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Jackpot Capital Offers Great Online Gaming

We like to revisit online casinos that we have reviewed and recommended.  Today we will pay a special visit to Jackpot Capital. We have always been impressed by Jackpot Capital’s desire to inform gamers.

There are two main areas of information that Jackpot Capital or any online casino should want gamers to know about:

  1. General information about games and gaming at the casino.
  2. Banking.

Let’s start with banking since the safety and security of your money when it is on account at the casino has to be a major area of concern for gamers.  In addition, gamers want to have fast banking with as little intrusion into their private matters as possible.

Banking as it Once Was

When online casinos started out, they offered deposits and withdrawals in traditional methods such as direct bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and money orders.  Online casinos such as Jackpot Capital soon realized that gamers want more privacy in their online casino banking.

So, Jackpot Capital joined up with several e-wallets.  Now, the whole idea of an e-wallet was quite new in general.  They started out as an alternative to going through your bank every time you wanted to buy something online.  Even the idea of buying things through the internet was a new concept, one that many people were a bit reluctant to try for safety reasons.

By opening an e-wallet account, people came to feel more confident that their money was safe in their e-wallet account.

Today, bitcoin has become such a favored banking method, the only e-wallet Jackpot Capital works with is the PAYZ e-wallet.

We found a lot of information on the casino’s landing page and a separate section on banking with cryptocurrency.

Banking as It Is Now

Cryptocurrency banking has gone big time and, as a top online casino, Jackpot Capital is at the forefront of banking with bitcoin.  In fact, Jackpot Capital now works with Bitcoin Lightning as an even faster way to deposit and withdraw funds at the casino.

Safety and Security through Encryption

Encryption software is a big part of almost everything we all do on the internet.  There is an amazing amount of commerce being conducted on the internet.  Travel, restaurants, entertainment of all kinds, clothes, and so much more are bought and paid for on the internet.

So, online casinos such as Jackpot Capital are far from the only online business to use encryption software; they all do!

Read the Blog for More Information

Not every online casino runs a blog or an article section.  Jackpot Capital adds several articles every month about new games, about how to win more playing old games, and how to have as much fun as possible gaming at the casino.

We are even more impressed now, having revisited Jackpot Capital, at the regularity that Jackpot Capital adds good and informative articles about all aspects of games and gaming.

Promotions at Jackpot Capital

Gamers enjoy many excellent promotions at Jackpot Capital. Here is a quick review of them:

  1. New Player Bonus.  Jackpot Capital runs this ubiquitous promotion a bit differently than other online casinos.  New gamers can get a 100% bonus up to $1000 in increments of $100 and 100 free spins on Achilles.  Most online casinos do not offer free spins in their Welcome Package.
  2. New Game Promotion.  This promo offers an enormous 166% deposit bonus and 33 free spins.
  3. Saturday Promotion.   This promotion runs every Saturday and has a graduated bonus rate topping off at 150% for a $400 deposit.
  4. Sunday Promo.  This is a one-time offer to new players available on Sunday with a 250% bonus and 100 free spins on Cash Bandit 2.
  5. Wednesday Promo. Jackpot Capital runs a special “Hump Day” promotion where gamers receive a bonus in their messages. On all other days, the casino offers 40 free spins on Cleopatra’s Gold for a minimum small deposit.
  6. Comp Points. See below for a more in-depth discussion about comp points.

Why Do Casinos Offer Comp Points?

It isn’t just casinos that offer comp points.  Airlines have frequent flyer points; hotel or motel chains have their own similar promotions; and car rental companies do the same.  Even your local ice cream shoppe has a promo (or they should) wherein you get one item free after you punch your card 10 times.

Gamers collect comp points and can redeem them for casino credits when they reach a minimum number of points.

All casinos, online and on land, offer comp points.  The main difference between comp points at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos and comp points at land-based casinos is that an online casino keeps track of the accumulation of comp points while at a land-based casino, the points accumulate on the player’s card.

Land-based casino players have to remember to bring their player’s card with them when they come back to the casino… if they ever do!

Games Galore

Jackpot Capital offers about 200 slots with SpinLogic, the casino’s game provider, bringing a new one out at least once a month!  As an online casino, Jackpot Capital never has to take out a slot in order to make room for a new one.

No reputable online casino stands pat with just slots.  Jackpot Capital offers 7 variations of blackjack, 15 variations of video poker with multi-hand video poker up to 52 hands, the 3 Caribbean Poker games, plus Fish Catch, Banana Jones, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, and many other fun games!

Mobile Casino Gaming

Naturally, we can’t revisit Jackpot Capital without mentioning their state-of-the-art mobile gaming platform.  More gamers, by far, use the mobile platform than use the desktop platform.  This was not always the case in online gaming in general.  Jackpot Capital has always had a top-notch mobile platform and it just gets better!

Jackpot Capital never cuts corners, they stay on top of developments in online casino gaming, and they have 24/7 customer service with well-trained representatives to answer every question you might have.

We give Jackpot Capital two thumbs up and a large measure of kudos for staying at the high level they were at when we first reviewed the casino!

Slots Play Casinos Stays at a High Level, As Well

We can take some lessons from Jackpot Capital in terms of staying ahead of the curve on all matters concerning online casino gaming.  We review casinos, games, bonuses, banking methods, and online casino gaming in general.

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