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Slots Play Casinos is Happy with FairGo Online Casino

Fairgo Casino came online in 2017!  It’s hard to believe that an online casino could become so popular so fast.  It leads us here at Slots Play Casinos to wonder whether online casino gaming will ever surpass land-based casino gaming if it has not done so already.

What Makes Online Gaming So Popular?

The first thing we notice is convenience.  When players first discovered online casino gaming, they were amazed at the convenience.  Whereas a person on a long weekend excursion to Las Vegas or Atlantic City might spend more time on the casino floor than sleeping, a person who switches to online casinos will spend a few minutes to an hour or so at the online casino a few times a week.

This frees them to pursue other interests and take care of their many responsibilities.

Online Casinos Introduce Mobile Casino Gaming

Online casinos added a huge extra measure of convenience when they introduced mobile casino gaming platforms.  Admittedly, the earliest mobile platforms were not great but in just about a decade and a half, mobile platforms are so much improved that mobile has surpassed desktop and laptop as the preferred platform for online casino gaming.

The greatest irony in the area of mobile gaming is that many land-based casinos now offer an in-house mobile gaming platform for their hotel customers!  Mobile platforms made it possible to take the casino with you rather than having to go to the casino.  With their in-house mobile platforms, some land-based casinos have turned the advantages and convenience of mobile casino gaming on their head!

Online Casino Gaming is Comfortable

Did you know that in many languages, comfort and convenience are the same?  Well, not in English.  Online casinos made comfort a byword and with mobile, comfort is paramount.  Gamers play on their most comfortable chair or sofa or in bed.

Romantic moments abound when two people devoted to each other curl up together to play a few online casino games before….

Online Casinos Have Higher Return to Player Rates

The Random Number Generator that determines all outcomes at Fairgo and all other online casinos, and determines the outcomes in all games played om terminals at land-based casinos, can be calibrated in the factory to return a set amount of all wagers.

Land-based casinos have much higher operating costs than online casinos so they calibrate slots to return quite a bit less than Fairgo sets aside to return to gamers in slots.

Games like video poker and blackjack cannot be manipulated by a land-based casino so they have come up with a new way to lower the return to player rate in these games.  Keep in mind that we are talking about tricks land-based casinos play in blackjack and video poker.

Fairgo and all of the online casinos we recommend DO NOT play these tricks on gamers!

Many land-based casinos pay only 8-5 or 7-5 in video poker and pay only 6-5 for a blackjack.

What Does That Mean?

Fairgo Online Casino pays 3-2 for a blackjack and 9-6 in video poker.  For the video poker return, 9 is for a full house and 6 is for a flush.  The reduced return in a 7-5 or an 8-5 video poker game is substantial and makes it almost impossible to end a session in the black while at Fairgo Online Casino, video poker has a return to player rate of about 99.5% with correct play on all hands.

In blackjack, a return of 6-5 for a blackjack reduces the return to player rate, again, very substantially and, as in video poker, makes it almost impossible to end a session in the black.  At Fairgo Casino, the return to player rate in blackjack is also about 99.5% with correct strategy on every hand.

Online Casinos Offer Big Deposit Bonuses

You may have guessed already what land-based casinos offer: free alcohol, free buffet meals, and for high rollers free hotel accommodations!

The reason land-based casinos cannot offer a four-figure deposit bonus is because all bonuses have a wagering requirement that players have to complete before they can withdraw winnings.

Players at land-based casinos may not return to that casino for many months or years if they ever do.  So, deposit bonuses are impossible to run at land-based casinos.

At Fairgo and all other top online casinos, gamers can complete the wagering requirement at their own pace.  In offering deposit bonuses, and sometimes modest no deposit bonuses, online casinos add another layer of convenience to the gaming activity.

Online Casinos Offer Many More Games

In blackjack alone, an online casino might offer as many as ten variations of blackjack.  A land-based casino will take in say ten terminals of a hot, new slot but then they have to take out ten terminals!   Land-based casinos have to use every available inch which is also why they can afford only one or two blackjack tables!

At a a land-based casino, a player might have to wait a long time to play the game he or she wants to play while at Fairgo and all good online casinos, there is no waiting at all!

There are No Distractions at an Online Casino

The obvious exception is the romantic interlude we referenced above.  At a land-based casino, there are a lot of distractions.  These include slightly or more than slightly inebriated players roaming the casino floor being obnoxious and bothering people.

Where at one time the harassment was almost always men harassing women, in today’s loosey-goosey environment, harassment can be done in any of many possible scenarios.

Another upsetting distraction is when a player at the blackjack table accuses the player who is using the correct strategy on every hand of causing them to lose hands!

Covid 19 Opened Many Gamers’ Eyes

The lockdowns shuttered land-based casinos and left online casinos operating.  A lot of gamers came to Fairgo and other online casinos during the pandemic and they liked what they saw!

At this point, there is no turning back the clock to where land-based casinos ruled the roost for several decades.  We suspect that some well-known land-based casinos will close for good.  There is always what is termed a shaking-out process when one niche in a broad industry struggles in the face of competition.

Slots Play Casinos Sees Good Times Ahead for Fairgo Online Casino

With so many online casinos, we can anticipate some shaking out in the online casino niche as well.  We have great confidence that Fairgo will grow and thrive in the future as the casino continues to provide excellent value in every area of interest for online casino gamers!

We also expect our site, Slots Play Casinos, to thrive in the foreseeable future as we cover the online casino market.


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