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Ripper Casino Comes Highly Recommended – Again!

Here at Slots Play Casinos we have written about Ripper Casino a number of times.  We are so impressed by Ripper Casino that we decided to use some of the reasons for our strong recommendation of the casino as general online casino gaming tips.

Tip # 1: Make sure that the casino has received a strong recommendation from a reliable online source.

Every page we have written and the many pages yet to be written are all about establishing our bona fides as a reliable source for online casinos.  The auspices under which a casino is certified are also important.  Ripper Casino is registered and certified under the rules and regulations of the Curacao e-Gaming Regulatory Authorities.

Tip #2: Contact the casino to determine how receptive they are to any questions.

We have told Ripper that they need to keep their customer service office open around the clock.  Still, anytime we have a question, they have answered promptly.  The casino is relatively new and is actively pursuing both new gamers and a positive reputation as a standup online casino.

Tip #3: Embrace responsible gaming.

Here we would like to quote directly the first two short paragraphs from Ripper Casino’s page on responsible gaming.

“At Ripper Casino we support and promote responsible gaming. We want you to enjoy your time with us, with the understanding that gambling is an adults-only leisure activity.

The idea behind playing at an online casino should always be to have fun! It is important to understand that playing real money casino games is NOT a reliable short or long-term strategy for generating income – It is colourful and exciting online entertainment at its very best.”

In these two paragraphs, Ripper Casino basically repeats our philosophy here at Slots Play Casinos: online gaming must be fun and a source of entertainment!

Tip #4: Make sure the casino protects your money.

All online businesses use encryption software to safeguard their customers’ money.  If you can access your personal bank online, be aware that they use the best encryption software.  All of the sites that sell goods online do so as well.

So do the best online casinos.   Ripper Casino uses the best encryption because the safety of your assets is ultimately a lot more important to you and to the casino than the actual games the casino has on offer.

Tip # 5: Check the games before you start playing.

We suggest going through every game category before you register and make a deposit.  In this way, you will get a feel for the general gaming “philosophy” of the casino.

Here we are not talking about dry philosophy.  We are talking about a gaming attitude that gamers can get a sense of just by going through the games library at a casino.

With Instant Play so prevalent these days tat many online casinos do not even offer a download, gamers can play at several online casinos.  As such, and given that there are so many online casinos, we feel that simply looking at the games is a helpful tool in deciding where to play your favorite casino games.

Tip #6: Find out who the game provider is.

Some casinos have more than one game provider.  Ripper has several including BGaming, Mascot, Spinoro, Wazdan, and Betsoft.  The fact that Ripper has games from so many game providers means that they can choose the cream of the crop from each provider!

It is easy to see that Ripper has done exactly that.  The games all look amazingly attractive.  Some gamers ask why a casino with more than one provider doesn’t just take all of the games of each provider.  The reason is that 300 or so games is more than enough for a gamer to spend many happy hours at any online casino!

Tip #7: Find out how to access free play mode at the casino.

Top online casinos offer unlimited free play.  In most cases, gamers will use the free play mode to get to know a game before placing a bet on it.  Other gamers may simply want to play for fun.

Here is something that Ripper Casino does very well.  In addition to free play mode, the casino offers a demo of every game in their library of games!

Tip #8: Always say fun.

Ripper says FUN after every bet, when they introduce a game, whenever a gamer chooses to play a game, and, basically, all the time!  Ripper wants gamers to have fun!

It is impossible to underestimate the importance and existential significance of having fun at the casino.  The opposite is irresponsible gaming.  Ripper will flag a gamer who suddenly starts making bets that are out of the ordinary for her or him.

There is more to having fun at the casino than just making fair and reasonable bets.  Ripper carries a large collection of games, as we said, from several game providers because these games have the potential for creating fun!

Scientists have discovered that games and fun are at the core of healthy adulthood.  We all played games and had fun as kids.  For some reasons, adults need to pursue fun as it doesn’t come naturally to us.  M. Scott Peck in his great book of human psychology, that was on the New York Times bets seller list for non-fiction for FIVE YEARS, The Road Less Travelled wrote that adults should look closely at kids because basically everything a kid does is play!

Tip # 9: Play for short sessions.

Short, in this context, is a relative and subjective term.  Still, an online casino such as Ripper Casino, is available every day around the clock.  There is no reason to play in extraordinarily long sessions when there are so many other worthwhile things to do.

By playing in short sessions, gamers emphasize he fun side of gaming.  The non-fun side is betting money that you should be budgeting for other activities or expenses.

Tip # 10: Learn the best aspects of money management through monetary budgeting for gaming.

If a gamer budgets well for gaming she or he is a lot more likely to budget well for many other expenses and happy pastimes.  Most people can say that something is too expensive for them but to understand money management deeply that same person can say that item X is too expensive for me because I want to use the money for Y.

Fun in gaming is exponentially higher when you know that you are betting with just the money that you have wisely budgeted for gaming.

Tip #11: Understand that in everyday life we “game”.

The term “to game” and the term gamification have become popular just in the last couple of decades.  They use the word game to show how everyday moments, including large and complex decisions, can be best understood as part of a game.

Slots Play Casinos Renews Our Recommendation of Ripper Casino

We feel that the people behind Ripper Casino understand gaming to the fullest extent.  Everything the casino does leads gamers to the fun side of gaming!

Slots Play Casinos tries on a daily basis to bring the fun side of gaming to our readers’ attention!


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