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Ripper Casino Gives Gamers a Ripper of a Good Time

One of the newest online casinos to receive the Slots Play Casinos “stamp of approval” is Ripper Casino. Ripper Casino might be young but it is also youthful in spirit. At Ripper, gaming is fun! Getting large bonuses is one way that online casinos add to the fun of gaming. There are so many Ripper Casino bonuses that we have to reiterate the importance of using the correct Ripper Casino bonus codes whenever you want to access another bonus!

Many Promotions that Stir the Online Gaming Pot

We will review as many Ripper Casino promotions as we can. First, however, we would like to go over a little Australian English! You see, the term “ripper” is a purely Australian term that means extremely excellent.

So, we might say that Ripper Casino is a ripper casino! See how utterly fun and confusing that can be? Here are a few other highly Australian terms and slang that you might want to learn if you fulfill your bucket list entry of Waltzing Matilda!

  1. “Waltzing Matilda” means walking or “waltzing” with all of one’s possessions in a “Matilde” or rucksack.
  2. While in the rest of the world thongs are a twentieth century under garment that leaves very little to the imagination, in Australia “thongs” are always plural and refer to what we all call flip flops!
  3. “Stubby” used to refer to a man who was short and stout. In Australia a can of beer is called a stubby!
  4. “Brekkie” is a shortened form of breakfast. Australians love to shorten words so Barbie is a barbecue, mozzie is a mosquito, a sickie is a sick day from work, and the ever-present Aussie is an Australian!
  5. To “chuck a sickie” is to call in sick when you aren’t. In the United States, when someone wants to go to Opening Day at the ballpark, they don’t chuck a sickie; they usually say that their grandmother died so they can’t come in to work!
  6. “A dog’s breakfast” refers to an exceptionally messy and smelly room or apartment.
  7. “She’ll be right” refers to any sticky situation. It comes from Aussies’ reluctance to be overcome with worry. The “she” in this expression refers to the situation.
  8. “Mate” usually refers to a pal for life rather than a spouse or significant other.

So Many Games and so Many Game Providers

Actually, Ripper Casino has about the same number of games as most online casinos do: about 300-500. The difference is that while most online casinos use the games of only one game provider, Ripper Casino uses the games of three game providers: Rival Gaming, Arrow’s Edge, and Booming Games.

Let’s take a short look at these game providers.

Rival Gaming

This game provider has been around since 2006 which was 12 years after the first online casino was established and is going on two decades as a recognized excellent game provider in its own right. All of this means that Rival Gaming saw the developments in online casino games from the outside for a long time and never had to go through the same kinds of growing pains the earlier game provider had to go through.

Rival slots are known for their colorful storylines, modern use of both graphics and animation with a heavy reliance on animation, many great features including bonuses and internal jackpots, and great game play.

Arrow’s Edge

This game provider is quite young by industry standards having been established only in 2014. The provider’s library of games is also small, under 100 games. Their slots are very much fun to play as they have many exciting bonus features.

We feel that Arrow’s Edge is an up and coming game provider and we feel that Ripper Casino has shown the entire online casino industry that even a small game provider has a place on a top online casino if their games are worthy.

Booming Games

This provider also came online in 2014. They have a relatively small library of games as well. The big difference between Booming Games and Arrow’s Edge is that Booming Games was always focused primarily on the mobile market while Arrow’s Edge at first was geared toward desktop and laptop gaming and only recently changed course and started to focus on mobile.

This one fact demonstrates two things: one, the visionary spirit at Booming Games and, two, the fact that even ten years ago, the mobile market for online casino games was just starting to take off as graphics and animation entered an advanced state of development.

Ripper Casino Offers Ripper Promotions

You can see how versatile the word ripper is and Ripper Casino lives up to this in its many promotions as well as in its games. Here are few Ripper Casino promotions:

  1. The Pokie of the Month promotion offers a 250% bonus up to $500.
  2. The Ripper Casino Welcome Package is worth up to $7500 and gamers can take each bonus in the package in any order they prefer.
  3. During the morning rush hour from Monday to Friday gamers can get a 200% bonus up to $200.
  4. By depositing with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Neosurf, gamers can receive a 200% weekly bonus.
  5. An ongoing promotion offers gamers a 50% bonus on all table games.
  6. The Labor Day bonus offer has expired but gamers at Ripper Casino can always expect a seasonal bonus offer on top of all the other promotional offers.

Games at Ripper Casino

As a work in progress, Ripper Casino adds new content regularly. Still, the casino had to think long and hard on the homepage: how it would look, if it would be easy for gamers to navigate, what to emphasize: visuals or written content.  Ripper Casino chose to emphasize visuals and the visuals on the home page are very easy to navigate.

We especially like the long list of game categories for gamers to explore. When a gamer clicks on any of the categories offered, they get to a page with beautiful graphics headlining every game the casino offers.

Here are a few of the more enticing games Ripper Casino offers:

  1. The casino offers both American Roulette and European Roulette. We always tell our readers to play European Roulette as that reduces the house edge by half.
  2. The casino offers both single deck blackjack and multi-hand blackjack. Single hand blackjack gives gamers a small chance to count cards and multi-hand actually gives gamers a better chance to count cards since you see many more cards per hand.
  3. The casino offers about 50 slots that they categorize under Nostalgia.
  4. The casino offers multi-hand video poker.
  5. There is a heading for pokies based on ancient Egypt. We expect the casino to add categories for Rome and Greece and Native American-themed pokies.
  6. Another fun pokies category is labeled “Fruity”.

Experience the Many Gaming Options at Ripper Casino

We are happy to be able to report on Ripper Casino as it came to the internet only in 2021. Slots Play Casinos continues to explore the online gaming market and to report on developments in that market.


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