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Let’s Revisit: How to Choose an Online Casino?

In the last couple of months, we at Slots Play Casinos have been revisiting some of the casinos we have reviewed and recommended. In this article, we will revisit one of our own articles—the article on how to choose an online casino. That article is on the landing page to the right of the page under Casino Guides.

What are the Main Ingredients for a Great Online Casino?

We list four main ingredients:

  1. A casino has to be honest and reliable.
  2. A casino has to carry great games.
  3. A casino should offer excellent bonuses.
  4. A casino should be organized to provide great gaming to a given population.

What Can We Add to this List?

First we need to expand these four points. Then we can add more aspects of a casino worthy of your patronage.

How Does a Gamer Know if a Casino is Honest and Reliable?

First, a gamer looking for an online casino should go to social media that take questions such as “How can I find out if a casino is honest and reliable?” This kind of question will probably generate a lot of responses. While we have to take responses on social media with grain of salt, we can start to see a trend vis a vis a given casino.

Another excellent way to get a feeling for how honest and reliable a casino is is to call the casino. If a casino does not have a call center, they probably are not suitable for you even if they are completely honest and reliable. These parameters have to be demonstrated at all times so a casino that tells you to go to chat is not as reliable as the casino you will choose in the end is.

A third way to determine if an online casino suits your needs is to read the terms and conditions. Some casinos hide behind abstruse legalese in their term and conditions. Some use a very small font so that gamers can’t read the text anyway. When you look for an online casino, be sure that the terms and conditions are easy to read and understand.

Aren’t All Games Created Equal?

Actually, no!

In the last twenty years two business niches have “opened up”. The first is online casinos themselves. There is a lot of competition among online casinos so every casino has to have something special to offer. The second phenomenon we have observed in the online casino market is the proliferation of game providers.

Not all game providers and not all online casinos are created equal.

One way to find out if a casino is to your liking is to sign up there and play games in free play mode. If the casino doesn’t offer unlimited free play, you ought to take a pass. Free play is one of the best things that online casinos offer that land-based casinos cannot afford to offer as land-based casinos have much higher managerial overhead than online casinos have.

A good online casino, given that it exists in limitless cyberspace, should offer many variations of blackjack and video poker. Again, land-based casinos cannot be as flexible with blackjack as the tables take up a lot of space and the casinos need that space for slots terminals.

Great Online Casinos Offer Great Bonuses

The bonuses offered by online casinos begin with the Welcome Packages. These can get up into the thousands of dollars in bonuses! One thing gamers have to be alert to is what the bonus rate is for Welcome Package bonuses and all subsequent bonuses the casino offers.

This information should be in the “promotions” section on the landing page. Once again, if the casino is not up front on everything involved with its bonuses, you ought to continue looking for a different casino.

Many casinos run promotions that offer both deposit bonuses and free spins. The bonus rate is still important as is the number of free spins. We find that if the promotions section of an online casino is interesting to read, the casino is very likely to reach the finish line as far as gaming there is concerned.

The last item under the aegis of bonuses is the wagering requirement. This is a factor of the bonus that the garner has to bet before she or he can withdraw winnings. Online casinos imposed the wagering requirement in the very early days of online casino gaming when some gamers took the bonus and immediately cashed out.

Register and Play on Instant Play

This gives gamers access to as many online casinos as they want to play at. No land-based casino can offer a network that connects gamers to as many casinos as they choose to play at. Land-based casinos are not even connected to the casino next door to them!

So, an online casino that does not offer Instant Play cannot reasonably expect your patronage.

Many Online Casinos Pursue Local Populations

Some online casinos cater to the Australian market. Some cater to the South African market. They do this by allowing gaming in the local currency, by offering bonuses and jackpots in the local currency, and by offering text that reflects at least some of the local way of speaking.

Naturally, an online casino with worldwide reach has to be understood by people from many countries. So, the English they use has to be of a given standard. Still, using a few choice local terms adds color and flavor to the gaming experience even for people who are not quite sure what the terms mean!

A Good Online Casino will Offer Gamers Advice on How to Win

All casinos have an edge in their games. Online casinos have a smaller edge because they have fewer operating costs. Land-based casinos have to cover a lot of costs that online casinos don’t have at all.

In our experience, good online casinos offer tutorials and other articles that give very good tips on how to win. The casinos know that they will earn some profit in the long run so they are not afraid to give this kind of advice to gamers.

Responsible Gaming

Most casinos, both online and on land, say that they support responsible gaming. Some not only talk the talk they walk the walk. Look for an online casino with a substantial essay on responsible gaming. It helps if the casino is a member of a local organization that helps problem gamblers.

The casino should absolutely make it clear that they are in the gaming business not the gambling business. The money gamers wager adds to the gamers’ enjoyment as long as the amounts bet are well within the gamers’ entertainment budget.

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We work hard every day to bring you as much good and useful information about gaming, both online and at land-based casinos. We invite you to read our many pages of helpful reviews and other information.


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