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Slots Play Casinos Has Good News about Casino Jackpots

Gamers at our many recommended casinos such as Jackpot Capital Online Casino play for big jackpots.  Jackpot Capital always encourages gamers to play a wide range of games as opposed to playing exclusively for a big jackpot and we here at Slots Play Casinos agree with that excellent assessment.

Online Casinos Make it Easy to Play Many Games

It is so easy for online casino gamers to play many games in a single session and to come back to the casino as often as they wish.  In this article, we will talk about the best ways to approach playing for big jackpots before you start playing and then what to do if you get really lucky and win a million-dollar jackpot.

Time and Money Management are Key

It is relatively easy to set sound time and money budgets for online casino gaming.  We set money budgets all the time.  When a person is out shopping for new shoes and the shoes are all priced too high the correct action to take is to go to another store!

In a restaurant, if the price of a given dish is very expensive, most people will look for a less expensive dish.

First class and business class are much smaller than coach because they are too expensive for most people.

These are three of hundreds of areas where we all naturally set monetary budgets.  So, we can all agree that setting a sound financial budget for gaming is important.  We also should set a time budget so that we play for a time and then we go on to do any of many things that offer themselves of an evening.

How Do Monetary and Time Budgets Relate to Jackpots?

Gamers should try to play as many games as they can in the time they have set aside for gaming.  There are about 200 great slots at Jackpot Capital along with many versions of blackjack, video poker, other table games, and the favorite casual games Fish Catch and Banana Jones.

Playing a wide range of games leads to greater entertainment value.  It also makes it easier to stop playing when the 30–60-minute session is finished.  Playing games other than jackpot games also makes it easier to stay within your preset financial budget.

What Should a Gamer Do if They Get Really, Really Lucky?

Here we are talking about winning a giant windfall of over one million dollars all in the flash of an eye and the great vicissitudes of luck!  A gamer goes from being middle-class more or less to being in the one percent class.

What should said gamer do?

Let’s look first at a few things a lucky gamer should not do!

Try to Hold Back on ALL High-end Purchases

These include upgrades in homes, cars, clothing, jewelry and many other items that can go from relatively low cost to very high cost.  A million dollars sounds like an endless stream of money but lottery winners, jackpot winners, and famous athletes all have the problem of no longer seeing a dollar as a dollar.

If sound financial planning is important for a short casino gaming session, it is infinitely more important for the lucky gamer who wins millions.

Try Not to Tell Anyone about It

You can tell your spouse.  It is likely best not to tell even your kids, siblings, parents, third cousins once removed by marriage, and so on.  If it is hard for the winner to see a dollar as a dollar, it is also hard for others to see that a hundred dollars here and a hundred dollars there add up quickly and make the million-dollar win a lot smaller quickly.

Try Not to Show Off

College athletes who make millions as rookies show off with jeweled earrings.  Then the hordes come and, like the locusts of Biblical times, they hover and cover.  Try to avoid doing anything that might indicate that you have come into some money recently.

If you take a vacation, rent a more modest car rather than the car you can now afford.  If you usually rent a hotel room for $100-150, stay within that range.  Even though you can now afford $500 theater seats, it may be better to stay within your previous price range.

Try to stay away from Las Vegas.  Vegas is a generic term for land-based casinos.  Las Vegas can get very expensive.  Keep in mind that a million-dollar jackpot is worth a lot less as soon as you pay taxes.  And you absolutely must pay taxes!

When an audience member is “given” a new car by the billionaire host or hostess, he or she doesn’t realize that the car is considered income and has a tax cost.  In many cases, the car pushes the giftee into a higher tax bracket!

And the list goes on!

Come on, Let’s Get Happy!

Halleluyah!  You just won a million or more dollars.  If it was hundreds of millions, as in the big lotteries, you would need to hire a top lawyer, tax accountant, general accountant, financial advisor, and more.

Consider yourself lucky that you “only” won a million dollars!

For now, take the money and put it in the bank.  You will need to open a few bank accounts to protect the money in the event that one bank fails and the government cannot make all depositors whole.  We would not be saying this if such an event had not happened in recent memory!

With the interest you accrue, you will be able to live quite comfortably until you decide on your next course of action.

Use Your Time for Yourself More

As we say all the time, a sound time budget for gaming is important.  But if you are suddenly sitting on a million dollars, time is not nearly as pressing as it was before.  This means that you can start a time-consuming hobby that doesn’t cost a lot of money to enjoy.

Here are just a few low-cost hobbies:

  1. Cooking and baking.
  2. Needle and thread/yarn activities.
  3. Swimming/hiking/bicycle riding.
  4. Gardening.
  5. Growing your own veggies/herbs/spices.
  6. Coloring books.  Adult coloring pages are very complex and time-consuming.
  7. Putting together puzzles or models.
  8. Road tripping on the weekend.
  9. Reading the classics.
  10. Writing.  You might not be Anne Tyler or Toni Morrison.  You are you and you have a story that your children and grandchildren and their grandchildren will find interesting.

This is a very short list.  Within each item is a wealth of alternatives, details, side activities, and so on.  For example, you might decide to visit all of the state and county fairs in your state and the states around you.

Jackpot Capital is a Great Online Casino

It is quite true that in this article, we simply segued from the word “jackpot” into a very different kind of discussion.  As one of our featured online casinos, we feel that you probably know a lot about Jackpot Capital already.

We reiterate our recommendation of Jackpot Capital as a great online casino!

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