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PlayCroco Puts a Smile on Your Face

PlayCroco bills itself as the top casino for Australian gamers.  However, the casino is always open to gamers from around the world.  Here at Slots Play Casinos, we have found PlayCroco to be one of the most gamer-friendly casinos online!  We reviewed PlayCroco a few years ago so let’s take another close look at this excellent online casino.

Before We Talk about PlayCroco’s Great Games and Promotions

We will get to the games and promotions soon, but we want to emphasize one of the things that struck us when we reviewed the casino the first time: PlayCroco is amazingly easy on the eyes!

PlayCroco Wants Gamers to Read Their Content

A lot of online casinos have text on their landing page that they expect gamers not to read!  So, they have very small fonts, poor contrast between the letters and the background and a generally unfriendly interface as the first thing gamers see.

It is true that most gamers do not read the content on an online casino’s landing page.  However, this is not a good reason for so many online casinos to have seemingly unreadable content there.

PlayCroco is the exact opposite of the attitude a lot of online casinos show.  The interface at PlayCroco throughout the casino is simply spectacular!  You will love playing at PlayCroco because they make gamers feel part of the family!

Now We Can Take a Look at PlayCroco’s Many Promotions

Click on the promotions link and a beautiful page opens up.  It seems at first that the casino offers only four promotions.  Look to the right and you will see links to three other categories of promotions.

PlayCroco offers a very wide range of promotions.  They offer free money almost every day, free spins, deposit bonuses, and much, much more!

The Welcome Bonus is One of the Best in All of Cyberspace

The offer is for 200% up to $5000!  That means that a gamer needs to deposit only $2500 to receive the full bonus which will give them a full $7500 to play with!  Of course, you will still get 200% even if you deposit less than the maximum $2500!

Most gamers do deposit less on their first deposit.

What is Special about PlayCroco Tournaments?

Hint: it is not about free rolls since most online casino tournaments are either free rolls or have a very low buy-in.

It is that gamers do not have to download the casino to play in their tournaments.  This is a big bone of contention we have with some online casinos.  Many casinos have taken to putting their tournaments on Instant Play as they should.

PlayCroco has always allowed gamers to play in tournaments without downloading because PlayCroco does not support download at all!

This means that PlayCroco realizes that we are well into the digital era and that requiring the downloading of an online casino to an already overwhelmed hard drive is so 1990’s!

Banking is Always on Gamers Minds

Play Croco wants gamers to feel comfortable.  While many online casinos are pushing bitcoin and Litecoin, Play Croco has opened banking services with even more e-wallets! This means that Play Croco understands that a lot of gamers are not yet ready to bank or to do any financial transactions using a digital currency that they don’t understand!

Of course, as we are in the digital age, Play Croco does accept deposits in bitcoin and Litecoin.  It allows withdrawals in these currencies as well.  But they realize that a lot of gamers are comfortable with an e-wallet and therefore have working agreements with several e-wallets.

Let’s See What Games PlayCroco Offers

At the bottom of the landing page are links, one of which is to games.  Another page opens with all of the games Play Croco offers starting with about 350 slots.  By the way, as an Australian online casino, PlayCroco calls slots pokies!

When you put the cursor on a slot, you will get prompts to play that game.  Before you go right into playing the slot, look in the upper right corner.  There is an i which gives you information about that slot.  The first thing PlayCroco tells gamers about their slots is how volatile the slot is.

What Does Volatile Mean in Slots?

Volatility refers to the distribution of the expected winnings from playing that slot.  Volatility refers only to slots so all of the other games on offer at PlayCroco have a much more straightforward expected winning percentage or return to player rate.

Let’s say that one slot has high volatility, and another has medium or low volatility.  They both have the same return to player rate but the slot with high volatility distributes the winnings to fewer players than the slot with low volatility does.

The upshot of all this is that PlayCroco tells gamers the volatility of every slot before they put real money on it!

How Does the Return to Player Rate Work in Other Games?

In all other games, the return to player rate is very straightforward.  Always keep in mind that the house has the advantage in every game.  In blackjack and video poker, the house edge is very small, only 0.5% if the gamer plays correctly on every hand.

Fortunately, computer studies have been done of both blackjack and video poker and we know what the best action is on every hand even though sometimes the correct play is counterintuitive.

All of this points to one indelible fact of online casino gaming: it is intended to be a form of entertainment, not a get rich quick scheme.

Play The Great Caribbean Poker Games

PlayCroco offers many games that are just a lot of fun to play!  Three of the most fun games to play are the three Caribbean poker games: Caribbean Draw, Caribbean Stud, and Caribbean Hold’em.

In all three variations, the gamer makes an ante bet and then cards are dealt.  If the gamer wants to continue, he or she makes a second bet that is double the ante bet.

Now the hand continues until the showdown.

In all three variations, the dealer has to have a minimum bet to “qualify”.  So, in every hand, there are three possibilities assuming the player continued and made the second bet:

  1. The dealer does not qualify.  The player wins even money on the ante bet and the second bet is a push.
  2. The dealer qualifies and wins with a better hand.
  3. The dealer qualifies and the player wins with the better hand.

If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player wins the ante bet even if his or her hand was less good than the dealer’s hand!

Slots Play Casinos Recommends PlayCroco Casino Again!

We find the casino to be one of the most gamer-friendly online casinos as we have explained here.

Slots Play Casinos is a young online casino watchdog.  We look at online casinos to see which are worthy of our recommendation.  In addition, we write two articles every week with information that gamers can use to make their online casino gaming more fun and entertaining.

In addition, we have written extensively on “How to Win” at different casino games.


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