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Slots Play Casinos Extols the Benefits of Online Casinos

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we cover both online and land-based casino gaming.  We clearly prefer online casinos so the question some of our readers have raised is: Why does SPC prefer online casinos over land-based casinos?

We have written about the advantages of online casinos in the past so here we will very quickly go over some of the “classic” reasons why online casino gaming is “better” than playing at a land-based casino.

Online Casinos are More Comfortable

Simply stated, most online gamers play on the casino’s mobile gaming platform.  This means that gamers play either on a very comfortable chair, sofa, or in bed.

No land-based casino can match the comfort of playing all curled up.  This also points to two other major benefits of online casinos: they are more romantic and the overwhelming benefit of mobile gaming.

It Can be Romantic to Play with Your Significant Other

This is true of gaming together on the sofa and it is even more romantic to play together in bed.  Playing slots on the casino floor cannot come close to competing with playing together alone at home, in a romantic mood!

Land-based casinos already are aware of the fact that gamers like to play in a romantic way and prefer mobile over all other gaming platforms.  So, in one of the great ironies of modern casino gaming, some land-based casinos now offer in-house mobile gaming so couples can retreat to their hotel room to play!

We ask: why travel to play in bed on a mobile platform?

Online Casinos Offer Great Bonuses

The Welcome Package of bonuses at many online casinos runs into the thousands of dollars in bonuses!  Land-based casinos cannot make deposit bonus offers since players cash out when they leave a land-based casino and that would make big bonus offers impossible.

A bonus is accompanied by a wagering requirement.  This is a factor of the bonus that the gamer has to bet before he or she can withdraw winnings.  Clearly, if a player wants to cash out when they leave the casino, they cannot be subject to a wagering requirement!

Online gamers keep their money in their casino account and, thus, can work through the wagering requirement at their leisure.

Online Casinos Have Higher Return to Player Rates

This is often a matter of a land-based casino calibrating slots to return less to players because the casino has a lot more operating costs than an online casino has.

However, there is a much more insidious way that land-based casinos “game” the games: they change the rules in blackjack and video poker to serve their greater revenue needs.

How Do Land-based Casinos Do This?

In blackjack, they often pay only 6-5 for a blackjack instead of 3-2. This makes a huge difference in the return to player rate in blackjack.

In a similar vein, in video poker, many land-based casinos pay 8 coins for a full house and 5 coins for a flush.  This is called 8-5 video poker.  Online casinos pay 9-6.  As in blackjack, this seemingly small tweak makes a big difference in the return to player rate in video poker.

Keep in mind that with correct strategy on every hand, the return to player rate in both video poker and blackjack are about 99.5%!  It is quite a bit less with the “tweaks” land-based casinos make!

Less Known Advantages of Online Casino Gaming

So, we covered a few of the best-known advantages of online casinos.  Here are a few lesser-known advantages of online casino gaming.

Instant Play Opens the Way for Gaming at Many Online Casinos

There are over 1000 online casinos, and most are available through Instant Play.  This gives gamers the chance to go from casino to casino without braving the blazing heat of a Las Vegas summer day, the long walks between land-based casinos, or the reality that many land-based casinos are stand-alone casinos with no alternative casino within walking distance!

There is Never any Waiting to Play at an Online Casino

It is all too frequent that a player at a land-based casino has to wait to play a game because others are playing it!  While at a land-based casino, just a few people can play any given game at the same time, at an online casino, thousands (and more) can play the same game at the same time!

Online Casino Gaming is Infinitely Less Obsessive than Land-based Casino Gaming

Online Casinos often encourage gamers to play in short sessions since they know that the gamers might and often do come back the next day or the day after.  Online gamers might spend more hours playing at their favorite online casino in a year than most players play at a land-based casino, but the online gaming hours are very evenly spread over 365 days since online gamers have no incentive to play for too long a period of time while land-based casino play is crammed into very few days over the course of a year.

It is much easier to set time and money budgets for online casino gaming than it is for land-based casino gaming.

The corollary to this simple fact is that online casinos know that gamers “have a life” outside of the casino and encourage gamers to pursue their other interests.   Land-based casinos want players to think that their life is centered on the casino for the time they are there!

There are Many Distractions at Land-based Casinos

The most obvious distraction is free alcohol.  We like alcohol, too, but we tell gamers to save their alcohol consumption for after the gaming is done.  Alcohol lowers inhibitions and it also lowers gamers’ cognitive agility thus making it quite difficult for a gamer at a land-based casino to make good decisions on the casino floor.

A land-based casino might have someone aimlessly roaming the floor who has too much to drink and is subtly or not so subtly harassing other players.

Land-based casinos also give away free meals at the buffet.  This causes drowsiness on the part of players and that also leads to mistakes that cost gamers a lot more than the value of the free meal!

Land-based casinos trick players into thinking that it is day instead of night because they have no clocks and no windows!  This one seems so out there that it is hard to believe but if it weren’t true than all land-based casinos would have clocks and windows!

Money Saved Not Traveling Gives Gamers Money for Real Vacations

This is a very unsung benefit of online casino gaming.  It costs a lot of money to travel to and stay at a land-based casino.  By not traveling a gamer frees up a lot of money for numerous long weekends or a longer vacation.

There are many travel destinations on people’s bucket lists.  Some bucket lists are from the pre-Covid 19 era, and some are post-Covid.  As we might expect, many travel destinations in the post-Covid era have changed.  What has not changed is that gamers who discover the many benefits of online casino gaming never put going to a land-based casino as a destination on their travel bucket list!

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