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Online Slots for Real Money are Entertaining and Fun

Slots Play Casinos recognizes that one of the big differences between online casinos and land-based casinos is that online casinos offer online slots for real money and also offer unlimited free play.  No land-based casino can offer unlimited free play (or any kind of free play) as they need every penny of revenue to cover their enormous operating costs.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Free Play?

There are two main reasons online casinos make this amazing offer:

  1. It helps gamers play on for a while without tapping into their gaming budget.  Online casinos encourage gamers to have fun above all else and sometimes playing in free play mode is part of the fun of online casino gaming.
  2. Free play gives gamers the chance to play a game they are not familiar with in order to grapes the nuances of the game before they play it for real money.

Playing for Real Money is Hot-wired into People’s DNA

Humans are inclined to bet on the outcomes of all manner of things from sporting events to political races to the weather.  Even under the heading of sporting events, we get some very odd things to bet on such as hot dog eating contests to wife carrying to lagging cards.


It could be that if you didn’t grow up in Chicago, you don’t know what lagging cards is.  Lagging cards is like horseshoe tossing but with baseball cards instead of horseshoes.  Whoever gets closest to the line wins so if you are lagging your Willie Mays card against your opponent’s Cuni Barragan card, you are placing a bet on a sporting event!

What Makes Slots so Much Fun to Play?

Slots have been enthralling players since the first wooden, mechanical slot was rolled out.  That slot had three reels and a few symbols: fruits like cherries and lemons, symbols such as bars, and numbers usually 777.  Players placed real money on the outcomes of every spin.

One major aspect of modern slots is that they are all different!

How Are Slots All Different Today?

Today’s slots have story lines.  This alone makes every slot different than every other slot in some way.  There might be a hundred Cleopatra slots out there but none is exactly the same!  Today’s slots are like DNA: each slot has its own universal print so to speak.  Gamers can enjoy how the game provider put together the slot they are playing without betting so much real money that the bet at hand breaks the bank.

How Can Gamers Protect Their Gaming Budget while Playing Slots?

Gamers bet per payline.  Some slots have fixed paylines.  Still, even a slot with 50 fixed paylines will have a minimum bet of only 50 cents.  In slots without fixed paylines, a gamer can bet on the paylines of his or her choosing.  That also preserves a gamer’s bankroll.

The best way for a gamer to protect his or her bankroll is to set a reasonable gaming budget before placing the first real money bet.  Setting a sound monetary budget for gaming is no different than setting a budget for any other expenditure people have.

What Should Gamers Consider when Deciding on a Sound Gaming Budget?

The first things to look at in setting any budget are fixed costs.  A business has fixed costs such as rent, electricity, payroll, supplies, stock, and so forth.  A household budget has its own fixed costs such as rent, electricity (surely you see the similarity between a household budget and a business budget) clothes, food, and entertainment.

Online casino gaming is a subset of a gamer’s overall entertainment budget.  Since entertainments, by definition, are fun experiences, it follows that online casino gaming should always be seen as a fun experience.

A good online casino knows that gamers use the casino primarily for entertainment.  Many of the casinos’ offers to gamers are intended to further the entertainment side of gaming.  Here at Slots Play Casinos, we tell gamers never to chase a big payday in lieu of fun.

Big paydays do happen but they are rare while we should all have some fun every day.

Online Casinos Run Many Promotions to Add to Gamers’ Bankrolls

A good online casino will have a large Welcome Package worth upwards of a thousand dollars.  These offers are usually packed as a series of deposit bonuses.  Land-based casinos cannot make these extraordinary offers since their players do not have accounts at the casino and because very few players at a land-based casino can complete the wagering requirement that comes with all deposit bonuses in the short time the player will be at the casino.

Online casino gamers can complete the wagering requirement for any bonus at their own pace.

Modern Slots Become a Lot More Entertaining Evey Year

Competition among game providers is the driving force behind the amazing entertainment value at online casinos.  This is because slots are the casino game that lends itself more than others to creativity.

Blackjack games feature a table and cards.  There is little creativity involved.  Video poker has spinning reels with cards on them.  Roulette and craps are great fun at a land-based casino but not so much at an online casino where the whooping and hollering that accompanies every toss of the dice or spin of the wheel is absent.

Thus, online casino game providers strive to outdo each other in slots and in games such as Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  Banana Jones may be the most popular game at some casinos after slots.

What Makes Slots So Entertaining?

There are many factors that gamers look for and that game providers strive to include in every new slot.  We already touched upon the ubiquitous story lines.  There is a lot more to modern slots than “just” the story lines!

Slots have five reels.  Some slots come with six reels.  Some slots expand to six or even seven reels as the gamer gets lucky and hits on the combination that causes the reels to grow.

Slots use color in creative ways.  We might say that modern slots are the casino version of the psychedelic craze of the 1960’s.  slots have to use color in fun and entertaining ways.

The 10 through ace symbols have to be drawn in a way that is in sync with the theme of the slot.  So, a slot about jewels will have bejeweled 10 to ace symbols.

Modern Online Slots Have Free Spin Bonus Rounds

There are two symbols at modern online slots that do yeoman’s work in facilitating winning spins.  These are the scatter and wild symbols.  The scatter is called that because it wins in any position.

Most wins in slots go from left to right but the scatter wins in any configuration.  In most slots, gamers need three or more scatter symbols to get to the bonus round.  In some slots, two scatters are enough.  The players receive more free spins depending on how many scatters they got.

The bonus rounds also often have multipliers.  There may also be a jackpot that players can win only in the bus round.

Walk on the Wild Symbol Side

Modern wild symbols do so much!  They stack and stick, they travel and move, they descend, expand, and explode.  No slot is complete without great performance art from the wild symbols!

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