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Slotto Cash Casino Continues to Lead

One of our top recommended online casinos is Sloto Cash Casino – wait, isn’t it SlotoCash Casino? Or is it Sloto’Cash Casino? Or maybe Sloto Cash Casino? Or… you get the idea… we’ll just choose one for today. In addition to having all of the “standard equipment” we expect from a good online casino, Slotto Cash goes a giant step forward!

Sloto Cash has a world of online casino extras that, in our opinion here at Slots Play Casinos, other casinos would do well to learn from and adapt to their own brand.

What is Considered “Standard Equipment”?

All good online casinos have similar amenities that make them reliable and attractive. The first is a wide selection of games, of course. It isn’t enough to have a big library of slots; a good online casino has many other games as well.

Online Casinos Have a One Terminal Fits All Arrangement

Here is one of the many ways online casinos differ to their benefit and to their gamers’ benefit from land-based casinos. A land-based casino may have banks of slots terminals. The kicker here is that a lot of those terminals are repeats or duplicates of the same game!

The most popular slots always have several players at the terminals and, on busy weekends, there might be a line of impatient players waiting for a chance to play them, too.

This never happens at a good online casino since cyberspace is limitless and thousands of gamers can play the same game at the same time using the software provided by the casino! The key, then, is for the online casino to have powerful software that can accommodate many thousands of gamers at the same time!

Video Poker Also Uses One Terminal at Online Casinos

The same rule applies to video poker at good online casinos. One terminal is plenty. Even if some players play single hand and others play multi-hand, one terminal is enough!

At land-based casinos, they need individual terminals to allow players to play different variations of video poker. A gamer might have to give up her or his seat to go to a different video poker terminal. This also never happens at an online casino!

There may be ten or more variations of video poker but the casino can handle them all easily and players never have to give up a seat which doesn’t exist in cyberspace anyway!

How Many Blackjack Tables are at a Land-based Casino?

There may be two or three or possibly four!  At most land-based casinos there is one blackjack table. If that table pays 6-5 for blackjack, instead of 3-2, the player is almost always going to be on the losing end. In addition, the minimum bet might be too high for some players.

These days, with social distancing still a major problem for land-based casinos, they have had to take out blackjack tables. A land-based casino that had three tables before the pandemic hit might have only one now!

Online Casinos Offer Many Bonuses

The most prominent bonus from any top online casino is the Welcome Package. At Sloto Cash Casino, the Welcome Package can reach as high as $7777! No land-based casino can come close to this level of bonus because of the wagering requirement which is a factor of the bonus the gamer has to bet before he or she can withdraw winnings.

Only a true high roller could possibly work off the wagering requirement in a weekend of land-based casino gambling so these casinos don’t offer big bonuses.

They do offer free meals at the buffet and free whisky. The free meals cost them next to nothing and the free whisky actually returns a profit to the casino as players who have a couple of drinks tend to make poor gambling decisions!

A good online casino will always encourage gamers to wait until the gaming is over before imbibing with friends.

Easy and Safe Banking Plus 24/7 Customer Service

A good online casino has many ways to deposit and withdraw money. The casino guards every gamer’s assets with top of the line encryption software. In this sense, banking at a good online casino is like banking at a good online… bank!

Good online casinos have a customer service office that is open 24/7. Gamers can chat, call, mail and can expect very prompt response times!

Well, What about SlotoCash?

Yes, of course!

Sloto Cash is an innovative online casino with a well-developed sense of humor! On the landing page, at the top, is a link to Sloto World. Here, you gain access to the casino itself plus Sloto Shop, Sloto Life, Sloto Magazine, and Mr. Sloto!

At Sloto Shop, you can use your comp points to shop if you prefer to do that over turning the points in for casino credits. Sloto Shop offers another way to shop for yourself or for gifts for family and friends!

Sloto Life is Short for Sloto Lifestyle

Here the casino has gathered many helpful articles about life in general. Sloto Life has 14 pages of articles on diet, exercise, proper breathing, meditation, and much more. Did you know that Swedish scientists had extracted a kind of milk from potatoes?

The Sloto Life collection of articles points in the direction of New Age nutrition and exercise. These articles are the real deal, helping gamers and everyone who takes the time to read them, improve their physical and emotional health! Gaming is just one way to improve one’s outlook on life and Sloto Life points gamers in many other useful directions!

Every possible way to improve one’s lifestyle is covered here from cleansing one’s body, to getting better sleep, to changing the lighting in your home or office for better health and so on! Becoming better than we have ever been is a challenge and Sloto Life meets that challenge on every page!

Sloto Magazine is a True Online Magazine

The magazine comes out four times a year.  It has a lot of promotional material and many other reports or ideas for making winter warmer or summer cooler. The magazine is a wonderfully colorful collection of ads and ideas!

Mr. Sloto is for Gamers

Here the casino’s mascot, the lovable Mr. Sloto makes special offers to members of the casino. Mr. Sloto likes to dress in odd costumes and offer odd bonuses and other promotions. Gamers at Slotto Cash learn early on to look for unique offers from Mr. Sloto!

Visit Slots Play Casinos Often

We re-visit our recommended casinos from time to time so you are always in the loop on what’s happening at these casinos, in the online casino market, and even at land-based casinos!

SLOTS PLAY CASINOS is at the ready to inform, educate, and entertain!

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