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Slots Play Casinos Talks about How Gaming Can Make Work Better

Here at Slots Play Casinos we keep track of online casino gaming in all areas including the news, new games, new casinos, new banking methods and the bonuses that online casinos are offering.

From time to time, we get a bit philosophical and look for an area where online casino gaming is beneficial even if gamers and the casinos they frequent aren’t entirely aware of the benefits.

In this article, we will talk about how gaming can be a therapeutic way to lessen the impact of workaholism and even reduce it to where it no longer impedes a gamer’s ability to drink life to the lees.

What is Workaholism?

This is a psychological syndrome that forces people to work far beyond their need to do so and thus prevents them from enjoying themselves after work hours. In other words, a workaholic has no “after work hours” at all! Here we have to differentiate between people who love their jobs and are willing to put in some extra time to become better at their jobs. Doctors are a prime example.

A truck driver on the open road might also fall into this category. As long as he or she is not abusing drugs to stay awake at the wheel, enjoying the open road can be a relaxing activity for some. Every small business or startup has at least one worker or owner who loves the work involved in making the company successful.

However, some people sacrifice family time to work. This is a borderline symptom of workaholism. Family time is usually time spent with a spouse or one’s children or both. It involves games. People who enjoy each other’s company will often find a gaming way to spend time together. It is obvious that a person with young kids will play games with the kids

What Kids Do is Play

This was one of the key insights of M. Scott Peck in his long-time best-seller “The Road Less Travelled”. So, sacrificing family time to work is exactly the same as sacrificing play time to work!

Mr. Peck also made it clear that playing games can be beneficial to adults as well! We have seen in recent years a phenomenon of adult coloring books where a person takes tremendous care to color in a complicated picture.

Every year new games come out that are specifically adult games. Catan is one such game. Now, even kids can play games like this but they need some adult supervision to play because the rules may be complex and disputes may arise.

The key point here is simply that playing games is beneficial to adults who need to find the time to play as much as it is for young kids who do little outside of eating and sleeping (and crying and rebelling against their parents) but play.

How Can Online Casino Gaming Help People?

One of the key causes of detrimental overworking is anxiety. A person might feel that she or he is falling behind in their work even when they aren’t. It is similar to eating disorders where a person looks in the mirror and sees a fat person even when they are very much underweight.

When done properly, online casinos can help relax people and reduce the feeling of anxiety that leads to workaholism. Online casinos offer a large number of games and a large number of different types of games. A person looking for a challenge might play a game of skill such as video poker or blackjack. A person just wanting to unwind might choose to play slots or Banana Jones.

Why Does Slots Play Casinos Emphasize the Benefits of ONLINE Casino Gaming?

The simple reason is that land-based casino gambling often causes a lot more anxiety! Most people go for a long weekend and end up spending way too much time on the casino floor. They may end up chasing losses with money they took out of an ATM.

Gaming at an online casino allows gamers to get the other type of anxiety breaker—physical activity! The combination of playing indoors at the online casino with playing table games indoors with friends to playing outdoors also with friends or family is a great combinative program to relieve anxiety and reduce or eliminate the tendency to overwork.

Eating and Sleeping Correctly

There is no one size fits all formula for eating properly and sleeping as much as you need. Some people do well on a high protein diet while others are better served by a high carbohydrate diet. Similarly, most people do best on seven or eight hours of sleep but some adults thrive on a lot less sleep.

The point here is that the anxiety that leads to overworking often comes from simply not feeling good and blaming that “I’m not quite right” sensation on not working enough. So, just as it is important to play as much as possible, it is important to take care of one’s body through proper diet and sleep.

Playing Games can Help Make Work Time More Efficient

It is known that play stimulates one’s imagination. We see it in slots where a gamer might become interested in a culture that thrived centuries or even millennia ago. We see it also in the fun some gamers have playing games of skill. Online casinos offer a few games of skill often with many variations. But there are many games of skill that gamers can play.

The great benefit of online casino gaming in this area is that it is not always easy to find a partner with whom to play a game of skill. Some games, like the aforementioned Catan are best played in groups of three or four.

Online gaming gives people the chance to formally leave all other commitments aside for a short period of time such as 30 or 60 minutes. The very fact that online casinos are available all the time makes it unnecessary to play for long gaming sessions. Short, frequent sessions are a prescription for relieving one of the anxieties that often lead to workaholism.

Slots Play Casinos and the Benefits of Online Casino Gaming

We certainly hope that this short article has hit the right tone and will be helpful to many gamers. The ultimate benefit of online gaming is that the benefits of play for adults is undeniable and online casinos are so easy to access and so good at taking people away from their everyday world of work and other commitments.

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