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Slots Play Casinos and Trustpilot Announce the Start of a Partnership

Slots Play Casinos is happy to announce that since September we have linked with

Trustpilot is a huge online site that helps smaller sites reach their target audience.  Where Slots Play has basically one niche, namely online casino gaming, Trustpilot has many, many “niches”.

One of the ways we here at Slots Play Casinos are able to get our message across to the broadest possible audience is to partner through online linking with larger sites that have a broader range of topics than Slots Play has.

We Trust Trustpilot and Trustpilot Trusts Slots Play

In order for us to reach a broader audience through linking, we have to be sure that we are linking with

This is called doing due diligence.  Before we agreed to link through Trustpilot, we surveyed their site.  We were amazed at how real and up-to-date Trustpilot is!

Trustpilot is Big and Growing

Trustpilot covers many categories and many companies and sites within these categories.  Readers provide feedback that Trustpilot takes very seriously.

It can be said that not every person looking for a company to provide a good or a service finds what they want through Trustpilot.  All negative reviews are given immediate attention.  It is not enough to have many good reviews; the less-than-good reviews have at least equal weight with Trustpilot.

Needless to say, we were very impressed by Trustpilot.

Trustpilot Was Impressed with Slots Play

Trustpilot did the same with Slots Play Casinos.  Here are a few of the things Trustpilot has said about Slots Play.

“Slots Play Casinos is a peer-led dedicated online casino gaming hub that provides proven expertise, up-to-date analysis, and impartial casino-related recommendations and reviews.”

In the statistical language of Trustpilot, a review of five stars is the top of the line and so on in descending order.  Slots Play was given a 5 star review by 60% of reviewers and a 4 star review by the remaining 40% of reviews.  As much as we are warmed by the overwhelming support as evidenced by the 60% 5 star reviews, we are determined to turn the 4-star reviews into 5-star reviews!

We are grateful to Trustpilot for providing another conduit for feedback.  It is a cliché that no company can stand still; either the company is moving forward or it is moving backward.  So, by telling us that we are highly respected by all reviewers but less than optimally by a number of reviewers makes us determined to get better still!

Trustpilot and Slots Play Both Publish a Blog

We feel that one of the best ways to get a message across on a website is to run a blog.  We call our blog simply the articles section and Trustpilot calls there’s a blog.  It all amounts to the same thing: companies trying to reach a broader audience by putting in writing some of the finer and broader points that affect their company.

In view of the fact that we have a well-respected site that can get better, a recent article in the Trustpilot blog section is as apropos as an article can be. The title of the blog is: “How Companies Use Your Reviews to Get Better.”

How DO Companies and Individuals Use Information to Get Better?

This is quite obviously a huge subject.  The fact is that when we want to get better at anything, we look outside of ourselves and outside of our everyday frame of reference for tips and advice on what to do to get better.

So, it should not surprise anyone that online casinos will use whatever information they can gather to get better.

Learning from Feedback

This is an obvious example but there is a twist!  Negative feedback spurs companies to improve while positive feedback simply “feeds the beast” and requires no introspection.

The most obvious ways to give negative feedback is through word of mouth.  Don’t go to the new restaurant.  Don’t spend money on tickets for that show; it was a big disappointment.  The clothes from this manufacture are not good enough to induce one to buy the even at a lower price.

When a sports team is playing poorly and management seems to have no idea how to reverse the trend, fans stay home.  They will also stop watching the team on television and that will cause advertisers to pull their ads.

The same is true about online casinos.  A casino that regularly has conflicts with gamers will find itself patronized less!  Here is one of many ways that Trustpilot helps online casinos.

Trustpilot has so many categories for consumers to surf through that many casino gamers will end up in the casino section almost by accident.  Then Slots Play Casinos will have a prominent place in that section and gamers will be able to learn a lot about online casino gaming through Trustpilot.

Online Casinos are International

A local land-based casino might serve a population of well below a million people.  It is unlikely that a good or a bad review of that local casino will have much effect on gamer patronage there.

Online casinos strive to draw as many gamers form all countries where it is legal to do so.  While perhaps a few thousand gamers play at any large online casino per day, these casinos may have a million or more “members”.  The gamers at any top-level online casino present a profile of the casino that is informative and also challenging for the casino to keep happy.

How Online Casinos Keep the Customer Satisfied

A great example of this is the proliferation of online deposit bonuses.   When online casinos introduced deposit bonuses, some gamers cashed the bonus out without playing at all.  This led casinos to consider ending the deposit bonus promotion.

Gamers came to the rescue of this excellent promotion which today is pervasive at online casinos.  Gamers accepted the concept of a wagering requirement for deposit bonuses.

A Welcome Package of bonuses totaling as much as $5000 or more is expected these days.

Many online casinos now also offer a modest no deposit bonus to new gamers.

All online casinos offer bonuses as a promotion.  What has happened through gamer feedback is that the bonus rates have increased, the maximum size of the bonuses has increased, and gamers now can get free spins along with their cash bonus!

Slots Play Casinos Welcomes our New Partnership with Trustpilot

We believe that everyone will benefit from our joining the many companies that Trustpilot recommends and supports.

Trustpilot will help gamers in many areas and we here at Slots Play Casinos redouble our efforts to present the best the great online casinos have to offer.


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