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Let’s Honor Honest Abe and Visit Lincoln Casino

Lincoln is a time-honored name.  Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska.  Illinois is the Land of Lincoln.  And Slots Play Casinos is happy to renew our recommendation of Lincoln Casino.

All good online casinos have a mobile adjunct.  The better the mobile gaming site, the more likely a gamer who is on a road trip inspired by Abe Lincoln and all places or institutions that bear his name, will be to play Lincoln’s casino games on their mobile platform.

Mobile and Road Trips Can Mean Only One Thing

With online casino gaming on Lincoln Casino’s mobile platform, gamers never actually need to go to a land-based casino.

Here are a few of the elements that make Lincoln Casino so easy for Slots Play Casinos to recommend it:

  1. Lincoln Casino carries games from World Gaming Technology (AKA WGT).
  2. Lincoln has a huge selection of promotions starting with 100% deposit bonuses up to $1000 each for a new gamer’s first five deposits.
  3. Lincoln Casino offers a 250% bonus for deposits made with cryptocurrencies.
  4. Lincoln Casino has over 20 variations of video poker on offer.
  5. The casino offers a free demo for every game.
  6. Lincoln Casino also shows number of paylines and bet range when you put the cursor on the game’s icon.
  7. Lincoln runs many promotions in a range of games with small to zero buy-in fees.
  8. Lincoln offers a fun place to play casino games online so gamers don’t have to travel at great expense and inconvenience to a land-based casino.

If Lincoln Casino Gamers are Not Travelling to a Land-based Casino….

They can always stay home which is what most people do most of the time.  Also, when a gamer feels the urge and the need to get away, they can take what we call “real vacations”!  Rather than going to a land-based casino for a long weekend, we suggest getting a road trip organized with friends or family.

Oh, Monty, Monty, Where Should We Go?

Here is where we made a great discovery!  We did a simple google search on places named after Abraham Lincoln and you wouldn’t believe how many places and institutions are named after Honest Abe!

By our count, there are 49 places named Lincoln and one mountain!

More amazing is that there are many unincorporated townships in different counties in Wisconsin all named Lincoln!  No fewer than 13 unincorporated places in Wisconsin are named Lincoln!

So, we decided to take a central Wisconsin county with a Lincoln in it and see what we might do on a long weekend in and around Lincoln, a town in Adams County, Wisconsin.

What if I Live All the Way on the Other Side of the Country?

Well, we suggest that you look for great long weekend road trips from where you live!  The research will also be fun.  We also can pretty much guarantee that you will find enough exciting and fun things to do to fill several long weekends!

Here is the Long List of Outdoor Places to Visit and Explore in and Near Adams County

  1. Sohlberg Silver State Nature Area
  2. Quincy Bluff and Wetlands State Nature Area
  3. Adams County Castle Rock Park
  4. Juneau County Castle Rock Park
  5. Buckhorn Barrens State Nature Area
  6. Yellow River State Wildlife Area
  7. Buckhorn State Park
  8. Roche-A Cri State Park

All of these places received high marks on visitor reviews.  The nature areas are a lot less developed than the state parks.  In some areas, there are no marked paths but visitors said that they managed just fine without marked paths.

There is camping available at most outdoor locations. If you decide to stay at a resort or other accommodation, there are many from budget to high-end in the area.

Roche-A Cri State Park

We would lie to single out this state park because the name intrigued us.

Roche-A-Cri is a mound that somehow was left behind when the glaciers receded.  They are made of sandstone that is slowly crumbling away.  Nature, in the form of wind and rain, is taking the sandstone back to its source.

The Native Americans who lived here used the sandstone to create rock art.  Petroglyphs are said to have begun to appear about one millennium ago and pictographs are more recent, showing up about 500 years ago.

The French began exploring this region, that stretched all the way from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, in the 17th and 18th centuries.  They called the mound Roche-A-Cris.  At some unknown point the “s” dropped off.  A reference to the place from the mid-19th century has the name without the “s”.

We felt a bit foolish when we looked up the translation of “roche” and found that it is French for rock.  The word cris means cry or shout or scream.  So, the going story is that the French named the mound Roche-A-Cris because it “screamed” to them from a long distance away.

From a Road Side Stop to a State Park

The roads commission of Wisconsin acquired the land and turned it into a roadside area in 1937.  It lacked development funds until after World War II.  It was turned into a state park in 1948.

In addition, Wisconsin Dells is a short drive away from Adams County.  If you are coming from the Chicago or Milwaukee areas, you will hit Wisconsin Dells before you get to Adams County.

There are resorts and high-end accommodations all over the area.

Wisconsin Rapids to the north has a roller skating rink.

There are cheese makers in the area as well that sell to the public.  Local breweries, distilleries, and wineries produce excellent spirits and are well worth a visit.   In Wisconsin Dells, we found a root beer museum!

Every small town has a certain quaintness to it.  Just walking, sitting in the local restaurant, maybe the only one in town, and asking the server for an unusual menu item, might reveal something exotic and wonderful.

We discovered fried pickles doing just that!

Slots Play Casinos Says That You Will Discover Wonderful Things at Lincoln Casino

As we said earlier, we are happy to have discovered Lincoln Casino a few years ago as we started out on our mission to be a watchdog for online casinos.

We were amazed to discover just how many places are named Lincoln!  We were further amazed to discover how many paces are named Lincoln just in Wisconsin!  In the spirit of discovery, we invite all gamers to Lincoln Casino.

Slots Play Casinos serves mainly the online casino gaming market.  While we also cover the land-based casino market to a very limited extent, recognizing that land-based casinos still have a strong pull on casino gamers, we feel that there is relatively little to discover at a land-based casino while there is a lot to discover in a local area road trip on a long weekend!


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