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Responsible Gambling Tips to Turn Gambling into Gaming

Slots Play Casinos sees the term “responsible gambling tips” as both a much-needed term in casino play, be it at an online casino or at a land-based casino, and something of a misnomer.  Let us explain.

We Believe That the First Step Toward Responsible Gambling is to Turn Gambling into Gaming!

Gaming has become a catchword in the health sciences and in philosophy.  The idea is that people love to play games and the insights scientists can glean from the universal enjoyment of gaming can be applied to many other aspects of modern life.

Thus, we have terms like “gaming”, “gamification”, “to game” an issue or a situation, and so on.

How Do Casino Gamblers Turn Gambling into Gaming?

For the most part, they play at an online casino!  Only gaming at an online casino puts all of the other factors into play that turn gambling into gaming.

Set Reasonable Time and Money Budgets

An online casino is available every day, all day.  So, there is no reason to travel to a land-based casino to play the same games that you can play online.  By playing online with sound time and money budgets, you can reduce to near zero the excesses that make land-based casino gambling both gambling in the fullest sense and a lot less responsible than gaming at an online casino by many factors.

Gaming Requires a Certain Measure of Moderation

Online casino gaming in the terms we have just described is the epitome of moderation.  The opposite happens all too often at a land-based casino where, in order to get one’s money’s worth, players gamble on and on into the wee hours of the morning.

Land-based casinos have no clocks or windows.  Players lose track of the time.  Land-based casinos give players free alcohol which induces poor gambling decisions.  By way of contrast, at an online casino, gamers can delay drinking until after the gaming is done so they can make the best decisions on every play.

Online Casino Gamers Save Money by Not Travelling to a Land-based Casino

This does not mean, of course, that online casino gamers do not travel.  Of course, they do!  The difference is that they travel for the joy of travel.  A long weekend spent in the countryside, or in small towns along the way, with friends, is exponentially more responsible than spending the same long weekend trying to win their money back at a land-based casino.

Online Casino Gamers Can Play Thousands of Games!

This they do by the magic of Instant Play.  This software allows gamers to sign up at many online casinos and to sample the games of several game providers.  This freedom expands on the concept of online casino play as gaming!

The search for different games makes online casino gaming and as far from gambling as it can be.

Every game developer has its signature style.  This shows up mostly in slots.  It also shows up in the graphics and animation for other games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, and many others.  Game providers also have developed casual games that are entertaining to the nth degree!

Take Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos offer many large deposit bonuses and some much smaller no deposit bonuses.  Sometimes, they add free spins to the bonus.  Land-based casinos cannot offer large bonuses since they also would have to impose the wagering requirement that online casinos impose to prevent some gamers from cashing out as soon as a bonus is recorded in their casino account.

Taking a four-figure bonus from an online casino means that gamers can emphasize gaming!  Using the casino’s own money to play a wide range of games for the fun of doing so is the essence of gaming!

Play on Your Mobile Device

Online casinos add to the element of gaming by providing excellent mobile gaming platforms.  With one’s mobile device, gamers can play all curled up on the sofa, in bed, or outdoors under the stars.  It is even better, more fun, and an even better example of gaming over gambling to do this kind of casino gaming with one’s significant other!

Let’s Review the Gaming Tips We Have Covered Here

We will also add a few tips.  All of this is designed to help players see online casino play as gaming while it is a lot harder to see land-based casino play as gaming.  There the activity is a lot more likely to edge into gambling with all of the concomitant dangers of not responsible gambling.

  1. Always see gaming as a form of fun and entertainment.
  2. The moment a gamer starts to feel that it is no longer fun and entertaining is the moment he or she must stop the session!
  3. Set reasonable time and money budgets for gaming.
  4. Play online.  This format is a lot more conducive to responsible gaming.
  5. Play in moderation.  This is the corollary to setting time and money budgets but it deserves a line item of its own.
  6. Use Instant Play to access games from several game providers.
  7. Accept deposit bonus offers from casinos.
  8. Never drink alcohol while gaming.
  9. Stop playing if you are hungry or tired.
  10. It is especially poor practice to play casino games when you are feeling under the weather.
  11. Take breaks.  This is easy to do when you have a reasonable time budget for gaming.  It is a lot harder to do at a land-based casino.
  12. Avoid playing on after a losing session “until I get even again”.
  13. Play on the casino’s mobile platform and especially play with a “favorite friend”.
  14. Have many other activities you like to do for after the gaming session or, as it may be, instead of the gaming session.

Slots Play Casinos Emphasizes Fun and Entertainment

We have a large library of articles about casino gaming.  A quick perusal of these articles will discover just how important we here at Slots Play Casinos see fun and entertainment as the key elements that make casino gaming both gaming and responsible gaming.

We have many guides to help gamers get the most out of all of the different types of games online casinos offer.  The fun of playing slots is quite different than the fun of playing blackjack or video poker.  Slots are a game of chance that allow gamers to relax and unwind while blackjack and video poker are games of skill that challenge gamers to see the best course of action on every hand.

The challenge is the source of the fun of playing blackjack and video poker.  The fact that the expected return to player rate is also about 99.5% with correct play is another source of fun and entertainment!

Let Slots Play Casinos be your guide to online casino gaming!


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