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Liberty Slots Has Much to Recommend It

We here at Slots Play Casinos renew our recommendation of Liberty Slots Casino!  Here are a few reasons why we are so high on Liberty Slots.

Great Promotions Make Liberty Slots a Top Online Casino

Most online casinos list their Welcome Package as one of the casino’s promotions.  Liberty Slots offers an excellent Welcome Package on their landing page and still has tons of room for a wide range of promotions!

The Welcome Package offers three 100% bonuses for up to $777 each for the first three deposits.  In terms of dollar amounts, this is a relatively low Welcome Package.  However, it also means that Liberty Casino wants new gamers to dip their feet at the casino without feeling the need to make a massive first, second, or third deposit.

This Week at Liberty Slots

As you might think, this promotion changes every week!  During the week of Halloween, the offer was for a 100% bonus for up to $200 and 30 free spins on Vampire Vixen 5.  The code is/was an appropriate SPOOKY.

New Games and Free Spins

This promotion covers 14 of the most recently added slots.  The promotion is mostly for free spins with a few offering a modest $10 no-deposit bonus.  There is also a 100% deposit bonus for Wheel of Chance Quick Spin.

This Month Liberty Slots Featured Promotions for Halloween Slots

That promotion is over but we are sure that Liberty Slots will get on the Thanksgiving Day and Christmas bandwagon quickly!  There are many slots with a Christmas theme.  Most are about Santa Claus, gifts, reindeer, and people being naughty or nice.

Deposit with Cryptocurrency and Access a 250% Bonus Offer

Liberty Slots Casino accepts deposit through Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.  We are confident that Liberty Slots and many other online and land-based casinos will expand the set of cryptocurrencies that gamers can use for deposits.

A 250% deposit bonus will have some restrictions to be sure.  At Liberty Slots, this promotion has a monthly maximum of $250 in bonuses.  That means that over the course of a month, a $100 deposit will result in a $250 bonus.  Gamers can take the bonus once a week as long as the monthly bonus amount stays within $250.

The Cryptocurrency Bonus Has Great Effect

This bonus might seem small to some.  Keep in mind two very important points.  First of all, it is a 250% bonus.  Where 100% is considered an excellent bonus percentage, 250% is off the charts.

Second, the fact that gamers can take some of the $250 bonus every week, leads to easy budgeting for gaming and helps gamers avoid the tendency to overplay at an online casino.  Let’s say that you deposit $25 and receive a 250% bonus.  That means that the casino gives you $65 as a bonus.  You now have $90 to play with!

That is a perfect example of responsible budgeting for casino gaming.

Liberty Slots Has a Liberty Rewards Promo Five Days Each Week!

This promotion is available on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The bonus rates for these bonuses range from 50% on Wednesday to 100% on Friday.

If you do not need to deposit on Wednesday, wait until Friday and double the bonus rate!

Liberty Slots Offers Free Bonuses

Here we have to backtrack a bit because in the Rewards Program there are levels and the free money offer applies differently as gamers move to a higher Rewards Program Level.

Liberty Slots awards Rewards Points on every bet gamers make in the casino.  There are different equations of points for the different categories of games.  For instance, for every $100 bet at the lowest Rewards Points level, the gamer will receive 160 Rewards Points.

Liberty Slots has six Rewards Points levels.  They are called:

  1. Amber
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond

The rate at which Rewards Points are earned increases as the gamer’s level increases.

The free bonus promotion also increases as the gamer’s Rewards Points level goes up.  Even at the lowest level, free money is still free money.  As gamers go up in the Rewards Points hierarchy, the free money that they can access goes up as well.

There are Many Other Ways to Get Free Money at Liberty Slots

On the 7th, the 14th, and the 21st of every month, Liberty Slots offers a small but useful free cash bonus on gamers’ first deposit on those days.

Tournaments are the Easiest Way to Have Fun at Any Online Casino

Liberty Slots s far from the only online casino to offer tournaments in slots and several other games.  On any given day, there could be a keno tournament or one in blackjack or video poker.

The buy-in rates are either zero or they are very low.  The prize money pool is correspondingly low.  Thus, gamers who enter tournaments do so to have a lot of fun playing the various games assigned to each tournament.

Liberty Slots runs two types of tournaments.  One is a Varying Balance tournament in which the winners on the leader board are determined by the ups and downs in the players’ balance as their play goes on.  The other type of tournament is called the Accumulated Wins in which the leader board has the leaders in wins without reference to their momentary playing balance.

Liberty Slots Casino Continues to Make Online Casino Gaming Great

Where only 30 years ago there was but one online casino, today there are thousands of online casinos.  Most online casinos fill the requirements for happy and fruitful gaming.  Here at Slots Play Casinos we recommend a comparatively small number of online casinos.

Still, we recognize that there are many online casinos that offer great online casino gaming.  The criteria for great gaming are actually few:

  1. Safe and easy banking.
  2. A lot of great games.
  3. Excellent promotions.
  4. A commitment to the gaming pleasure of their gamers.

Liberty Slots Online Casino checks all these boxes.  Slots Play Casinos is happy to be able to renew our recommendation of Liberty Slots.

Slots Play Casinos publishes one or two new articles every week.  We update our recommendations often.  We also offer special promotions through our recommended casinos.  We urge all gamers to…


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