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Online Casinos Remain the Go-to Format for Casino Gaming

Thankfully, the corona virus scare appears to be waning. All of us at Slots Play Casinos and at Springbok Casino online, our online casino “flavor” of the moment, are thrilled that the crisis will soon be behind us!

While the number of so-called “new “ cases is on the rise, it is largely because of increased testing. Almost all of the new cases are in people who have already recovered or who will recover soon.
That’s such good news that we are now ready to segue to: The Game Must Go On! By that we mean that people love casino gaming and love the idea that once closed land based casinos will now reopen.

Will Online Casinos Close?

Certainly not!
Where did you get such an absurd idea?
For the rest of this article we will juxtapose the good reasons for returning to land based casinos as a momentary adjunct to online casino gaming. We hope that this article will convince you that the best online casinos such as Springbok Casino has much to offer the casino gamer!

Why Go Back to Land Based Casino Gaming?

It is true that, for the most part, Slots Play Casinos supports online casino gaming. Springbok Casino online is just one of the many online casinos we have reviewed and recommended. From online slots to table games, to video poker areal casino onlineoffers what we might label as “pure” casino gaming.
What, then, do land based casinos offer?
For the most part, land based casinos offer hustle and bustle and lots of noise, bells, and whistles. When you playonline slots, you hear the background music for that game. When you’re at a land base casino you here a cacophony of sounds that emanate from the banks of slots all the way to the crops and roulette tables where players are encouraged to yell, calling upon the lords of the casino to lead them to victory!

Isn’t the Noise at Land Based Casinos a Good Thing?

In moderation, we cannot argue against land based casinos. They are fun, to be sure. But online casinos offer more in many ways and, in any case, a much different gaming experience.

Online Casinos Offer Many Bonuses

While land based casinos offer free whisky, free meals, sometimes free hotel rooms, and occasionally free tickets to the ventriloquist show, online casinos offer free money! They do so in the form of frequent offers of deposit bonuses and the less common but by no means rare no deposit bonus.
An online casino bonus such as the ones offered by one of our recommended casinos, Springbok Casino, comes with a play through requirement which some observers claim is the biggest drawback of such bonuses. There are two ways to look at the play through requirement.
First, it is entirely fair of the casino to make it a requirement for gamers to bet a factor of the bonus before they can take out winnings. Otherwise, a few gamers would make a living receiving bonuses and cashing out immediately! The key for gamers is to find online casinos that require a relatively small factor for their play through requirement.
Secondly, online casinos can offer so many bonuses at such high percentages because online gamers tend to play for frequent yet short sessions. That means that over time they work off the play through requirement and can withdraw winnings. Land based casinos have a much harder time offering bonuses because their players come around perhaps once a year if that often.
So land based casinos offer other freebies instead as we mentioned above. Online casinos can also offer an online casino no deposit bonus simply because they attract gamers who might become loyal players over the long term. Land based casinos know that the vast bulk of their gamers are there only for the short term so a no deposit bonus makes a lot less sense.

Land Based Casinos Also Offer Tourist Opportunities

Even as much a casino hub as Las Vegas offers many day trip opportunities for players who want to both enjoy the conviviality of the casinos and the many tourist opportunities in the nearby vicinity of the city.
Wherever you go to play at a land based casino, there will be an abundance of tourist opportunities. These can be kitschy to be sure but, then, Las Vegas casinos are plenty kitschy in their own right! If tourist kitsch is not your thing, there are still many things you can do in almost any location that involve nature, theater, interesting culinary adventures, wineries or micro-breweries, pubs with live ethnic music and so much more.
If you have a sweet tooth, you might buy some saltwater taffy or fudge at the local store that caters almost exclusively to the tourist trade. That doesn’t make the product inferior; it probably means that the product is of very high quality and it has garnered a strong tourist consumer base primarily by word of mouth.

Land Based Casinos Let You Scream and Yell

If you scream and yell at the poker table or at the blackjack table, you might be asked to quiet down or even leave the casino. If you make a lot of noise at the slot bank, at the video poker terminals, at the bingo or keno rooms, and especially at the roulette and craps tables, you will find a large group of players with the same attitude!
Land based casinos are loud places!
We urge all players to keep in mind that the camaraderie they might feel at a land based casino is no substitute for having real friends! The camaraderie is just that: temporary coming together of people to have fun. But it is as short lived as any artificial celebration can be.
A few million people might celebrate their team winning a championship bur after the “party” everyone goes home.
When you play at an online casino, you can play for an hour more or less and then get together with the people who are real in your life not ephemeral as they are at land based casinos

Online Casinos Remain the Go-to Format for Casino Gaming

We do promote online gaming at many online casinos, such as Springbok Casino, for the most part. Still, we readily admit to the benefits that can accrue to gamers at land based casinos. So, as land based casinos reopen after the too long corona hiatus, please keep our advice in mind. Make online gaming your go-to platform for gaming and make land based casino gaming the occasional adjunct it properly is.

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