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Slots Play Casinos Hails Ripper Casino

Whenever we here at Slots Play Casinos talk about online casinos such as Ripper Casino, and, as you will see, especially Ripper Casino, we point to gamers’ ability to play a much wider range of games than players generally play at land-based casinos.  Players at land-based casinos tend to hog terminals.  There will be just a few terminals of even the hottest game so players stick with that game for very long stretches of time.

In contrast to the very small number of slots an average player might play at a land-based casino over the course of a long weekend, at Ripper Casino, a gamer can play about 750 different slots over time!

How Does Ripper Casino Do That?

Well, Ripper has games from several game providers!

We are all aboard the choice most of the casinos we have reviewed and recommended to carry games from a single exclusive game provider.  These casinos no doubt made a deal with their providers to carry their games exclusively.

When Ripper started out in only 2021, they consciously made the decision to go with games from several providers.  As a result of that decision, Ripper carries far more slots than almost any other online casino!

So, when we talk about convenience as a great advantage online casinos have over land-based casinos, we usually point to the fact that online gamers can go from casino to casino playing the games of several providers all on Instant Play.

Ripper makes the “travelling” unnecessary as they carry a massive number of great games from many providers.

Convenience is One Advantage Online Casinos Have Over Land-based Casinos

Before we rush to leave convenience as a major draw to online casinos, let us look a bit more closely at the whole concept of convenience in a modern context.

People in the first quarter of the 21st century (soon to enter the second quarter of the century) expect convenience.  How do we know that?  Let us count the ways!

  1. Cell phones make communication instant.  We all know how we and everyone else react when we have poor telephone reception!
  2. The internet has taken over for so many “institutions” that were great conveniences in their time!
  3. We can sit far away from a television screen and see the movie or sports event better than we could when 21 inches was considered a big screen.
  4. How many of us are aware that it has been less than 100 years that all of Texas has had electricity?
  5. How many of us remember when most families had an outhouse?
  6. The average home these days is way bigger than the average home was less than 100 years ago.

We have not nearly completed our list but you get the idea: there are so many things that are such a part of everyday life that we take them for granted.  Online casinos are a small item on the list when we consider the grand scheme of things, yet online casinos are, nevertheless, a great convenience.

Land-based casinos are so 1950s!

Comfort and Convenience are First Cousins

We all know the comfort of a modern mattress rather than a straw mattress.  When we talk about convenience, we mean walking into your living room to play rather than boarding an airplane to travel to a land-based casino.  We have to add the lack of comfort that is entailed in air travel these days.

From pants falling down because the belt that holds them up is on the conveyor, to getting to an airport hours early to taking off one’s shoes and then discovering that there is no place to sit to put them back on to not being allowed to take a bottle of water on the plane to…you know!

How Big are the Cash Bonuses at Land-based Casinos?

Trick question!  Land-based casinos do not offer cash bonuses.  Online casinos can offer bonuses in the thousands of dollars because of the wagering requirement which is a factor of the bonus and prevents some gamers from cashing out a bonus as soon as it is credited to their casino account.

This actually did happen which is what gave way to the wagering requirements.  Players at land-based casinos cannot complete a wagering requirement of, say, 30x in the time they will be at the casino so a lot of bonus money would simply sit in a drawer waiting for someone to take the player’s card they are on and going back to that casino.

Online casinos such as Ripper Casino offer many deposit and no deposit bonuses!

How Many Blackjack Tables Are There at a Land-based Casino?

Maybe just one.  Maybe all of two!  So, at the most about 15 players can play blackjack at the same time at land-based casinos.

At online casinos, there are NO BLACKJACK TABLES!  And still thousands of gamers can play blackjack at the same time!

Another factor in favor of online casinos is that the best online casinos pay 3-2 for a blackjack while too many land-based casinos now pay 6-5 for a blackjack.  Land-based casinos need the extra wins to help pay off their enormous operating expenses.  Why should you be the one to give them those extra dollars?

Ripper Casino offers many variations of blackjack including multi-hand blackjack and single-deck blackjack.

Online Casinos Run Many Promotions

Ripper offers multi-thousand-dollar bonuses plus free spins.  The Welcome Package is worth up to $7500.  The casino also offers big bonuses to depositors using cryptocurrencies or an ewallet.

Mobile is the Modern Version of Land-based Casinos

Real land-based casinos are all located on land!  Mobile casinos are available to gamers wherever they may be on land.  But mobile casinos go gaming a step better.  You can also play on a mobile casino in the air and at sea!

Mobile gaming has become so pervasive and popular that many land-based casinos now offer a mobile gaming platform for their hotel guests!!  The irony of going to a land-based casino just to play mobile gaming!!!

Ripper Has Become Hugely Popular in Just Two Years

We can only imagine how much more Ripper Casino will offer by the time the casino reaches its 10th birthday. Slots Play Casinos renews our unconditional recommendation of Ripper Casino!

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