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Slotocash Casino: What’s in a name?

It is pretty easy to see that Slotocash Casino takes its name from slots and cash.  So, to fully understand the mindset of Sloto Cash Casino, we should look more deeply into both slots and cash!  Here Slots Play Casinos will present a lengthy discussion on slots and we will link to an Investopedia article on cash!

What are Slots and Why are They So Popular?

Slots are a game in which symbols and characters move quickly on a “reel” and stop when the random number generator decides to “stop”.  You may not have noticed but the discussion on the familiar slot game has become quite a bit more complicated as we have to understand what a reel is, what symbols and characters are, what the random number generator is, and why the word “stop” was in quotes?

Okay! What is a Reel?

A reel is the appearance of the game that is generated by the software of the game.  The original slots were mechanical machines ─ that’s why they were called slot machines ─ and the reels were part of the mechanism.  In the digital age, a slot can have any face the developer chooses for the game but the most common “face” of a slot is still the reels.

Most modern slots have five reels.  Classic or retro slots have three reels. Some slots are experimenting with six reels, games that add a reel during the bonus round, or different configurations of the reels.

What is the Significance of the Symbols and Characters?

The characters are supposed to “tell a story” or to follow a theme.  The characters have to be in some way connected to the theme.  There would be no reason for there to be a leprechaun in a slot about the Incan Culture but there is a very good reason for a leprechaun to appear in a slot with an Irish theme.

The original slots have interesting symbols such as bars and cherries.  But they were all the same!  In the world of modern slots, the characters are all different!  A slot that recreated a theme using the same characters would have to have something else to recommend it other than the characters.

The abundance of characters for slots makes creating a new slot every month ─ which most game providers do ─ both difficult and easy.  The game developer has to find a way to create unique characters to tell stories that are commonplace.

The Symbols Create Excitement

In most slots, there are two primary symbols, the wild symbol and the scatter.  Let’s look at the scatter symbol first.  All other symbols and characters in slots win from left to right beginning at the left-most reel.  The scatter wins in any position.

That means that in a slot where three scatters send you to the bonus round, the scatters can be anywhere on the reels.  The bonus round is the most common benefit of the scatter symbols but if a gamer gets four or five scatters, they also get a big win.

The bonus round is usually for free spins.  In many slots, there are additional ways to win in the bonus round and the free spins can usually be retriggered with three more scatter symbols during the free spins.

The Wild Symbol Keeps Getting Wilder

A wild card in poker makes getting a good hand easier.  The wild symbol in slots, at its most basic level, also makes getting a winning spin easier.

Gamers wanted more from the wild symbols and game providers came through.  Now there are many ways for the wild symbols to behave and facilitate wins.  Here are a few such ways:

  1. Stacked wilds.
  2. Sticky wilds.
  3. Growing wilds.
  4. Moving wilds.
  5. Exploding wilds.
  6. Multiplying wilds.
  7. Walking wilds.
  8. Duplicating wilds.

Sometimes a wild will multiply a win in both the regular game and, for a larger multiplier, in the free spins bonus game.  The wilds are truly the crème de la crème of modern video slots.

Slotocash Casino Excels at Developing Great Slots

The great game provider, SpinLogic, provides the games for Slotocash.  SpinLogic produces at least one new game every month.  Since Slotocash is an online casino, one that we have recommended for many years, they can bring in a new game, usually with a nice promotion to get the gaming juices flowing, and never has to take out a game to make room for the new one.

Cyberspace may very well be infinite.  Land-based casinos, as big as some of them are, are far from infinite so, when they bring in a new terminal for a new game, they have to take out a terminal.  One terminal in, one terminal out.

Let us Segue from Slots to…

Slotocash also runs many promotions all of which feature….cash! The comp points promotion produces points which can be redeemed as casino credits which is like cash!

The Welcome Package at Slotocash is worth up to $7777 which is quite a lot of cash!  The Welcome Package features five deposit bonuses with high bonus rates and free spins to boot.  Here are the details:

  1. The first deposit has a 200% bonus for up to $2000 and 100 free spins on Cleopatra’s Gold.
  2. The next deposit has another 200% bonus plus 50 free spins on Wild Fire 7.
  3. Next is a 100% bonus and 50 free spins on Bubble Bubble.
  4. Next is a 100% bonus and 50 free spins on Bubble Bubble 2.
  5. The last deposit bonus for this one promotion is a 177% bonus and 50 free spins on Voodoo Magic.

The Random Number Generator Generates Numbers Randomly

Well, what does that mean?

The RNG is software that is something of a perpetual motion machine.  It can convert impulses into playing cards for video poker, blackjack, baccarat, and any other casino card game.

It can convert impulses into rolls of the dice for craps and the slot the roulette ball will land in.

It helps Banana Jones reach the Crystal Banana in the fantastically entertaining game featuring ol’ Banana.

In slots, the random number generator determines when to “stop” and that decides winning spins or losing spins.  The reason the word stop is in quotes is because the RNG doesn’t actually stop.  It simulates stopping.

How Does a Gamer Know that the Random Number Generator is Legit?

This gets at the essence of online casino gaming!  All of the games at an online casino such as Slotocash use a random number generator.  Without a fair and reliable RNG, no online casino could operate.

Slots Play Casinos Keeps Track of the People Who Keep Track of Random Number Generators

Part of our mission as an online casino industry watchdog is to make sure that online casinos submit to regular observation by the people who are experts in all areas of an online casino’s operation, including random number generators.

The fact that we have not reported on any mishaps with an RNG is because there haven’t been any!!

So, Slots Play Casinos reports on many other areas of online casino gaming!  We add information to our site every week so it behooves all gamers to…


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