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Jackpot Capital’s Glamma is Travelling to Costa Rica

It always makes us feel really good when we at Slots Play Casinos can give kudos to one of our 30-odd recommended casinos.  Today we are saluting Jackpot Capital. Their mascot, the lovely Glamma, is taking Glamma’s Adventures to Costa Rica.  One thing Glamma is sure to encounter in Costa Rica is mosquitoes, actually a whole lot of mosquitoes!

Glamma is an adventurer at heart and is not dissuaded by a few tropical rainforest and jungle mosquitoes, even the famous Costa Rican mosquitoes!

What are Glamma’s Adventures?

Not so much an “are” as an “is”!

This is a promotion that Jackpot Capital says will last a full year as Glamma travels from one exotic place to another.  In late June and for most of July, Glamma will be adventuring in Costa Rica. Glamma keeps us all updated on her adventures here on her YouTube channel – of course!

Where is Costa Rica?

This is a country in Central America juts northwest of Panama.  Costa Rica has seashore on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.  Like most Central American countries Costa Rica has beaches and lowlands and highlands.  Its mountains are volcanic although they haven’t erupted in a long time.

With 20000 square miles, Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia that contains 24,000 square miles.

Costa Rica Has a Tropical Climate

There is no real winter in this country.  There are wet seasons and dry seasons but even the dry seasons are pretty wet.

Because Costa Rica is so tropical and gets so much rain, it has both jungle and rainforest.  Geographers, meteorologists, and tour guides know the difference between the jungle and the rainforest.  For Glamma and most tourists, there is no real difference between the two.  The main difference lies in how much sunlight gets through.

Whether you are in the jungle or the rainforest, you should know that the two together cover 50% of the land area of Costa Rica.

The ground cover is different in jungle and rainforest.  The flora are different and many of the fauna are different as well.  For Glamma, this means seeing and hearing jungle and rainforest animals during a day trip or at night when she stays overnight.

Glamma Wants to Encounter the Wild Animals of the Costa Rican Jungle

The jungle is extraordinarily dense.  We might say that the jungle is dense with foliage as New York City is dense with people!   It is home to many exotic wild animals that most people see only in a zoo.  In Costa Rica, they are as real as real can be!

Glamma Will Zip Over the Jungle

Many operators offer zipline overhead trips to the jungle.  Glamma cannot hide her excitement at the chance to zip over a dense tropical jungle.

Costa Rica also features white water rafting.  Glamma hopes to find an easy white-water rafting tour.  The rainforests have many rivers and streams.  Most of the animals in the rainforest live in the tall trees.

Jackpot Capital Runs Fantastic Promotions for Glamma’s Adventures

As the casino does every month, gamers can spin Glamma’s Wheel for great prizes.  Glamma is offering a 22% deposit bonus, lots of free spins, and much more.

The Imagination behind Online Casino Promotions

Glamma’s Adventures is a great example of an online casino taking a character it already features prominently and developing a great promotion around that character.

Glamma’s Trips Have Been Featured at Jackpot Capital for Some Time

Glamma has been on the homepage at Jackpot Capital for a very long time.  On the homepage, she is riding her motorcycle.  Glamma is no frumpy grandmother type.  She is clearly the adventurous type so Glamma’s Adventures is simply Glamma herself doing Glamma things.

Glamma loves adventure!  That is why she is travelling around the world this year!

Slots Play Casinos salutes Jackpot Capital for imagining Glamma in so many exotic places.  Glamma will certainly never retire to her rocking chair and her knitting!

And Jackpot Capital will never “retire” to its figurative rocking chair and knitting!

Slots Play Casinos Salutes All of Our Recommended Casinos

Here at SPC, we don’t recommend just any casino.  We look at what the casino has to offer and make our decisions based on that.

Promotions are a big part of what makes one online casino great and another not so much.  Having a vibrant sense of humor also makes an online casino more attractive.

Glamma’s Adventures are a great promotion, giving gamers a huge bonus percentage plus many free spins.  Glamma is one of the best mascots in the online casino milieu.  Glamma’s Adventures also whets gamers’ appetites for travel.  this month, a gamer who looks up Costa Rica is sure to find things about that small country they didn’t know before.

Slots Play Casinos has a lot of good advice for gamers. We have guides for playing casino games, and in-depth explanations of many aspects of online casino gaming.


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