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Play the Ultimate Texas Hold Em Online

The term “ultimate” fills people with excitement!  There are ultimate sporting events, movies, albums, snowstorms and blizzards, and even online informational sites such as Slots Play Casinos! Poker players all over the world have come to see Texas Hold Em as the ultimate poker variation. There are good reasons for this phenomenon. The most famous poker players got famous playing Texas Hold’em.  Poker players study Texas Hold Em in depth so that they, too, might be able to say that they play ultimate Texas Holdem.

Poker Players Benefit when they Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em Online

The most obvious reason why players benefit from playing Holdem online is that they can play so many more hands online than they can play at any land-based poker room. In baseball, a coach once said that a batter has to see 10,000 pitches before he can say that he understands batting.

The same applies to Texas Hold’em. As simple and straightforward as the game looks at first, it is far from simple and straightforward. It takes paying close attention to many hands before new Hold’em players can be dissuaded of the notion that Hold’em is simple and straightforward.

Players Incur No Travel Costs when they Play Online

This benefit of online casino gaming applies to all online casino games, not just to poker online. Cost is one of the most important factors in the online casino boom and the subsequent reduction in land-based casino gaming. Most online casinos offer a few hundred slots, many variations of classic casino table games such as blackjack, casual games, other casino games, and video poker. Some online casinos have a poker room as an adjunct to the “regular” casino gaming.

In all cases, the money saved not travelling to a land-based casino or poker room can be applied to paying poker online.

The Two Hole Cards are Fraught with Mystery

There are five community cards and only two hidden hole cards in Texas Hold’em yet those two cards can change the course of events in ways that befuddle even seasoned Hold’em players.

It is because of the sheer mystery inherent in the two hole cards that we say that a Hold’em player needs to see many hands before he or she can say that they “know” Texas Hold’em.

What Do the Two Hole Cards Represent?

The hole cards are where all bluffing in Texas Hold’em is based. This is clear since the community cards are visible to all players. The hiddenness of the hole cards and the understanding that all bluffing emanates from them leads to the amazing conclusion that there is bluffing on almost every hand in Texas Hold’em.

To play ultimate Texas Hold’em is to be able to “see” an opponent’s hole cards and to understand if he or she is bluffing from strength or from weakness.

Paying Close Attention is a Learned Skill

It is not natural to pay close attention on every hand. When a player folds before the flop, he or she will naturally want to relax mentally as they wait for the hand to finish and they can look at a new set of hole cards.

In order to become a truly skilled Hold’em player, one has to patiently observe many hands that we are not playing as well as the small number of hands we play until the last two community cards are placed on the table.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Players Have to Subsume a Lot of Information

Hold’em players often use the number of big blinds they can cover to describe their bankroll at any given time. If a player starts out with $200 and plays $5 to $10 blinds, they will have many fewer big blinds to cover than if they play in penny stakes.

We recommend that players start out at low stakes even if they can afford to play at higher stakes. the need to concentrate on every hand requires that they play hands that are relatively simple to analyze until their powers of concentration become more highly developed. The higher the stakes the better the players and the more complex each bet could be.

Watch Texas Hold’em on YouTube

There are hundreds of fun clips on YouTube of Hold’em played by the top players in the world. These clips are more fun than educational. The clips show amazing hands but they don’t show the minutiae that the top players constantly run through their minds over the course of a hand.

Even a Low Hand Wins Often in Texas Hold’em

You might not stay in a hand with just an ace-high hand. However, if you know your opponent, how he or she normally bets, the size of the pot, and many other factors, it might prove to be the best move to not just call with an ace-high hand but to raise!

An example could be that you raised the big blind from an early position. It might have been a bluff or you might have the ace in the hole. Now the opponent still hanging on in the pot might think that your raise represents a very strong pair in the hole and he or she could fold with a low pair that would have won the pot.

Can a New Player Win Money Playing Hold’em Online?

There are really just two categories of characteristics a poker player needs to win money playing online or at a land-based poker room: luck and skill! These may be seen as the ultimate Yin and Yang of ultimate Texas Hold’em since luck cannot be cultivated while skill can only be cultivated.

A new player whose skill set starts at zero will not likely win money at first. However, the learning curve at first should be quite steep and soon even the newest poker players can enjoy winning sessions.

How Can a Player Cultivate Skill?

We have touched upon several aspects of skill here. We may say that as a general rule the best way to cultivate and nurture poker skills is simply to believe in reality. If you are drawing to an inside straight, you will get it once in a while. Meanwhile, you will be throwing good money after bad.

Recognizing reality means avoiding throwing good money after bad. This is quite different than misreading a bluff and losing a hand. That decision, however poor it turned out to be, was an act of throwing good money after good.  Cultivating skill is a trans-professional requirement for success and is entirely possible for people who recognize and accept reality.

Slots Play Casinos Helps Gamers Get the Most out of Online Casino Gaming

This article was a bit of a digression for SPC as we spoke here about real poker instead of the more common online video poker. Still, we feel that there is a lot more we can say about online poker. We will certainly return to the subject of poker soon!


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