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Fair Go Online Casino Promotions Stand Out

Once again, we here at Slots Play Casinos are revisiting yet another of the 30-odd online casinos we have reviewed and recommended.  This time we are revisiting Fair Go Casino.

Fair Go Caters to the Australian Gaming Audience

At the bottom of the Fair Go Casino home page, you can access a short description of Fair Go Casino’s history.  The casino was founded in 2017.  Slots Play Casinos reviewed Fair Go a short time after and found it worthy of our “stamp of approval”.

Online Casino Games

Fair Go uses the games developed by SpinLogic, one of the leading game providers for the online casino market.  If we were looking at games alone, we would have to say that while Fair Go is a wonderful casino, there is nothing in the games department that makes Fair Go stand out.

If we were to compare Fair Go with any leading land-based casino in terms of games offered, then Fair Go would certainly stand out!

How Many Gamers Can Play at Fair Go All at Once?

As a top online casino, Fair Go offers about 300 games.  That is not all!  Fair Go has over 1,000,000 registered gamers!  All of them could play any game Fair Go offers AT THE SAME TIME!  This never happens, of course, but it is worth noting that at Fair Go, when SpinLogic brings out a new slot, about one every month, hundreds of gamers flock to that one slot to check it out.

What Happens to Classic Slots?

When a land-based casino brings in terminals of a new slot, it has to take out an equal number of terminals.  No land-based casino can afford to have empty floor space so all available floor space is taken up by terminals or tables.  So, at land-based casinos, it is always “in with the new, out with the old”.

At Fair Go and all online casinos, it is “in with the new, in with the old”.

Fair Go has a nice collection of classic slots to go with all of the hyper-modern slots SpinLogic produces!

Play Multi-hand Video Poker

Fair Go casino offers many variations of video poker and also allows gamers to play as many as 52 hands at the same time.

Video poker is a very interesting and unique game.  It is best suited for the online casino market since at land-based casinos, they need to have as many slots terminals as possible.

With correct strategy on every hand, the return to player rate in video poker is 99.5%, the same RTP as in blackjack.

What Makes the Promotions at Fair Go So Good?

We have spoken a lot about games at FairGo and now we will segue to the casino’s many promotions.  Promotions are the lifeblood of many businesses.  Every end-of-season sale is a promotion aimed at getting older merchandise off the shelves so new, seasonal merchandise has a place to sit.

At Thanksgiving, many supermarkets have big sales on turkeys since that gets consumers to buy a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of other items at the same store.

Welcome in Five Parts

The Welcome Package at Fair Go is five deposit bonuses for 100% each up to $200 each.  If you are a new gamer at Fair Go, never deposit more than $200 until you finish receiving the Welcome Package of bonuses.

Lobby Jackpots

It takes only a one-penny fee to qualify for the Lobby Jackpots which are awarded often every day.

New Game Promotion

The new game this month is Big Cat Links.  The promotion honoring this great new slot is for 200% and 30 free spins. You can get the New Game bonus up to three times.

A 200% deposit bonus is an awesome bonus.  It triples the amount of money you have to play Fair Go’s great games with!  In other words, if you deposit $200, your bonus will be $400!  That gives you a full $600 to play with!

Fair Go Has a Mascot

Her name is Koala and she runs a permanent promotion based on her diary!  Koala’s Diary is chock filled with great promotional offers!  You need to be a member of the Fair Go family to avail yourself of these promotions.

The Koala’s Diary promotions are a great reason to sign up to play at Fair Go Casino!

Fair Go Runs Tournaments

Every month Fair Go operates a free roll tournament with a hefty basket of prize money.  The tournament that ended on July 22 had a prize pool of $8888.  When one tournament ends, another starts!

Fair Go Publishes a Magazine!

In addition to informative articles, the magazine offers many promotions!

Spinning for Winning

One of the simplest promotions any online casino can offer is a spinning wheel with small to very large prizes waiting for lucky gamers.  At Fair Go, this kind of promotion is called the Reward Roulette Wheel.

Monday, Monday: At Fair Go, You Can Trust That Day!

There are two promotions at Fair Go every Monday.  First, if you deposit from Friday to Sunday, you can get 25 free spins on Mariachi 5 on Monday!

In a similar vein, Fair Go offers a $25 no deposit bonus for any gamer who deposits at least once in the month!

There is another unbelievable promotion for Fair Go gamers every Monday.  The casino offers a graduated deposit bonus.  The more you deposit, the higher the bonus rate is!

Fair Go and Neosurf Have a Great Thing Going

When you deposit using Neosurf, you qualify for a 200% bonus!  Remember how we extolled the magic of a 200% bonus to triple the money you have to play with!

Fair Go Treats Their VIP’s Right!

Fair Go has a unit that takes good care of the casino’s VIPs.  The VIP program managers come up with many special promotions for VIPs.

Slots Play Casinos is Happy to Report Good News about Fair Go Casino

The reason we are revisiting casinos is because it is never a foregone conclusion that what impressed us a few years back will still impress us.

Fair Go has certainly passed the revisit test from SPC!

Slots Play Casinos publishes many informative articles every week.


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