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Online Casino Gaming is a GREAT Form of Entertainment

There is a big discussion going on in the gaming and gambling world: Is gambling a form of entertainment? We at Slots Play Casinos would like to put in our two cents. We feel that gambling is NOT a form of entertainment but that gaming, including online casino gaming, IS a form of entertainment.

Intertops Casino is a Perfect Example of Gaming

The Intertops Red Casino no deposit bonus 2020 is a perfect example of how online gaming fits in nicely as a form of entertainment while land based casinos actually offer gambling which we contend is not a form of entertainment.

What Do We Mean Regarding Land Based Casinos?

Let’s look at our contention regarding land based casinos. The top land based casinos all offer forms of entertainment outside of the casino floor! The entertainment side of these massive emporiums is enormously entertaining. However, on the casino floor, the only “entertainment” as it were, are the scantily clad cocktail waitresses bringing yet another free drink to an already tipsy gambler who will gamble away even more money thinking that he or she is having fun!

If they went outside to watch the volcano erupt yet again, that would be entertaining. Staying at the slots terminal for yet another hour is gambling.

Why is Online Gaming a Form of Entertainment?

Can we put together a list of the Top Ten forms of entertainment? Let’s try. This list is in no specific order:

  1. Movies and television. This includes in the theater movies and streaming movies or television shows.
  2. Everything we can watch in a theater including plays, concerts, comedy routines, circus, magic shows, ventriloquism, open mike, karaoke, and more.
  3. Reading.
  4. Hiking and all other activities in nature such as camping.
  5. Cooking and eating. This runs the gamut from barbecuing in the backyard to eating out at a fine restaurant.
  6. Watching or attending sporting events.
  7. Fairs and festivals. There is a very wide range within this category from county fairs featuring Little Sally’s prize heifer to sophisticated festivals.
  8. Amusement parks and carnivals.
  9. Road trips and travel in general..
  10. Shows. There are many shows that cater to b to b interactions but that are also open to the public. Auto shows come to mind first but there are many types of shows.

What is the Element that All of These Forms of Entertainment Have in Common?

For the average person, which means well over 99.99% of us, they all require us to budget our money carefully.

We will eschew a theater performance if the price of tickets is too high. The same goes for all forms of entertainment. It applies to online gaming as well. We always encourage gamers to set monetary and time budgets for gaming at any online casino.

It is infinitely more difficult to set monetary and time budgets for land based casino gambling because so many people are committed to a long weekend at the casino. If there is little else to do besides gamble, then, ipso facto, one is gambling.

Setting a budget is never easy. Whether it involves setting a budget for a party, a wedding celebration, a backyard barbecue, or anything else, it is never easy to set a budget. Yet, those people who do go through the budgeting process can have a lot more fun, which means that they can more fully enjoy the entertainment they have bought.

Make no mistake: we buy entertainment in most cases.

What are a Few Examples of Free Entertainment?

  1. Beautiful sunrise or sunset
  2. Birds
  3. The smell of the ocean
  4. Nature in its freest and most pristine forms.

Flexibility is Also Important

If we decide to take a cross country road trip and decide to drive only on the super-highways, we are dramatically limiting our flexibility. If we decide to take some of the “blue highways”, we have a lot more flexibility. We can drive an hour on one road, through a couple of small towns. We can stop when we like and interact with people in their day to day liv4es rather than in the artificial environment of a super-highway rest stop.

This applies to many forms of entertainment.

Flexibility Alone Makes Online Gaming a Form of Entertainment

It also applies to a vastly greater degree to online casino gaming than to land based casino gaming. At a land based casino, gamblers are often rooted to one spot and stay there for very long stretches of time.

At an online casino, gamers have the flexibility to roam around the casino as they wish. They can always come back to their favorite game and will never have to wait to play it! In fact, we always encourage gamers to stand and stretch at least once every half an hour, something that gamblers at land based casinos might not do for hours on end.

The quintessential proof that online gaming is a form of entertainment is that online gamers can start when they like and finish when they like.

Online Gaming Can be a Boost to a Relationship

Once again, land based casino gambling is primarily a lonely, solitary event done by people surrounded by strangers. Online gaming is a perfect way to enjoy a game with your significant other. Mobile gaming platforms allow two people to curl up together on the sofa to play.  Many couples play in bed.

There are an unlimited number of ways that online casino gaming can be romantic including ending the session in favor of even greater entertainment!

Online Gaming as One of Many Forms of Entertainment

A well-rounded person has many interests. Online gaming can be one of them. Land based casinos are desperate for gambling patrons; online casinos want only happy patrons. There is room at any top online casino for a million players playing at the same time.

Land based casinos have room for a few hundred at most. So, land based casinos are always looking for gamblers. Online casinos are always looking for gamers.

Here we can return to the example with which we started the article.

Online casinos can give large welcome bonuses because they know that happy gamers will stay on in small increments for the long run while land based casinos need gamblers’ patronage today! When you make online casinos your place to paly casino games, you make it possible to take those vacations that you have always wanted to take!

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