Casino Legalities News

This is an ever-changing aspect of both online and land based casino gaming. Countries and other jurisdictions change laws, they revise laws, and they write new laws. In fact, at this moment (January 2018) the Supreme Court of the United States is pondering a decision that will change sports betting in the US for a long time to come.

There are so many jurisdictions involved and the laws are sometimes so arcane that you, our readers and faithful gamers, need a dedicated watchdog to report to you about changes that affect you. That’s why we at Slots Play Casino have a dedicated section devoted entirely to staying abreast of all changes in the legality of casino gaming.

Legalities cover more than whether online gaming is legal or illegal in a jurisdiction. It also involves taxation and casino regulation. Legality often involves online gaming more than land-based casino gaming because the latter has long been legal in many jurisdictions while online gaming remains a work in progress. Nevertheless, many jurisdictions that disallowed any form of gambling have eased their laws regarding land-based casinos.