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Make the Most of Free Spins Promotions

Free spins promotions in slots are one of the best ways to get the most fun from slots play.  Since, we here at Slots Play Casinos feel that fun should be every gamer’s key to all online casino gaming, we are 100% on board with gamers availing themselves of free spins as often as possible.

In fact, Slots Play also offers free spins to gamers in coordination with our affiliated online casinos.  We will talk about this special promotion we run later in the article.

What Should a Gamer Know Before He or She Takes a Free Spins Offer?

Well, there are actually quite a few things to know before accepting a free spin offer.  Much of the information you will need is written in a casino’s terms and conditions.

One of our pet peeves here at Slots Play is that the terms and conditions at many online casinos are written in an excessively legalistic format.  We also have terms and conditions relating to the use of SPC and we state at the very beginning two important details:

  1. The terms and conditions are a legal document detailing SPC’s responsibility to gamers and, reciprocally, gamers’ responsibility to SPC.
  2. Nevertheless, SPC has tried, and we feel we have succeeded, in writing a very legal document in very accessible language.

If you are looking to accept a free spins offer or any other promotional offer from any online casino, you should read the terms and conditions relating to that offer.  Any casino’s general terms and conditions are also important to read.

If the t & c at any casino, are too dense to understand, we feel that gamers might best avoid that casino!

What Slots Are Part of the Free Spins Promotion?

Many, if not most, free spins promotions are designed to introduce gamers to a specific slot.  That means that if the offer is for 100 free spins, they will all be on a designated slot.

Some Free Spins Promotions are More Wide-Ranging

Some free spins promotions allow gamers to play any game in the casino.  When that is the case, the casino will state in the terms and conditions that, for example, gamers may not use free spins to play progressive jackpot games.

This makes a great deal of sense even though in most cases the progressive jackpot is run by the game provider.  Game providers take a few pennies from every bet made on a progressive slot and earmark those pennies toward the jackpot.  If a gamer is using a free spin to play a progressive slot, there would be no money as a bet from which to take a penny or two.

How Much Can a Gamer Win with Free Spins?

This is an excellent question!  In many cases, free spins will have a maximum win amount.  We also concur in this requirement from casinos since they are offering free spins in games where there might be a five-figure jackpot.  So, most online casinos will allow a smaller maximum than many thousands as part of the free spins promotion.

Some free spins promotions have other restrictions which are detailed in the short explanation of the promotion and are expanded upon in the t & c.

There may also be a wagering requirement attached to the promotion.  Wagering requirements are attached to all bonus offers as they prevent gamers from cashing out a bonus as soon as they receive it.

It may take a few weeks for a gamer to complete a wagering requirement for a few thousand dollars in bonuses, which is why land-based casinos do not offer them.  Gamers generally have no problem completing a wagering requirement for free spins.

Return to Player Rate and Volatility Are Important Factors in Assessing a Slot

Volatility refers to how many gamers share in the winning spins in a slot and return to player rate is simply how the slot has been calibrated to return X amount of money to players.

Calibration means how the random number generator is set to return a given amount of money to players over time.  Most slots for online casinos are calibrated to return 96-97% of wagers.  Because of their high operating costs, most slots for land-based casinos are calibrated to return substantially less.

Free spins are designed to attract players to specific slots.  So, the volatility of a slot is important not so much in the free spins but, later, when a gamer might still want to play that slot.  High volatility means that relatively few players share in all of the winning spins while low volatility is the opposite.

High volatility wins are generally higher than low volatility wins.  This is an aspect of slots that gamers should take into account whenever they play.

Free Spins as a Marketing Tool

Every business has some “hook” they use as a marketing tool. In the case of a clothing store, for example, the marketing tool will be sales.  A clothing store might also issue its own credit card if it is part of a chain or independently large enough to do so.

All consumers are aware of the many ways businesses attract new customers and retain older ones.  Even little kids know about advertising for toys, candy, holiday gifts, breakfast cereals, and many more products.

Free spins and deposit bonuses are the two best ways for online casinos to attract and retain gamers.  These promotions also give gamers “free” entry to the casino. This is the proverbial “getting one’s foot in the door” which is a key element in sales and for online casinos is actually a reverse phenomenon.

Online casinos want gamers to get their feet in the door, to find the environs friendly and welcoming, to stay for a spell, and to come back as often as they can!

Slots Play Casinos Also Offers Free Spins

It is easy to find our free spins offers.  They are prominent on the landing page and on the review page for the 30-some online casinos we have reviewed and recommend.

We feel that our free spins offers are as good as any casino offers!

Naturally, our free spins offers are a marketing tool we use to attract and retain readers.

Bonus Rounds are Another Form of Free Spins

In most slots, three scatter symbols send gamers to the free spins bonus round.  Here gamers have elevated chances to win!  Online casinos use the bonus rounds as another marketing tool for slots.

In fact, the free spins in the bonus rounds are the most common form of free spins at online casinos!

Slots Play Casinos Attracts Gamers in Many Ways

Free spins are just one of the many tools we use to attract and retain readers.  We have many pages of advice and guides on all aspects of online casino gaming.  We publish this blog under the heading of news since we feel that we are reporting the news about gaming at online casinos.

Our commitment to gamers is be as helpful as we can be in making online casino gaming fun and pleasurable.


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