numbers.

Technology Created by High Tech Company

The technology is the product of a company called Ezugi. The CEO of the New Jersey office, Kfir Kugler, said in a statement that “This product shows the current power of live-streaming technology and demonstrates Ezugi’s ability to work with its partners on delivering complex products.” The Ezugi technological breakthrough is also part of the high tech revolution that has been leading the Israeli economy for twenty years and has contributed waves of technological innovations that everyone in the world uses from cell phones to bar codes and much more. The name Ezugi, in Hebrew, means “odd” as in “odd or even”.

Ezugi has been active since 2013 in the online gaming sector providing live dealer solutions, mobile gaming solutions, and distribution solutions to both online and land based casino clients.

The new technology that the Golden Nugget has introduced is still in its experimental stage. The technology was first used quietly in March as Ezugi and the Golden Nugget looked for flaws both minor and major that needed to be dealt with. The quiet launch was so successful that the Golden Nugget has now introduced its Live Casino Floor Roulette for all online gamers in New Jersey.

Other Games to Follow

If the experiment with roulette proves successful, the casino will likely expand toward craps and possibly blackjack and poker.

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