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Slots Play Casinos Adds Juicy Stakes Casino to the Mix

A Slots Play Casinos welcome to Juicy Stakes Casino!. Slots Play Casinos has added Juicy Stakes Casino to our long and growing list of reviewed and recommended casinos. There are many reasons why SPC decided to review and offer Juicy Stakes Casino to our readers.

Juicy Stakes is Actually Two Casinos

Juicy Stakes offers both an online casino with a large selection of games and a poker room. Your account covers both gaming at the casino and playing poker in the poker room. Your money is completely flexible so you can even play casino games while you are also playing poker! We don’t recommend doing that but it is possible!

Juicy Stakes Casino

One of the big decisions Juicy Stakes casino made early on was to have more than one game provider. In that way, the casino can pick the crème de la crème from each of the providers.

Three Game Providers Mean Triple to Potential for Fun

At the present time, Juicy Stakes Casino offers games from three excellent game providers: Betsoft, Lucktap, and WorldMatch. The casino has hundreds of games on offer so gamers can really sink their teeth into a wide range of gaming opportunities.

Juicy Stakes is Far More than Just Slots

Juicy Stakes Casino starts with hundreds of fun and entertaining slots. Even though slots are still the most popular games at both online and land based casinos, Juicy Stakes has a wide range of other games.

The casino offers many versions of blackjack, for example. Many land based casinos have one, two, or possibly three blackjack tables. A blackjack player may not find the blackjack variation that she or he wants to play. In addition, the table rules at the blackjack games a land based casino might offer may not be perfectly in line with players’ needs.

There are so many different blackjack variations on offer at Juicy Stakes that every fan of this great card game can find their place at the blackjack “tables”.

Poker Here and Poker There

In the poker room, you will put your skill up against real opponents from every country in the world! In the casino side of Juicy Stakes, you can play casino poker which is usually a variation of what are known as the Caribbean poker games or video poker.

Did you know that video poker is the casino game with the return to player rate that is closest to 100%. It doesn’t quite get there but players who use the best strategy can win almost as often as they lose! The really good aspect of video poker is that when you lose, you lose a little but if you get very lucky and hit a Royal Flush after having bet the maximum- that little proviso is very important; the extra payout for a Royal Flush in video poker goes to players who bet the maximum- you will be way ahead!

In both the Caribbean poker games and in video poker, you play basically against the house. There aren’t any players trying to bluff your socks off! Bluffing is the really hard side of live poker and many poker lovers prefer the poker games that don’t involve bluffing. Juicy Stakes Casino provides a massive amount of entertainment to these kinds of poker players!

Where Can I Learn Strategy?

We mentioned playing video poker using the best strategy. We can add blackjack to this approach as well. Playing blackjack using the best strategy also brings the return to player rate very very close to 100%. A lot of blackjack players love playing at Juicy Stakes because they can end a session very close to the break even mark.

That means that their blackjack play was almost entirely for the sheer pleasure of playing and meeting the challenge to make the correct decision on every hand.

Well, where do blackjack and video poker players learn the nuts and bolts of strategy in those games? It is true that strategy information is widely available online. It is also true that Juicy Stakes Casino wants all gamers to have the best experience possible.

At the bottom of the home page are links to a casino news and articles section and a separate link to a poker news and information section. Juicy Stakes has begun writing a basic strategy section for poker. That section is a work in progress and already has many excellent and informative articles with more to come every week!

As far as poker is concerned, one of the areas of concern to players is what is called the rake. This is the amount of money the casino- meaning the poker room authority which has provided all of the amenities necessary for poker to be played there- takes from each pot. Players need to know how the rake is calculated. Juicy Stakes puts that information directly on the site so there is no confusion on the matter of the rake.

By the way, in games with blinds especially Texas Holdem, if everyone folds rather than calling or raising the big blind, the big blind wins the pot which is only her blind ante and the small blind. For such a small pot, the house doesn’t take any rake at all!

How-to Articles in the Juicy Stakes Casino Articles Section

We will print just a few of the titles of articles already published at Juicy Stakes in the casino articles section. This list of titles will give you some idea of why we value Juicy Stakes Casino so highly.

As an aside, we value all of the casinos we have reviewed and recommended for precisely the same reasons or for similar reasons. We value casinos that do everything they can to help gamers win!

Here is that list of article titles:

  1. Understanding the T & C’s of Online Casino Bonuses
  2. Tips for Maximizing the Free Spins Welcome Bonus at Juicy Stakes Casino
  3. American, European, or French Roulette. What’s the Difference? (hint: French Roulette gives gamers the best chances to win).
  4. How Betsoft Blackjack Can Boost Your Juicy Stakes Casino Account
  5. FPPs & Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus Offers

FPP stands for Frequent Player Points. This is one of the many promotions Juicy Stakes runs.

How about Promotions?

Juicy Stakes runs all sorts of promotions. A popular promotional category is slots tournaments. Players enter these tournaments with very low buy in fees. The prize money is commensurately small. What it all boils down to is that slots tournaments are some of the most fun for the lowest cost of any online casino you can do!

We Promote Online Casino Gaming

The vast number of reasons why we feel that online casino gaming is superior to land based casino gaming is properly the subject of another article. Suffice it to say that we at Slots Play Casino are always looking at many of the thousands of online casinos that have entered to market in the last few years alone.

We are very discriminating in our choice of which casinos to review at length. It is a testament to the happy gaming and challenging poker playing that convinced us the Juicy Stakes is a casino and poker room deserving of the attention of our readers.

Our recommendation for the poker room is no bluff! And our recommendation of the casino side of Juicy Stakes reflects the pleasure in choosing the best of the best from three great game providers! So, enjoy gaming at Juicy Stakes!

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