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Meet Ozwin Casino- Our New Aussie Casino!

We have said many times that Slots Play Casinos is a data bank of information about mostly online casinos. We add reviews of new casinos often and we review both the casinos and casino games. With that in mind, we are happy to be able to recommend a new online casino. Ozwin Casino came online just this year: 2020. The casino bills itself as an Aussie online casino by which they mean that they present gaming from an Australian gaming point of view. However, gamers from most other countries are more than welcome at Ozwin Casino!

What Makes an Online Casino Great in 2020?

A short list of qualities and characteristics of a good online casino for 2020 and beyond might include the following:
  1. A large selection of games in many gaming categories.
  2. Easy and safe banking.
  3. 24/7/365 customer service office.
  4. Many promotions.
  5. A solid Welcome Package. This characteristic of a good, new online casino is especially important since almost everyone who plays at the casino this year and next, at least, will be a new player entitled to the Welcome Package.
  6. A colorful and happy landing page.
  7. Information about the casino’s games.
  8. Unlimited free play.
  9. Easy Sign Up.

In short, there are so many online casinos in the market now, as opposed to the very few that were online only twenty short years ago, that competition among casinos is strong and a new online casino has to have an appealing look from the first moment a new gamer sees it!

A Home Page Bursting with Great Colour

The first thing gamers notice about Ozwin is that the home page is all about colour and fun and has very little in the way of long winded writing with small fonts and simply too many words!

Now Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Games

On the home page, you’ll see a link called “Explore Ozwin”. When you click on that link, you’ll get to a page that has further links to the different categories of games. If you are from Australia, you know that Aussies call slots pokies. If you are from most other countries, well, Aussies call slots pokies! There is a link to all of the pokies Ozwin offers. The list is huge of course as Aussies simply love their pokies! The casino has some 3 reel pokies, mostly 5 reel pokies, and a handful of 6 reel pokies. We suspect that 6 reel pokies are going to be the wave of the future as gamers want to play slots that expand during the game play and that employ a lot more room for winning paylines. The themes in the selection of slots at Ozwin are quite vast and varied. Gamers can play in several “venues” all from the comfort of their home. Would you like to travel to outer space? How about into the depths of the ocean? How about going back in time? How about a trip to a future Valhalla? All of these are at your fingertips when you play the 200 or so pokies at Ozwin Casino.

What are Table Games?

Every online casino defines table games in its own way! At Ozwin Casino, the table games include many variations of blackjack, two Caribbean poker games, Pai Gow poker, three card rummy and tri card poker, baccarat, and pontoon. Some gamers ask why so many online casinos list roulette and craps as specialty games. We think that’s a very good question! After all, at a land based casino, some players collect around the roulette table or the craps table! Never mind; at Ozwin, as at many other online casinos, roulette and craps are specialty games! Along with roulette and craps, the specialty games include keno, Treasure Tree, Fish Catch, and Banana Jones. Keno is a type of bingo. Many gamers do love to try to guess the numbers that will come up in keno but we suggest that if guessing numbers is your cup of tea, you might do better playing roulette! The other three specialty games are just so much fun to play! A lot of gamers go to Banana Jones, Fish Catch, or Treasure Tree as a kind of momentary time out from the rigors of playing slots, blackjack, or video poker!

Does Ozwin Also Offer Video Poker?

In fact, Ozwin offers about twenty versions of video poker in several hand formats. That means that you can play the games in single hand, three hand, 10 hand, and 52 hand formats. Always keep in mind when you play video poker that you have to bet the maximum to win the extra bonus for a Royal Flush. So if you want to play multi-hand video poker, be sure that you have the bankroll for it! Video poker is actually becoming the favorite casino game for many gamers. That’s because this game offers the highest return to player rate of any game. Some video poker variations, when the gamer plays with perfect strategy, actually has a slight advantage to the player!

How Can I Know What The Correct Strategy Is?

There are calculating machines that we call computers! Just kidding, of course! Computers have studied millions of hands in video poker and they have calculated the exact best decisions on every hand based solely on statistics. Sometimes, the decision is obvious and gamers didn’t need a computer to tell them to hold a winning pair if the hand otherwise was a bust. On some holdings, the “obvious” play is actually not as good from the statistical point of view as is the counter-intuitive play! There are strategy charts available online for every variation of video poker so gamers can use these charts and make the right play on every hand!

Ozwin Has Many Excellent Promotions

All good online casinos run many promotions. They can do this because gamers at online casinos have ”all the time in the world” to avail themselves of promotions whereas gamers at land based casinos have about a three day window to play and enjoy any casino promotions. Ozwin starts gamers off with a two-sided Welcome Package. Each side has a 200% deposit bonus for up to $2000 plus 50 free spins first on Cash Bandits 2 and then on Bubble Bubble 2. Every day, gamers can get an additional 125% deposit bonus plus 30 free spins on Vegas Lux, the casino’s game of the Month. Come Friday and gamers can get three bonuses for just two deposits. The casino has a Cash Back promotion in which some gamers can get from 25-50% cash back. Finally, there is a special bonus draw every week in which many lucky gamers receive cash awards of from just a few dollars on up to possibly $500!

The Future is Rosy for Ozwin Casino

As a new casino, Ozwin is a work in progress. We are so impressed by its initial presentation of games, promotions, its user-friendly site, its emphasis on fun, its safety, and easy banking, plus a never-closing customer service office, that we are confident that Ozwin Casino will become a favorite casino of many gamers, both Aussies and gamers from around the world! Keep up-to-date about Ozwin on our Review page. And, if you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up below to receive our weekly casino news. While you’re at it, you might want to check out one of our other Aussie online casinos – PlayCroco Casino – another highly recommended Slots Play Casinos partner.
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