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Lincoln Casino Offers Top Online Casino Gaming

When Slots Play Casinos first reviewed Lincoln Casino, it was a relatively new casino.  Lincoln Casino was started in 2013 which was the height of the Big Boom of new online casinos.  New online casinos are very hard to get a perfect feel for since they are too new to have been through their first generation as an online casino.

We take ten years as a generation in online casino terms so 2023 is the perfect time to go back to Lincoln Casino and see how things are shaping up.

The Overall Feel At Lincoln Casino is “Gamer Friendly”

We went to the casino’s landing page and on the left are all the games and promotions the casino offers.  Whereas many online casinos hide information about tournaments, Lincoln Casino puts its tournament info right there where everyone can see it.

In our experience, the reason many online casinos hide information about tournaments is because they require gamers to download the casino in order to play in a tournament and most gamers no longer choose to download the casino. Instant Play is readily available and internet access is so much better worldwide now than it was in 2013.  Lincoln Casino does not require a download to play tournaments.

Lincoln Casino Offers Games from Several Game Providers

One of the things we like the most about Lincoln Casino is that it checks al the standard boxes, such as safety, security, easy banking, and so on, the casino offers games from more than one game provider.

Lincoln Casino has over 200 slots and a wide assortment of games in other categories such as table games, blackjack, and video poker.

Lincoln Casino Gives Gamers Immediate Information

When you stand on the link to a slot, the casino gives you the bet range, paylines, if there is a bonus, and how many free spins can you can earn from this slot.  In most cases, the casino will also offer able a free demo of the slot.

These are just two of the many ways Lincoln Casino gives off a gamer-friendly vibe.

Lincoln Casino Offers European Roulette along with American Roulette.

We do not know why any gamer would play American Roulette when European Roulette is available and carries half the house edge of American Roulette!  We assume it is connected to the casino’s agreement with their game providers to carry the American Roulette software along with the European.

Great Promotions Abound at Lincoln Casino

Here is a quick list of the promotions at Lincoln Casino:

  1. Rewards: Most casinos call this promotion comp points or loyalty points.  The big difference between the rewards promotion at Lincoln Casino and the comp points promotions at other casinos is that Lincoln also offers bonuses as well as redeemable points.
  2. The Weekly Rewards promotion offers bonuses Monday through Thursday.
  3. The New Games promotion offers excellent deposit bonuses for checking out new games.
  4. The Crypto Promotion offers a 250% bonus for a deposit made in a cryptocurrency.  A 250% bonus is huge!  If you deposit $100 with bitcoin, your bonus is $250!  That gives you $350 to play with!
  5. The Booster Bonus promotion gives a bigger bonus and free spins.
  6. If you thought the casino left out the weekend days in the Weekly Rewards promotion, you were jumping the gun!  The Weekend Rewards promotion offers even better bonuses since a lot of gamers do not usually play on the weekends.
    The Weekend Rewards promotion also encourages gamers to stay home and play at Lincoln Casino instead of going to a land-based casino for the weekend!
  7. Last month there was a special promo in which gamers earned double Rewards Points on selected slots.  No doubt, this month and every month will feature a similar promotion!
  8. The Lincoln Lucky Seven promotion hits on the seventh day of every month and offers gamers a $100 bonus.
  9. The Wild X Slots promotion offers special awards, rewards, free spins and more for gaming on the X series of slots.
  10. The 777 Bonus hits on the 21st day of every month and offers a $100 bonus.
  11. The Rebate Program is basically the same as other casinos’ Cash Back promotions.

Another way that Lincoln Casino is gamer-friendly is that they offer a complete explanation of each promotion.  Gamers can access the detailed promotion explanations by clicking on “details”

A lot of online casinos ask gamers to read the terms and conditions in order to get the details on any promotion.  Lincoln Casino also encourages gamers to read the terms and conditions but before thy do so, they explain the pertinent details of any promotion.

Lincoln Casino Offers 11 Ways to Deposit

Lincoln allows deposits in the classical methods such as direct bank transfers, credit cards, and the like plus the more modern e-wallets.  Finally, Lincoln Casino accepts deposits in bitcoin and Litecoin, the two most common cryptocurrencies for online casino banking and online purchases of all kinds.

As is common at online casinos, Lincoln offers only four withdrawal methods.  The slowest, a bank wire, takes 15 days so we encourage gamers to use any of the other three.  A check takes 5 days to process and Payz and bitcoin take only 48 hours.

Gamers Love to be Able to Play in Online Casino Tournaments

Lincoln Casino offers tournaments in many categories.  While some online casinos run a dozen or more slots tournaments but none in blackjack, video poker, or other casino games, Lincoln runs tournaments in a large selection of games.

When you click on the tournaments link, you get the tournaments in one game category.  There is a drop-down menu for the tournaments in many other game categories.

The tournaments have very low buy in fees if any.  Most are free roll tournaments.  If you are looking for gamer-friendly online casino play, you should check out Lincoln Casino.

The purses in tournaments are always small.  That gives gamers the chance to have a lot of fun playing at almost no cost!  Gaming at Lincoln Casino is great fun and wildly entertaining.

Slots Play Casinos Plays an Important Role in the Online Casino Market

We cover online casino gaming.  We also have many guides to help gamers choose the casino that is best suited to them, how to play many casino games, and much more.

We publish articles every week so we encourage you to return to Slots Play Casinos on a very regular basis!

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