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Slots Play Casinos’ Top Canadian Online Casinos

Recently we reviewed the top four (in our humble opinion) online casinos for Australian gamers. Now we’ve decided to help out our Canadian friends by doing the same for them – thus (drum roll) our choice of the top four Canadian online casinos. Now, all of these casinos are totally international in their approach – and accept a variety of currencies – but for Canadians, these are the best. Please… read on…

Accepting the Canadian Dollar at our Canadian Online Casinos

Now, just as more than four casinos accept the Australian dollar so we had to winnow our reviews to the top five casinos for Australia, we will do the same for the top four Canadian casinos. A lot of online casinos accept the Canadian dollar. So, we will winnow the list down to our top four online casinos for Canadians. They are:

  1. SlotoCash
  2. Grande Vegas
  3. Intertops Casino Red
  4. Jackpot Capital

What Does Slots Play Casinos Look for in a Top Canadian Online Casino?

We look for an online casino that has excellent writing in an easy-to-read format. We look for a casino with a blog section and possibly an articles section to help gamers learn as much as they can about the casino games they offer.

We look for excellent banking methods. It goes without saying that the encryption software that protects gamers’ money has to be top of the line. We look for a number of promotions. Some may be ongoing such as the comp points promotion while others may be daily, weekly, or monthly promotions.

We look for casinos that are fair with the wagering requirements for deposit bonuses. We look for casinos that combine free spins with cash bonuses in some promotions.

Naturally, we look for casinos with a large selection of excellent and fun games in a broad range of game categories.

We look for top-of-the-line customer service. We look for casinos that do everything they can to make gamers’ online casino experience the best it can possibly be.

So, let’s get the reviews of our top four Canadian online casinos going!

SlotoCash Casino

SlotoCash runs over 300 games from Real Time Gaming. RTG has a vast library of games so SlotoCash can choose the best of the best for their online casino.

SlotoCash offers many superb promotions. Here is a quick rundown of their best promotions:

  1. The SlotoCash Welcome package has five big deposit bonuses plus 300 free spins. The total cash amount in this unbelievable Welcome Package is $7777 in bonuses that range from 100% to 200%!
  2. SlotoCash offers special bonuses for players to experience casino classic table games such as blackjack, rummy, three card poker, and Pai Gow Poker.
  3. As this is going to publication, SlotoCash offers no fewer than 20 separate daily promotions that offer bonus cash or free spins with wagering requirements as low as 5-10x for free spins and 30x for cash deposits.
  4. SlotoCash runs a standard comp points promotion with a twist: every week they offer double comp points in selected games!
  5. SlotoCash has an excellent cashback promotion.

Communicating with Gamers

SlotoCash has many different ways to talk to gamers including a blog, a video channel, an articles section, a tutorial section, a section on finding and cultivating the best lifestyle, and much more.

We feel that SlotoCash remains one of the best online casinos for gamers from any country!

Grande Vegas

Grande Vegas continues to amaze us! Their home page has a perfect combination of font size, spacing, color contrast, and reading content. Just by clicking on the read more icons, you can learn an amazing amount from Grande Vegas.

Grande Vegas is one of the casinos that has decided to go for written content more than for splashy graphics and colorful mascots. Both of these approaches work, by the way. The articles at Grande Vegas are excellent in every way: they are extremely well-written, very informative, and helpful in many ways.

Grande Vegas also offers a few hundred games with at least one new slot coming out every month. Gamers at Grande Vegas can play bingo and scratch cards as well as the full lineup of table games, slots, and video poker.

Gamers at Grande Vegas casino can get a lot of gaming fun at little to no cost by entering slots tournaments. The casino is always running several tournaments some of which run for one day, some for a week, and some for a month. Many have no entry fee at all while those with an entry fee are almost free!

As such, the tournaments at Grande Vegas are the perfect venue for getting the most fun from online gaming!

We continue to sing the praises of Grande Vegas Casino!

Intertops Casino Red

This is one of the grandparents of all online casinos. What Intertops Casino has seen! It is an amazing accomplishment for Intertops Casino to continue to serve the online gaming public in such a stellar manner after all these years!

Intertops offers over 300 games from RTG. They run a New Game promotion every month plus a Game of the Month promotion. Both of these promotions include free spins in addition to deposit bonuses with a very fair wagering requirement.

Intertops Casino Red also offers a very long list of tournaments for gaming fun at almost no cost. In fact, many if not most of these tournaments are freeroll tournaments that have no entry fee at all. One of the benefits of freeroll tournaments is that their prizes are also quite small.

You might ask: How are small contest prizes a good thing? The answer is that these tournaments channel their gamers toward emphasizing fun over emphasizing getting rich quick. It is also true that Intertops rums several high-powered progressive slots but the focus—from the tournaments to the blog and articles sections—is to reach for all the fun gusto in online gaming.

Intertops Casino Red continues to satisfy every aspect of excellent online gaming and has a massive Welcome Package to boot. The Welcome Package can get as high as $5555!

We continue to support gaming at Intertops Casino Red heartily!

Jackpot Capital

This casino has a relatively small Welcome Package. The tradeoff is that Jackpot Capital runs a promotion almost every day! They still run two promotions on Wednesday! The weekend promotion, which allows gamers to get a hefty deposit bonus on Saturday, is one of the best ways gamers have to enlarge their gaming accounts.

In addition to free spins and deposit bonuses, Jackpot Capital offers comp points and cashback.

The casino carries almost 300 games from Real Time Gaming. While the casino doesn’t offer bingo, going for the keno crowd instead, they do offer Banana Jones which we feel is one of the very best casual games from any game provider in all of cyberspace!

Jackpot Capital runs an articles section in which they offer excellent gaming and lifestyle advice. Gamers who read the articles as they come online week after week can improve their experiences in many areas from gaming to work to vacationing.

Jackpot Capital was one of the first online casinos to use the term “real vacations” in an article extolling online gaming over land-based casino gaming! Needless to say, the “real vacations” they talk about have a lot more to do with the great outdoors than with the far less great indoors of windowless and clockless (but not free alcohol-less) land-based casinos.

Jackpot Capital continues to excel in all aspects of online casino gaming and continues to earn our stamp of approval.

Slots Play Casinos at the Forefront of International Online Casino Gaming

SPC is an aggressive and young online site that follows the online and land-based casino markets closely. We specialize in online casinos and, although we have published two articles proclaiming our top online casinos for both Canada and Australia, we realize that online gaming is a worldwide phenomenon.

Online gaming jumped ahead because of the coronavirus in 2020 and we feel that the excellent gaming experiences former land-based casino gamers have had at the online casinos we recommend, the online casino market will continue to thrive for years to come simply because online gaming has many advantages over land-based casinos.

Stay with Slots Play Casinos for the most up to date information on all aspects of online casino gaming.

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