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Slots Play Casinos Explains the Many Bets in Craps

There is an interesting anomaly in casino gaming in that, even though craps is available at Slotocash and most other top online casinos, the game is a lot more popular at land-based casinos than at any online casino.

Why is That?

One reason for that phenomenon is that the game brings out the boisterousness in land-based casino players. There is a lot of whooping and hollering at the craps table (and at the roulette table as well) at land-based casinos.

We feel that there is another reason why craps is as so much more popular at land-based casinos than at online casinos: at a land-based casino, a player who doesn’t fully understand all of the bets available to them in craps can just follow the group.

At Slotocash and other online casinos, most gamers are playing in a relaxed manner at home and simply avoid craps because the large assortment of possible bets is too confusing. So, in the interest of making craps more understandable to gamers, and to improve the game’s popularity at Slotocash and other good online casinos, we will try to simplify the bets in craps!

Don’t Bet Don’t Pass

In the super-popular game Monopoly™, there are many turns where the player is told to go directly to a different square and “do not pass GO”. In craps, especially at land-based casinos, there is an unwritten rule that players don not bet on the don’t pass line.

The don’t pass bet means that the shooter will get a seven before he or she gets the point or the number they set when they threw the dice for the first time.

In order to better understand the procedure of the game and what the terms we have just bandied about, we should go back to the start, GO if you will!

The First Throw is the “Come-out” Roll

There is no logical reason why it’s called that; that’s just its name! Players will place bets on pass or no pass before the come out roll. When you play at home, you can also play against yourself and bet no pass but most players will make a pass bet. If the come-out roll is a 7 or an 11, all of the pass bettors win; if it is a 2, a 3, or a 12, all of the pass bettors lose.

If it is any other number, which are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, that number becomes the point. In order to win, the shooter has to roll his or her point number again before they roll a seven. All pass bets also hope that the shooter will “make her point” before a seven comes along. That makes all of them a winner.

How Common is a Seven?

If you throw one die, you can always make a seven with the second die. That means that a seven will come along once every six throws. A six or an eight will come along only five times in 36 rolls on average. Here is how we calculate that.

There are 36 possible combinations of numbers (start with 1-1 and go on; you will find that there are indeed 36 possible throws). A six comes along on 1-5, 2-4, 3-3, 4-2, and 5. That comes to five out of 36 rolls that will be a six or 5/36 chances of getting a six.

The same applies to an eight.

Now, the difference in numerical terms is not so much—one out of six versus one out of 7.2. In percentage terms, the difference is huge!

In addition, the odds against getting a 4, 5, 9, or 10 are much higher than the odds of getting a seven. It does happen, of course, but keep in mind that the house has a substantial edge on every throw and the shooter has to get his or her point to win.

Furthermore, there are three rolls that lose on the come-out roll and only two that win. This all means that the house has a pretty substantial edge in craps in the long run.

The only thing the house fears in craps is for a high roller to make a huge bet and to win!

Can I Bet After the Point Has Been Set?

Yes, and here is where a lot of the confusion lies. If a gamer sticks to the pass or no pass line, the betting becomes very simple. However, there are many bets a gamer can make between the time the shooter sets the point until the end of her or his round.

Come and Don’t Come Bets

These are for all practical purposes the same as pass and don’t pass bets. In the come or don’t come bets, there is the possibility of setting another point. This point is only for the come or don’t come bet! If the original shooter is still shooting for his or her pass bet, then if another player establishes a point with a come or don’t come bet that shooter is shooting for both bets!

Imagine the complicated job a craps croupier has! In a land-based casino, there are often a few people running the game because of the many bets and their inherent complexity.

Odds Bets

These are considered the best bets to make in craps since they payout at real odds. In other words, as much as the house has advantages in craps that it doesn’t have in video poker and blackjack, in the odds bets, the house doesn’t have an advantage!

Players place an odds be=t on their own pass / don’t pass, come, and don’t come bets.

Place Win and Place Lose Bets

These are placed on individual numbers after the point has been set. They can be placed after the pass don’t pass point was set or after the come / don’t come point was set! What chaos!

A buy bet is the same as a place bet with higher payouts and a 5% commission that applies to it.

A lay bet is the opposite of a buy bet and also carries that onerous 5% commission.

Big 6 and Big 8

These are among the worst bets to make since they pay only 1-1. It is much better to bet on the six or on the eight directly.

Field Bets

This is a low paying bet that covers the field from 2-12 but without the four most common numbers: 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Proposition Bets

These are true side bets which make them a house delight! Avoid these bets!

Hard Way Bets

This is the last of the bets in craps! It basically says that a hard 4, 6, 8, or 10 will come up before a seven is rolled. A hard number comes up once in 18 rolls while a seven cones up once in seven rolls. The hard way bet pays a high return but the return is not true to the actual odds.

We suggest staying away from hard way bets.

Craps is Fun at Both Online and Land-based Casinos

At a land-based casino, many players get swept up in the excitement of placing many bets and they often place contradictory bets. This happens almost never when playing online.

As with so much else in gaming, we prefer the online version of craps despite the inherent excitement of craps on land!


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