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Let’s Play Slots at Liberty Slots

In our ongoing revisits, here at Slots Play Casinos, of the casinos we previously reviewed and recommended, we arrive now at Liberty Slots.  This gives us the great opportunity to write about how to have a lot of fun playing the slots at Liberty Slots Casino!

Does Liberty Slots Check All the Correct Online Casino Boxes?

Yes, it does!  Here are the so-called “boxes” that Liberty Slots checks:

  1. Safe, easy, secure, and flexible banking.
  2. A lot of games in addition to slots.
  3. Customer service that is available 24/7.
  4. Easy to read terms and conditions.
  5. A lot of promotions.
  6. A lot of tournaments.
  7. Instant Play.

Now, let’s have fun playing slots!

Why Are Slots So Much Fun?

Slots activate our imagination!  Modern video slots are nothing like the slots that gamers played before digital slots came to town.  Unlike the varmints of the old Wild West who caused havoc when they cam to town, modern video slots caused only fun, fun, fun when they arrived!

Slots All Have Themes

That is, modern slots all have themes.  It is the many themes in today’s slots that have ramped up the fun meter to 100!

Now, the themes haven’t done this all on their own.  Slots these days have a lot of help from the scatter symbols, that win in any position and take gamers by the hand to the free spins bonus round.

Modern slots also benefit from the many new and amazing ways game providers use the wild symbols!  These days wild symbols, stack, stick, move, groove, grow, multiply, explode, and all in the grand cause of helping gamers win.

What Kinds of Themes Do the Slots at Liberty Slots Have?

Let’s try to divide the slots at Liberty Slots into categories.

  1. Slots that are so colorful that the colors are the main attraction.
  2. Slots that feature cultures of by-gone eras.
  3. Slots with a more modern tone.
  4. Progressive jackpot slots.
  5. Slots with high, medium, or low volatility.
  6. Slots with many paylines.
  7. Slots with one payline.
  8. Slots with crazy wild symbols.

There is, naturally, a good deal of overlap in these categories.

With so many slots, gamers can test out a couple of hundred slots over time.  One of the things we like very much about Liberty Slots Casino is that they give gamers pertinent information on the landing page.

They tell gamers how many paylines there are, how many free spins they can get, and they offer a free demo.

Volatility is a Big Part of Gamers’ Slots Decisions

In every casino game, there is a return to player rate.  In blackjack and video poker, the return to player rate is about 99.5% if the gamer uses the best strategy on every hand.  In these games, the return to player rate gives them a clear idea as to what they can expect from an hour of gaming.

With slots, there is also a return to player rate, which in online casinos such as Liberty Casino, is about 97%.  But, here, the return to players can be to many players or to few players.  A slot with low volatility returns about 97% of money wagered to a relatively large cohort of gamers while a slot with high volatility will return the same 97% but to relatively few gamers.

Volatility Creates Challenges for Budgeting

All of the slots at Liberty Slots are fun to play.  Gamers do need to balance the fun of playing a high volatility slot with the reality that the high volatility usually means that he or she will not receive 97% of the money they have wagered in return.  In fact, they will receive either much more than 97% or quite a bit less!

So, budgeting well goes hand in hand with the fun of playing.

What are the Keys to Good Budgeting for Gaming?

First, we have to understand that we budget for everything we do.  Good budgeting always leaves some money for a rainy day.  So, we budget for food, housing, insurance, vacations, clothes, hobbies and other interests, adult learning lessons, and a million other things.

Budgeting for casino gaming means accepting that the cost of travelling to and staying at a land-based casino is a poor way to budget for the fun of playing casino games!

No Waiting Means No Waiting

People at land-based casinos tend to play a small handful of slots over the course of a long weekend.  They are leery of giving up their seat to check out another slot.  At Liberty Slots and all other top level online casinos, there is never any waiting to play any slot or any other game for that matter!

Modern Video Slots Have Wild Symbols and Free Spins

The scatter symbol sends players to the free spins bonus round.  In the bonus round, there are often extra ways to win a sizable jackpot.  One such way is to have all of the wins in the bonus round multiplied.

As exciting and fun as the free spins bonus rounds are, the wild ways that the wild symbols create big wins are possibly the single biggest reason gamers come back to slots again and again.

Here are just a few of the ways the wild symbols create wins:

  1. Stacked wilds can stack in threes on any reel or can stack to cover an entire reel.
  2. Sticky wilds simply stick to a spot on a reel for a designated number of spins.
  3. Moving wilds are wild symbols that move left from reel to reel until they fall off the reels.
  4. Expanding wilds are the opposite of dieting wilds (a feature that does not exist!) a wild will expand into an adjoining reel.  They might expand further until great swathes of the reels are covered by wild symbols.
  5. Exploding wilds explode!  This creates many new wild symbols, each of which is capable of exploding as well!
  6. Multiplying wilds are wild symbols that have a multiplier attached to wins they create.

Slots Play Casinos Continues to Recommend Liberty Slots Casino

In our estimation, Liberty Slots is an online casino worth every gamer’s allegiance.  With Instant Play, gamers can play at any number of online casinos, and we suggest making Liberty Slots casino one of your go to online casinos.

We also suggest making Slots Play Casinos your go to site for news and updates on everything involved in online casino gaming!


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