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Slotastic Casino Wins The Slots Play Casinos Stamp of Approval – Again

Slotastic Casino was founded in 2009. That year was smack in the midst of the great increase in online casinos.  Whereas in the 1990’s there were just a handful of online casinos, by the early 21st century there were about one thousand and many more were added each year.

The best online casinos thrived and survived the great competition among the many online casinos and many others fell off the map. Slotastic is one of the online casinos that came of age in the last 15 years and has thrived.

The story of how some online casinos such as Slotastic thrived in the online casino genre and some did not is quite fascinating.  We would like to explore this phenomenon from the perspective of Slotastic Casino.

Great Gaming Begins with Safe Depositing

All gamers at an online casino have a casino account. That means that they leave money on account at the casino. This makes it easy to start gaming right away when they want to play the next day, or soon after ending a session.

At a land-based casino, players cash out before they leave the casino. It is quite unusual for a player at a land-based casino to leave actual money on their player’s card. That’s because most players at land-based casinos come back, maybe, in a few months or never!

The notion that a player would never come back to a land-based casino was unheard of before 1994, when the first online casino was established. It was unheard of for many years after that as the online casino market experienced slow yet steady growth and casinos learned a lot of how online casino gaming would differ from land-based casino gaming.

Having a Casino Account is One Such Way Online Casinos Differ from Land-based Casinos

Safety is the key element in making casino gamers feel comfortable leaving money in their casino account. Slotastic uses SSL encryption software to protect their gamers’ accounts. The encryption software also protects gamers’ private information that they give to the casino so that the casino can keep everyone’s information separate.

Encryption Software Leads to Two Important Observations

The first is that there are a number of encryption softwares on the market. There are online casinos that use very solid encryption software but not the technologically best software.

Slotastic Casino uses the same type of SSL encryption software that the biggest online businesses use. This includes banks, investment houses, Big Box online stores and others. In this way, Slotastic gamers feel confident about leaving a few thousand dollars in their casino account.

How Does Slotastic Keep Track of All of This Information?

This is the second major difference between online casinos and land-based casinos. A solidly reputable online casino has a data bank that rivals the data bank of any giant online casino business. A search engine has a massive data bank to make searches fast. Slotastic has a massive data bank to ensure that gaming at the casino would be fast and the results would be tracked in real-time.

The online casinos that have weaker data banks work a lot more slowly than Slotastic!

A strong data bank at an online casino keeps track of many thousands of gamers’ data in real-time! The software the casino uses has to keep track of every game’s outcome, the progress a gamer is making towards completing the wagering requirement for a bonus, the gamer’s comp points, and any other piece of information relating to the gaming.

Slotastic Casino Understands the Value of a Clear and Colorful Interface

One of the things we like most about Slotastic is that every page on the casino is comfortable to the eyes.  When there is text, the font is big enough for people with less than perfect vision and the contrast between the text and the background is also very comfortable.

There are many online casinos that put a dark colored text onto a dark background with a font that is too small for a large percentage of gamers to read. Slotastic is very much NOT this type of casino!

Slotastic Understands That Gamers Like to Play!

This is not a given. Land-based casinos know that a lot of players wander the casino floor after losing a big chunk of their bankroll. Slotastic encourages gamers to play for fun. Playing for fun includes making bets that will prolong the gaming even if they won’t make the gamer rich!

Slotastic also offers many tournaments. A slots tournament may be a freeroll with no entry fee at all! Clearly, the prize pool in a freeroll tournament will be small. That encourages gamers to play for the fun of it rather for a small chance to win a big payout!

Slotastic also understands the value of a bonus. Some casinos offer a bonus for a small bonus percentage. Slotastic offers bonuses with 200% or more as the bonus percentage. This makes a great deal of gaming possible on the casino’s dime!

Slotastic Casino also knows that a deposit bonus is enhanced when the casino offers free spins as well! Gamers love to be able to play free spins at no risk!

Why is Banana Jones So Popular?

One of the specialty games Slotastic offers is Banana Jones. The game is obviously a spoof on the Indiana Jones movies. Now, this game has a pretty high casino edge. It is not like blackjack or video poker that have a miniscule house edge if the gamer plays every hand correctly.

So, why is Banana Jones so popular? The answer lies in the character of Banana Jones himself. He is a cuddly little guy. The intro to the game has him flying into a remote region ready to make the treacherous trek to the castle where the Crystal Banana is being kept.

His job is to get the Crystal Banana out of the castle and to a museum “where it belongs”.

Banana Jones stays positive despite the obstacles put in his way as he tries to get to the castle. He stays cuddly and happy throughout the play and his Whoo Hoo, Whoo Hoo when a gamer wins some money makes gamers want to play more!

Slots Play Casinos Recommends Slotastic Casino

We previously recommended Slotastic Casino. We do so again wholeheartedly. In fact, we may be even more positive about this casino than we were when we first reviewed it! Slotastic seems to understand the mindset of online casino gamers and does its utmost to make gaming there fun and entertaining!

We encourage gamers to come to Slots Play Casinos often to find out all of the news we wish to report and the reviews we make on a regular basis.


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