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Is a Free Chip Promotion Good?

Here at Slots Play Casinos we might say that all promotions are good! A free chip promotion at an online casino is basically the same as a no deposit bonus while a land-based casino might also give an actual chip that you can play at table games. These chips look a bit different than the casino’s regular chips so that players don’t try to cash them in at the end of the day!

What Other Types of Promotions Do Casinos Run?

The most prominent promotion at almost every online casino is the Welcome Package. The Welcome Package is usually a series of deposit bonuses. Some come with free spins. The total bonus amount may be in the mid thousands of dollars!

Some Welcome Packages offer a no deposit bonus at the end of their series of deposit bonuses.

Special Deposit Bonuses

Some online casinos offer special bonuses for deposits using a favored ewallet or crypto-currency.

For example, Ripper Casino, one of the most recent reviewed casinos here at Slots Play Casinos offers a 200% bonus for deposit using bitcoin, litecoin, and neosurf. A 200% bonus gives you three times the deposit to play with!

Some casinos offer many daily, weekly, and monthly bonus promotions. Slotocash Casino has a very long list of bonuses they offer for slots and keno players.

By the way, although these currencies are universally called crypto-currencies, we prefer to refer to them as alternative currencies since they consider themselves alternatives to government currencies which may or may not crash.

Of course, the economics side of currencies is not our area of expertise so that’s all we have to say on that subject!

Land-based Casinos Don’t Offer Deposit Bonuses

It is a lot harder for a land-based casino to offer a big Welcome Package to players for a few reasons. First, a land-based casino does not act as a “bank” with regard to players’ money. The casino gives each player a player’s card.

When you despot money, the money goes on your player’s card and increases and decreases as you win or lose in individual games. In other words, the player’s card is the banker at a land-based casino. If you lose your player’s card, you might lose all the money you had deposited.

It’s a World of Different at Online Casinos

This doesn’t happen at reputable online casinos, certainly not at any of the casinos we have reviewed and recommended.

Online casinos have powerful software that can track thousands of accounts in real-time!  As a result, as long as the casino uses very sophisticated encryption software to protect the assets of not only you but many thousands of other players, your money is perfectly safe at the casino.

There is nothing in any way similar to a lost player’s card at a good online casino!

All Bonuses Come with a Wagering Requirement

This includes the bonuses in Welcome Packages and all of the other excellent promotions that online casinos run. Some casinos have a New Game Promotion, some have a Game of the Month Promotion, all have many bonus offers.

A wagering requirement became necessary at online casinos since, in the very early days when there was no wagering requirement, some players took a deposit bonus and cashed out immediately. That is not what the bonuses were intended for!

Since many promotions offer a series of deposit bonuses, it might take quite some time, as players play in short sessions, to complete the wagering requirement for each bonus as the player takes them.

This works for bonuses taken at online casinos since players really have “all the time in the world” to complete the wagering requirement. A land-based casino player who was offered and accepted a deposit bonus might need many months, years, or never to complete the wagering requirement for that bonus!

Do Land-based Casinos Offer Any Promotions?

Yes, they do.

One basic promotion has a package deal for a weekend at the casino which may include a discount for the flight to the casino and for a room in the hotel. It might include buffet vouchers and even may include a ticket to the show. The player then agrees to buy a certain number of chips. These chips are like the free chips a player gets from a land-based casino: they look different than the casino’s regular chips and cannot be cashed in.

Even with a discount on the airfare, the hotel room, and free show tickets, when you add into the mix the commitment to buy a given amount of chips, a trip under this kind of promotion to a land-based casino is very expensive especially when the cost is compared to playing at an online casino which is free!

Online Casinos Offer Casino Gaming in a Controlled Environment

One of the main reasons why we are not exclusively a site that supports online casinos is that land-based casinos do offer a kind of excitement that no online casino can offer. Gamers who are primarily interested in short gaming sessions as a way to entertain themselves or as a way to unwind in the evening need online casinos.

These same gamers may be willing to travel to a land-based casino and spend the money it costs to do so simply because land-based casinos are exciting! There is, for some, the same exhilaration going onto the casino floor as young kids get when they go to a baseball stadium for the first time!

The land-based casino experience is a lot less controlled than the online experience. Land-based players play fewer games. They sit a lot longer at a terminal than online gamers sit at their desktop, laptop, or, increasingly (by leaps and bounds) curled up on the sofa with their mobile device!

Being all curled up on the sofa is even better when gamers do it with their significant other.

Land-based gaming is harder to control in terms of both time limits and monetary limits. Land-based gaming can get more expensive yet gamers accept free alcohol which reduces inhibitions and at a casino can be the impetus for extravagant bets and poor decisions. Land-based gaming also costs more than online gaming as players overeat at the buffet, get drowsy, and come back to the casino too tired to be in full control of their gaming decisions.

Slots Play Casinos is at the Forefront of Casino Gaming Assessment

We support both online and land-based casino gaming. We do so knowing that online casinos have many advantages over land-based casinos. One is in the vast area of bonuses and promotions!

Come to Slots Play Casinos often for the finest in casino gaming information.

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