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Post–Corona Travel Tips

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What about the Corona Virus Pandemic?

We are happy to report that the two-year-long corona virus pandemic is functionally over. Even the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now says that the corona virus strains now circulating are no more dangerous than the common annual flu!

How Many Trips Did the Corona Virus Interrupt?

We might guess that in a world with many billions of people, there were probably several billion trips delayed, postponed, or cancelled entirely because of the corona virus. Starting with trips to grandma and grandpa, or trips home for holidays, weddings that went from a few hundred guests to a few guests, and actual vacations, we can easily see that billions of trips were delayed, postponed, or cancelled!

People are Chomping at the Bit to Travel

People have waited for so long to take a long or longish vacation! Many people have a bucket list that might include places to visit and things to do going forward. Has the average person’s bucket list changed in any way as a result of corona virus pandemic?

How Will I Get to My Destination?

There are just a few ways to travel to a vacation destination. Flying, of course, is number one. Then we have travel by car, bus, train, or boat. Airplane travel may be uncomfortable if passengers are requested to keep their mask on covering their mouth and nose for the duration of the flight.

In addition, gasoline prices are going up fast so that an airline ticket may be too expensive for many travelers. On the other hand, travel by car or bus also incurs high energy costs.

The countries that rely on tourism for a very large percentage of their national income are often islands such as the islands in the Caribbean or in the Indian Ocean plus interesting countries such as Thailand and others.

It is possible to get to the Caribbean Islands with a relatively short flight from east coast locations.

How to Combine the Exotic with the Affordable

In the near term aftermath of the travel restrictions that the corona virus caused, we might change our approach to travel. A key element might be to combine the exotic with the affordable or even the relatively mundane.

Let’s use a trip to the Caribbean as our ultimate destination and let’s see how we can spice up getting to the place from which we will fly to the Caribbean.

Create a Questionnaire for Yourself

Rather than rely on someone else’s questions, you can phrase your questions any way you wish and then use your own answers to determine how to get to the place from which you will fly to the Caribbean.

We have often assumed that rural people want to go to a big city while city people want the quiet and bucolic nature of the countryside. Maybe you feel the same way. But maybe you are a dedicated country person who wants to travel through small towns while, on the other hand, you might be a dedicated city person and you want to travel through the biggest cities on your way to the east coast.

The questionnaire should also ask what kinds of activities or sights you would look forward to whichever route you take to the coast. Here is a very short list of activities or sites people like on their vacations:

  1. Museums
  2. Minor league baseball
  3. Observation deck of a tall building
  4. Antiques stores or malls
  5. Unique local restaurants
  6. Micro-breweries, small distilleries, or wineries
  7. Local craftspeople and the things they create
  8. State or county fairs or other similar attractions
  9. Hiking, boating and similar activities
  10. Used book stores

As you can see, this is quite an eclectic collection of activities and sites for a short trip by car to the east coast.

Research is a Key Element in Modern-day Travel

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that countries, states, and local governments can impose travel restrictions quickly. A trip planned in advance—and advance planning is necessary now more than ever—can be made very difficult to accomplish if not making it completely impossible to do as planned.

Here are a few tips for how to do precise and effective advance planning:

  1. Call every business, museum, or other attraction before putting that place in your travel plan. The corona virus pandemic caused many businesses to close permanently. This also applies to any activity, hotel or other place you want to schedule at the Caribbean island of your choice.
  2. You might not be able to call a state park. Do all of the due diligence you can to make sure that any trail you want to hike on will be open.
  3. If you are traveling by car, make sure that you have a place to leave your car while you are sunning yourself in the Caribbean. If you are using a rental car, you have to factor in the cost of returning the car to a different location than where you rented it from.
  4. With a rental car, you also need a reservation for a car on your return trip.
  5. If you are traveling by car, you might stagger the activities stateside so that you do some before the Caribbean side of the vacation and some on your way home.
  6. If you are driving, check out the roads for construction delays.
  7. Your car holds a lot more than your suitcase. If you are driving your own car, you can leave many items in the car but if you are driving a rental car, you will have to pack as if you were already flying.

Travel in the post-corona era presents a few challenges that people did not have to think about before the pandemic. As one final word, try to have as many short or small vacations as you can. There are always rumblings that new travel restrictions are just around the corner.

There are up to four directions from your house.  Plan a trip in each direction and enjoy the freedom the end of the pandemic can bring.

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